ICM have conducted a new survey of British Muslims in the aftermath of the Forest Gate raid earlier this month. 54% of of British Muslims thought that Sir Ian Blair should resign over the bungled raid, with 29% saying he should stay on (the Guardian report notes that respondents in the South were more supportive of Sir Ian, with 32% saying he shouldn’t resign. With an overall sample size of 501 people though, a difference of 3 points between North and South is not significiant). Asked who they blamed for the Forest Gate raid was evenly split between the police and the intelligence services – 32% of Muslims blamed the intellience services, 30% the police and 32% both of them equally.

Most worryingly, only a minority (31%) of British Muslims thought it was right that the police should be able to act pre-emptively to prevent terrorist attacks when there was a risk that the intelligence might be wrong. 57% of respondents said it was wrong. A comparable question asked of the British public in general found 74% thought it was right for the police to take pre-emptive action with only 17% objecting. It would appear that too many arrests of people who are later released without charge are sapping support for the police amongst British Muslims.

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