Today’s YouGov/Sun poll has voting intentions of CON 39%(+1), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 16%(-3). The drop in the Lib Dem support is almost certainly not significant, just a suggestion that yesterday’s 2 point jump in their support was a mere blip.

There is apparently also a MORI/Telegraph poll due out later tonight.

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    Problems with tory campaign:

    2: Still think the leadership is a bit lightweight”

    Not normally a problem; or are you arguing that Blair was an intellectual heavyweight?

  2. ‘3: …
    Blair was so succesful, as he not only highlighted a failing government, but he also inspired people with his policies’

    Totally disagree; Blair inspired with his ‘brand/ vision’; no-one cared about his policies and still don’t. It was time for a change -we must all agree – and Blair offered something else. ‘Hope / Look at Obama’ stuff. Policies only matter if we dont like the person.

    Who cares about Brown? Or Cameron? Probably very few. The trouble with the Tories at the moment is that they waver between the old slash / burn polices’ (cut all taxes, remove anti-hunting , give all money to private schools -joke) and vaguely modern polices. The Tory party does not know what it wants to be – so whilst people want to get rid of Labour the tories have no vision to suck new people in like New Labour. New Labour went striaght for those voters who might change. Tory policies shift from encouraging core voters to trying to get middle ground. It wont work. One or the other.

    Result; class politics; Cameron is Eton, most of the tories want to cut taxes, Mps demand 1st class train tickets whilst most of the people are staring at pathetic pay. And no one sees any reason to believe in the non-existent vision of the Tories.

    Given new Labour did all tory policies what is left for the tories; they are still stuck with having to be more right wing than what the electorate likes. The only way for the tory to break the mould is to something constitutionally strong; say an English Parliament or an elected Upper House.

    Okay, far too radical- the ‘Conservatives’ – brand issue would never be radical. And that’s why the party is increasingly hard to sell- who wants to be ‘conservative’?

    (And I also think Labour are rubbish…)

  3. Labour supporters go to “why we love labour”
    friends reunited.

    its washing day for the Tory past,
    but some stains stick, and seem to last!!!

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