A new YouGov poll asks which groups of people the public trust, a repeat of a question last asked by YouGov back in March 2003.

The most trusted remain local GPs and school teachers, the least trusted tabloid journalists and estate agents. More interesting are the changes in the net scores for various groups. The only group that is more trusted than in 2003 is judges – an interesting change given the judiciary’s role in resisting some of the government’s anti-terrorist legislation. In contrast trust in senior police officers has slumped from 72% in 2003 to only 52% now.

The period between the two polls saw the David Kelly affair and various Labour scandals so it is little surprise that trust in Labour ministers has fallen from 25% in 2003 to only 20% now. Conservative politicians though remain the least trusted, with only 19% of people saying they trust them ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ – perhaps explaining why falling trust in the government hasn’t necessarily benefited the Tories. The largest fall in trust amongst the three main parties though was for the Liberal Democrats. In 2003 36% of people said they trusted Liberal Democrat politicians to tell the truth, perhaps as a result of their well-publicised difficulties at the beginning of 2006, that figure has now fallen to 25%.

Other large drops include NHS managers, trust in whom has dropped by 12 points, EU officials, trust in whom has dropped 19 points, and BBC journalists, trust in whom has dropped by 10 points.

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