I have put up a survey for readers of UKPollingReport here. It is mostly to allow me to get some feedback from readers about who you are what you’d like to see on UKPollingReport, but I’m also seeing what the consensus amongst readers here is about pollsters and the likely results of the next election (don’t worry – I’m not about to start parading it around as being representative of anything!)

If you have a spare five minutes, please do take the time to fill it in here and let me know what I’m doing right or wrong.

9 Responses to “UKPollingReport user survey”

  1. This website is brilliant Anthony.
    It would be nice to see a list of voting intention polls in the historical section, even if it is not immediately possible to show a full and complete list. Gallup began voter intention questions about 70 years ago. Back in the 1950s we were lucky to get one poll per month. :shock: :)
    It would be interesting to see how low the Liberals went in the 50s and how well the Greens did in 1989, etc. The period 1979-83 was the most dramatic and volatile.

  2. Andy – it isn’t a complete list, but if you google for Pippa Norris’ website in her data section there is an excel spreadsheet with Gallup’s monthly polls back to the 1950s

  3. ICM Poll finally out.


    Cons up 6 points on last ICM poll.

    See political betting . com

  4. Great idea Anthony.

    I hope every user responds to your initiative-it’s for our benefit.


  5. Dec figures from ICM were 38/33/19/10 which would makes this;

    Lab -1, Tory +6, LD -3, Others +2.

    That would fit in with the recent trend.


  6. Fluffy – the poll’s now on the Guardian website, so the curfew must have elapsed.

  7. Looks like it is back to square one for Brown.

  8. Fluffy,

    “When are you gonna’ track the growth of the E.D.P. in the polls?”

    Buy me a microscope and I’ll try.


  9. Fluffy Thoughts – “nEU-Labour’s cousins: the BNP” – the BNP aren’t the cousins of Labour, the Tories or any other mainstream party (the illegitimate offspring of the National Front perhaps). To suggest so is pretty offensive.