A Populus poll for the BBC’s Daily Politics suggests that 47% of people believe that David Cameron genuinely cares about the environment more than most politicians, with 41% disagreeing. However, this hasn’t rubbed off on the image of the Tory party itself – 53% of people agreed that “David Cameron may care about the environment but I wouldn’t trust the Conservative Party to implement policies to help the environment”, 38% of people disagreed.

This is becoming a part of a broad trend for the Conservative party – people do like David Cameron, his approval ratings are still impressively positive (especially by the disasterous standards of Conservative leaders), but it doesn’t seem to be rubbing off at all on the Conservative party yet. 43% of people did tell Populus that they thought Cameron’s focus on the environment meant that the Tory party was really changing, but even then they are cynical about rebranding exercises – 62% thought Cameron was focusing on the environment just to make the Tory party more popular, rather than because of a genuine concern, and subsequent newspaper articles (after this poll was published) about Cameron riding his bike to work, while his briefcase and shoes are chauffeur driven are hardly going to improve that figure.

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