The daily conference polling from YouGov also contains various ad hoc questions (for example, this morning we are asking about whether Andrew Marr was right to ask Gordon Brown whether he was taking prescription drugs).

For the last week YouGov mainly used it to ask tracker style questions we could come back to again later in the conference. A couple of interesting ones are worth highlighting.

Firstly last Tuesday YouGov asked about the Liberal Democrat “mansion tax” and found strong support for it. 34% supported it strongly, 35% somewhat. A total of 24% opposed it.

Secondly, on Monday YouGov re-asked a series of questions about the positive attributes of each party leader that they last asked way back when Gordon Brown first became leader (and again in April 2008).

It again showed how much perceptions of Gordon Brown have fallen. Back in October 2007 during the Brown bounce 37% though he was decisive, by April 2008 that had fallen to 14%. Now it is only 9%. 40% thought he was strong in October 2007, by April 2008 it was 18%, now it is 11%. Only 3% think he is a natural leader, only 1% think he is charistmatic. The areas where Brown’s ratings have been most robust are honesty, at 16% compared to 22% in October 2007, and “sticks to what he believes in” which is at 29%, from 40% in October 2007.

In contrast, David Cameron has grown in stature in those areas that were once where he lagged badly behind Brown. 20% now think he is decisive, compared to 14% in Oct 2007 and April 2008. 18% think he is strong, up from 12% in Oct 07 & Apr 08. On other figures, like charismatic, natural leader, honesty and so on there is less of a change since April 2008, some up a point or two, some down a point or two.

Finally there is Nick Clegg, who wasn’t asked about in April 2008 (and obviously wasn’t in 2007). His strongest ratings were being in touch with ordinary people (20%) and being honest (20%). The highest rating however was don’t know (36%), suggesting he is a still an unknown quantity to many people.

(Note that these questions where asked by giving people a list of attributes and asking them to tick all that apply, hence the much lower figures than the Populus conference poll which asked people to give a seperate answer for each attribute)

One Response to “More from last week’s YouGov polling”

  1. Those figures for Brown are dreadful. Even on the issue where he scores most highly, I wonder how many of those responding “sticks to what he believes in” are more inclined to “stubborn” rather than “determined”.

    It may be that coverage of their conference might rally some of Labour’s more faint-hearted support, but it is hard to see it winning converts. On the other hand, pictures of half-empty halls – even when the PM is on the platorm – will not be doing party morale any good. Contrast that with the queues to get into the overspill hall when Cameron speaks.

    The real problem for Labour now is that the public have stopped listening, and, so long as Brown is leader, there is no way out – but it is too late to change leader – they should have had the courage to do that in June.