A BPIX survey in the Mail on Sunday has the first signs of how Labour’s “Dave the Chameleon” PPB went down with the public (for those who missed it the ad is viewable here). A straight out attack ad aimed at David Cameron, there has been some debate over whether the advert will backfire, either through being overly negative, through underlining that the Conservatives are changing, or just because the little Dave the Chameleon character is too cute.

The survey suggests that only 1 in 20 people said the advert had made them less likely to vote Tory, while 1 in 7 said it made them more likely to vote Tory. The chameleon itself was just too nice – over a third of people said it was likeable – and the changes it made against David Cameron were too applicable to Tony Blair himself. While 49% of people thought that David Cameron would indeed “do and say anything to win votes”, 68% said it was true of Tony Blair.

Finally BPIX asked respondents which animal they thought politicians most resembles. While this is a valid technique in focus groups as a way of exploring why people think politicians are like particular animals, I’m wary of how useful it is in a quantative poll like this, especially when people are given a list of animals to chose from. Still, it does suggest that the chameleon tag hasn’t stuck on Cameron – only 11% said he most reminded them of a chameleon, coming equal with labrador.

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