There are two new polls on the postal strike out today. YouGov for Channel 4 actually asked who people blamed for the strike, and it wasn’t the government (see yesterday). Blame was pretty evenly distributed between the Royal Mail’s management and the CWU – 39% blamed the management, 37% blamed the union, 13% blamed the government.

A second poll by ComRes for Newsnight suggests that, while people might blame the two sides pretty equally, their sympathies are with the workers. Asked who they sympathise with, 25% said the management, 50% said the postal workers, and 16% said neither.

ComRes also asked whether the Royal Mail should be privatised, 22% thought it should, 68% thought it should not. Asked about its future, only 39% of people expected it to still be the sole provider of door-to-door letter delivery in five years time. Finally they asked if people knew the name of their postman – 14% of people saif it they did (this was, incidentally, very skewed by age. Almost a quarter of retired people knew the name of their postman, but only 1% of under 25s did).

15 Responses to “More Royal Mail strike polling”

  1. Sky TV also had a poll where 70% of respondents reported it was wrong of the CWU to strike.

  2. Nothing inconsistent there really. I think the CWU are 110% wrong, even slightly insane, to go on strike. But if you’re asking me who I sympathise with, low paid manual workers who are losing income through being on strike or massively overpaid executives who will get bonuses whether the Royal Mail delivers or not, well its not much of a contest.

  3. Govt is also to blame by insisting on a 6 day a week delivery when no-one gets any mail really, the main job of the postie now is to deliver advertising. In an industry which is losing 10% of its transactions each year and with no chance of that reversing to insist on 6 deliveries a year is ludicrous. Business would still get its daily delivery and we can all wait an extra day for our bills to arrive. Not a proiblem. Privatisation is not the answer; it’s the question of the coast of labour in the final mile which is the issue.

  4. Jack,

    I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Jack are you saying Saturday deliveries would be gone? I disagree with that, I often rely on the Saturday delivery to give me packages which are too big to fit through my letter-box. It would be even better if they went back to two deliveries a day too.

  6. Anthony

    Any response to this?

    Waugh tweets “YouGov poll for Daily Tel released at 10pm will show boost for BNP. Lets see if it’s a blip.” (comment on PB)

  7. Even though the government is highly unpopular it still manages to sidestep much of its responsibilities.

    The mail dispute is between the workers and the government, who employs people to manage the organisation. Perhaps some poor decisions were made when appointing the managers. Managers do not appoint themselves.

  8. Oldnat –

    If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

  9. Anthony

    Given the alternative, I’ll have a leisurely dinner and check back later! :-)

  10. Apparently there’s a poll in the Telegraph tomorrow possibly showing increased BNP support.

  11. Not sure why they wrong name went in the box for that last comment.

  12. Just a small point – 6 day a week deliveries are impotant for some businesses. Shops, garages, many factories, etc etc are open on Saturday. Perhaps they could just drop the 6 day a week delivery to houses, except parcels?

  13. @ Pete B

    That is a thought; after all, they lose money on domestic deliveries, not commercial ones.

    Mind you, I don’t understand why the Royal Mail doesn’t charge higher for the “final mile” delivery for the likes of DHL, etc, if they’re losing money in that area. I’ve heard lots of complaints that the competitors muscle in on the profitable areas, then pay Royal Mail to perform the loss-making final delivery, but I can’t see why that can’t be solved by charging the competitors more!

  14. I’d expected an usurge for potential support for the BNP after the cack-handed QT last night – but 1 in 4 potentially supporting the BNP .

    It’s not that words fail me – simply my range of non-obscene ones.

  15. The EU directive on the post office is a directive which means there is a lot of give on how much a government has to obey the rulings rather than a regulation.
    In any case ;
    Plus according to the directive.
    The directive referred to is
    EU directive 97/67/EC
    There is nothing in the directive about privatization.
    The directive has these lines.
    A. To develop a process of gradual and controlled market opening to competition while giving the Member States means to ensure that the provision of universal service is guaranteed on a lasting basis

    B. To ensure that fair conditions of competition exist outside the reserved sector.
    So stop falling for the con trick that there is privatization by force by the EU.