ComRes – 39/32/16

There is a new ComRes poll tomorrow, jointly commissioned by the Sunday Mirror and Indy on Sunday. The topline figures with changes from ComRes’s last poll at the end of March are CON 39%(+2), LAB 32%(+2), LDEM 16%(-4), others are at 13%.

The poll shows both Labour and the Conservatives up slightly (meaning the Tory lead is unchanged), meaning there is a sharp drop in Liberal Democrat support, down to 16%. Leaving aside Opinium who give the Lib Dems very low scores, it’s the Liberal Democrat’s lowest poll rating since early March and the lowest figure ComRes have given them since January. It seems a bit out of step with other recent polling to me, but we shall see what the other polls tonight show.

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  1. @ Paul Croft

    Are you the same Paul Croft that said my prediction of a 10% lead was so far wide of the mark it was laughable after Labour had closed the lead to 4%

    I think I choose to ignore your comments

    I think most people without their heads stuck in the sand on here have a feel about the way things are going

  2. @OldNat

    It would be really interesting to get some idea of Scottish trends

    Sorry for delayed reply – out with the compost again! What a beautiful day in paradise.

    Only sign of anything electoral here so far is one leaflet from A. Ewing.Will see if I can collar our local LD ex-councillor for some intelligence.

  3. Is that intelligence as in information or intelligence as in brainpower? ;)

  4. Dan: Nope, that was a different Paul Croft but that was a jolly good question.

    Do check what “ignore” means by the way.

  5. Dan:

    Meant to add: “most people have a feel which way things are going” could be true I suppose, though I suspect very few actually know. But it’s hardly helpful in coming to an analytical consensus – unless they all “feel” exactly the same thing and then arrive at the same conclusion.

    And they clearly don’t; so it’s pretty irrelevant isn’t it?

  6. The ComRes poll shows 7% for others, excluding SNP, PC, UKIP, Green and BNP. That’s absolutely massive. Most polls have this at around 1%. Very strange.

  7. Don W. We are talking about several Conseratives, each on his or her individual front foot. Perhaps they are practising their shots in the nets, one in each of a series of nets set up alongside each other. But the analogy does start to become inexact when try to make it more detailed.

    Some people might actually say that ther Conservatives are indeed falling over, perhaps by trying to be on both front feet (tax cuts and additional services). But that is a matter of opinion to which one might or might not subscribe.

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