This weekend has also produced two new polls for the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

A poll from TNS mrbi for the Irish Times has referendum voting intentions of YES 48%, NO 33%, so a slight narrowing of the YES lead since their previous poll which showed 46% to 29%.

A second poll in the Sunday Business Post, this time from Red C, had figures of YES 55% and NO 27%, so that has the YES lead up one since the last Red C poll.

There’s a week to go to the referendum. In last year’s referendum at this stage TNS/mrbi were showing a 5 point lead for NO, Red C a 3 point lead for YES. The final result was a 7 point victory for NO. The polls would have to be a lot more wrong than they were last time (or public opinion would have to shift to a much greater extent in the final days) for this to be anything but a YES victory.

5 Responses to “Update on the Irish Lisbon referendum”

  1. Anthony. We know your views on BPIX. However, I hope you will give your commentary on the latest poll, with, of course, whatever caveats you think necessary.

  2. Here’s hoping for a Yes vote.

  3. Here’s hoping for a No vote. ;P

  4. …a bit of an empty victory though, don’t you think? a Yes by attrition? How can you be proud of an supposed democratic institution that won’t take No for an answer?!

  5. @Promsan

    Attrition? What? You mean like lying about the treaty saying it will permit abortions and euthanasia in Ireland? Or that it will end Ireland’s traditional neutrality?

    Oh?! Those tactics are ok when it’s the “no” campaign making stuff up to suit their ends? (much like the so-called eurosceptic movement in Britain does every single day of the week).