The only poll I know of tonight is YouGov’s daily poll in the Sun. The topline figures there are CON 37%(-3), LAB 31%(-1), LDEM 20%(+2). A fall for the Conservatives and I’ll offer my normal caveat after any interesting changes in the polls: it’s the trend that counts, so wait and see if it is repeated elsewhere. It could be a genuine shift, or it could be as transitory as the 5 point YouGov lead we had earlier in the week.

The additional questions today were a repeat of the “who is doing best in the campaign” questions that showed the Lib Dems doing so well when YouGov first asked them at the beginning of the campaign – after the first week the Conservatives come top – 32% think David Cameron had the best first week of the campaign, with Clegg and Brown equal on 16%. 25% think the Conservatives have been the most impressive in the campaign so far (16% think the Lib Dems have, with Labour last on 13%). Finally, 31% think David Cameron has been most successful in getting his message across, followed by Brown on 15% and Clegg on 13%.

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  1. @RobSheffield

    Sorry- my last view on this: it is just another one of those bits of jelly that the Conservatives try to nail to the wall. By wednesday night it won’t even figure on the radar.

    Or if anything favour Others?

  2. Mitz – No I was agreeing with you, just making a forlorn attempt to stick to the comments policy. Oh well, Adam is so far away from them, maybe I should give up. He doesn’t even understand what partisan MEANS

  3. @SueMarsh

    I actually deleted two posts before posting them

    Ah! Self-censorship. I find myself doing the same because:

    1) They can be interpreted as partisan, even when relevant to the effect on polls

    or, more frequently,

    2) The comment I’m responding to really isn’t worth the bovva (as Chaucer would have put it)

  4. Greengrass – lol. I think Anthony would like me much more if he knew how many I delete. Probably as many as I post.

  5. Oh no Labour have sent their attack dogs from hell on me sue marsh and mitz. God help me please. Bore off sue you obviously support labour as well and are as partisan as a labour mp’s and the law. Just because I do not support Liebour like you and all your buddies in here don’t try and make out that you are all partisan when clearly you are all labour supporters distressed at the coming general election result. Let people make their own opinions in here and do not try and gang up like a bunch of school kids. If you like politics so much become an MP you clearly have plenty of time on your hands like mitz. Labour could do with some more incompetent fools.

  6. While we’re allowing all posts I’d just like to say “diddums”
    Poor David Cameron is stamping his feet at how “unfair” it is that Labour are spreading rotten lies about his policies!!!
    He does realise he’s looking for a job in politics does he??
    (I totally expect that to be moderated at some point, but it felt GOOOOOOOOOOOD lol)

  7. Seems the first man (as per Genesis – pre-evolution) has been visited upon us

  8. It’s funny, as someone else has said, you never hear people chanting “bring back secondary modern schools”.
    I speak as someone who survived a grammar school education. I wouldnt wish it on anybody, although maybe it was trying to turn us gals into the dutiful wives and mothers so beloved by Pete B

  9. @Adam

    Blimey, just calm down

  10. @Valerie

    Just get in the kitchen and make my tea. :)

  11. Greengrass @Eoin

    “So you would agree with my comment a couple of days about the neglect of philosophy in our education?”

    Atleast one local authority in Scotland teaches philossophy in primary.

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