Only one poll in the Sunday papers this week (or at least, I’ve only spotted one) – an ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph suggests that 54% of voters think that Labour has indeed awarded peerages in exchange for loans or donations to the party or sponsorships of their city academies. 53% of people think that Tony Blair should face prosecution if the Labour party are found to have broken the law over the loans scandal. I have to say I’m struggling to find any particular relevance to the findings – the police’s investigations and the crown prosecution service’s eventual decision over whether to bring charges are unlikely to be swayed by the poll and people’s opinions will be heavily influenced by whether or not the CPS does bring any charges, against whom and for what.

The Times reports leaked figures from the Labour party’s private polling in Scotland. The constituency voting figures are LAB 30%, SNP 29%, LD 19%, CON 15%, the regional figures LAB 27%, SNP 26%, LDEM 21%, CON 14%. Leaked polling figures should be taken with a huge pinch of salt – there is no way of telling whether they are genuine or not and certainly no way of telling the methodology used. The figures are, however, in line with the only bit of polling evidence we do have so far for the Scottish elections – the YouGov/SNP poll from last month, which also had Labour on 30% and the SNP on 29%. The Times suggests that, if the figures are true, it would mean Labour winning 43 seats in the Scottish Parliament, the SNP 37 and the Lib Dems 28, meaning the Lib Dems would hold the balance of power and could concievably form a coalition with the SNP.

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