YouGov/My Sunday, My Choice – 57% of people wanted to be able to shop where and when they wanted on Sundays, 23% disagree
MORI/Greenpeace – an international comparative survey about how much extra people say they would be willing to pay for a more environmentally friendly computer. People in the UK would apparantly pay an extra £64 for an environmentally friendly computer (and people in most of the other countries would pay even more). Ah…but look further down, across the whole survey 54% of people say price is an important concern when chosing a computer, but only 13% of people said environmental considerations were.
On an unconnected matter – I’m getting lots of google hits today from people looking for details of the new Parliamentary boundaries on the back of the Times’ coverage of Lewis Baston and Simon Henig’s report in the House Magazine. The contents of the House Mag are subscriber only, but my own report on the boundary changes is still available here and Lewis Baston’s earlier prediction are in a paper here.

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