My broadband at home has decided to go down, so apologies if I’ve been something of an absentee landlord for a couple of days. Normal service should be resumed at the weekend. In the meantime, here are some voting intentions for the Scottish Partliament from TNS-BMRB (what used to be called System Three).

Holyrood Constituency vote: CON 12%(-7), LAB 32%(-4), LDEM 11%(+2), SNP 39%(+7)
Holyrood Regional vote: CON 10%(-3), LAB 29%(-1), LDEM 12%(+2), SNP 39%(-1), Green 5%

Fieldwork was 23rd to 29th June, and changes are all since the last System Three poll.

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  1. Ex Pat,

    Just for comparison,

    Ken, and now Boris, dominate the local media (TV, radio and print) in London, and with a population greater than Scotland’s, the comparison is valid.

    Nonetheless, when Ken lost to Boris last year, it was in spite of his leadership and track record and not because of it. He certainly did not invite his party leader to help his campaign.

    I don’t doubt that in 2012 when Boris come up for re-election, he will need to display all his personal charms as he will be fighting a mid-term backlash.

    Having said that, the SNP has one added advantage. Since they will never be in government at Westminster, Salmond and Sturgeon (sounds a fishy pair to me) will never have to contend with defending their party’s record at UK level.

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