New ICM/Guardian poll

I was hoping for a new Populus poll today, but instead we have the monthly ICM/Guardian poll. The topline figures with changes from their last poll a month ago are CON 41%(+2), LAB 27%(nc), LDEM 20%(+2). The poll was conducted on the 10th and 11th of July.

Both the Conservatives and Lib Dems are up slightly at the expense of “others”, who are down on 12%. This is the lowest they’ve been since the Telegraph began printing details of MPs expenses, though it’s worth noting that ICM never recorded the very high levels of other support that some other pollsters did in the first place – they peaked at 15% in ICM, compared to 23% with YouGov and 30% (!) with ComRes. We should wait to see some declines elsewhere before concluding that the tide has turning.

The other questions in the poll looked at spending and the renewal of Trident. The Guardian’s report says that more than two-thirds of respondents wanted to see the government cut spending, and only 42% of people wanted to see Trident renewed.

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  1. The Independent is saying there is a ComRes poll due out tonight.

  2. Comedy Res Due tonight anything can happen
    Con 1
    Lab 90
    Lib 9

  3. @DirtyEuro

    You and a few others posting seem to think Politics should be defined by Left and Right wing .The population are not like that they don’t think in terms of Lenin or Marx or Adam Smith .Left and Right are rather arcane concepts now.

    To me you have two largely conservative parties (Labour and Conservative plus UKIP and BNP) who fundamentally want to keep things as they are/go back King Canute style to what we once seemed to be) and swap power occassionallly and two largely progressive parties Liberal Democrats and Greens.

    There are some progressives in both Labour and Conservative parties too but there a a minority.

    The politics of left and right is an early 20th Century concept that is finally dying (at last) hence the decline in Labour and Conservative combined vote share at each successive GE.

  4. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could describe Brown’s Labour party as “conservative” – they are nothing of the sort.

  5. Jack

    “I’ll vote for LD as it is the best chance to stop Con/Lab in my area. ”

    Maybe that explains the fall in LD support in Scotland. The face competition from the SNP as best buy for the negative voter. That can be very regional or local.

    It’s not about what the LD’s have done or not done, it’s just that in some places there is a better product available.

    The SNP in this SLD constituency claim that they couldn’t find anybody who voted FOR the LD and very many who voted against Con, Lab, Con+LAB or SNP.

    Is that a prescription for a safe LD seat? Are the negative voters the majority?

  6. “When will [the Scots] ever get over the fact that Maggie is no longer PM?

    When she’s dead and the BBC no longer put out anniversary programming.

    “Salmond’s SNP administration in Holyrood would have collapsed long ago without tacit, and at times overt, support from Goldie.”

    AG has worked out how to operate in this environment. There is no sign that any in the Scottish Labour party have, or that the UK party would allow the flexibility that would be necessary. Labour have too many other problems to participate and perhaps lack the will to do so.

    Perhaps after losing the next UK and SP elections they will begin to act as a responsible minor party should. That would be better for everyone, including the SNP government.

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