European Elections

Many people will have already noticed, since there’s a great big link to all the pages on the sidebar, but I’ve now added a page to the Election Guide part of the site for each of the UK regions for the European Parliament, showing the candidates announced so far.

The candidates are, of course, provisional for now (UKIP’s in particular seem to change a lot), and I’m expecting several more parties to stand eventually, but they are open for discussion.

6 Responses to “European Elections”

  1. Anthony,

    Well done. Excellent presentation of the key data. Any chance we could have a figure for turnout by region ?

    All we need now are some more Euro-Election polls so that we can test out the potential impact in each region.

  2. Anthony,

    Thought I’d post it here rather than in any of the individual regions, but I find the number of MEPs who are standing down (or have been deselected ?), not to mention have changed party, surprisingly high. There seems to be at least one, and sometimes three or more in every region.

    Coupled with the number of seats which may change hands, could we find ourselves with the most inexperienced set of MEPs since 1979 (*) on 7th June ?

    [Yes, I know the election is on the 4th, but votes won’t be counted till Sunday in line with rest of Europe]

    (*) At least in 1979 all MEPs were in the same boat, and as I recall, the a large number were existing MPs in their various national parliaments and/or nominated members of the prior unelected Parliament.

  3. I imagine there will be a lot to post about the Euroelections over the next couple of months,

    Sticking to a specific, Paul H-J makes an interesting point about the delayed counting of the European Election results. Does this mean that we will have the results of County Council and other local elections, cast at the same time, in advance of the Euroresults, making a basis for predicting the results? Which will be available to parties in other European countries!

    I have several times posted on this site about how deplorable it is that local and European elections should be held on the same day, confusing the campaigns so that there will not be proper political debate and accountability separately for the two political levels.

    In addition, we should already be saying that the combination of postal voting and simultaneous voting in two elections using different systems will cause great confusion resulting in an excessive number of spoilt ballots.

    Postal ballots by their very nature threaten the secrecy of the ballot. Delayed counting of voting papers is a further threat to the integrity of the voting process. Will candidates be allowed to have representatives watching the sealed ballot boxes continuously between 4th. June and 7th. June to ensure that there is no tampering? And don’t say that the Returning Officers or the Police will ensure that nothing untoward happens. I do not wish to imply anything about the present integrity of the UK authorities if I point out that in countries where democracy has been undermined it has typically been the police or government officials who have interfered with counting processes. There is no substitute for the candidates themselves having facilities to satiisfy themselves that the election has been properly run,. They could do this under the secret ballot system set up by Gladstone, which worked well for a century and which should not have been meddled with.

  4. The present arrangement is not really acceptable IMHO. If the votes have to be counted on Sunday night / Monday morning, then the election should be held on Sunday. Even though the tradition in this country is to hold elections on Thursdays, I think it’s more important to avoid a long gap between votes being cast and counted.

  5. Andy,

    I don’t think we will have many people losing sleep over a couple of days delay in finding out who their MEP’s are.


  6. Holding a ballot on Sunday would risk dis-enfranchising some Christians, I don’t think it is a good idea. We know the postal voting system is open to abuse – it has been abused in the past.