ComRes’s monthly poll for the Independent has topline figures, with changes from ComRes’s last poll a week and a half ago, of CON 43%(+2), LAB 28%(-4), LDEM 16%(+1). There are no dates yet, but on normal timetables it would have been conducted between the 23rd and 25th.

This leaves ICM as the only pollster still showing a Conservative lead lower than 10 points, and they haven’t published a poll since mid-December (the fieldwork should have been completed today, and we can expect to see the figures tomorrow evening). This however is the first poll since back in September to show Labour falling below thirty percent.

Incidentally, the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems figures in this poll imply that “others” are all the way up on 13 percent. ComRes do tend to produce very high figures for the minor parties – for some reason they tend to weight people who voted for “other” parties to a far higher figure than other pollsters.

UPDATE: The full tables are here. Two things are worth highlighting – firstly, Brown & Darling’s lead as the team people would prefer to steer the British economy through the downturn appears to have fallen from 19 points to 2 points. Look carefully though – the previous time the question was asked was in a poll for the BBC’s Daily Politics, which wouldn’t have been politically weighted, while this question was. Questions like this are highly correlated with voting intention, so the two questions are not comparable.

Secondly, 49% of people agreed with the statement that “The Conservative team around David Cameron are lightweight”, with 38% disagreeing. This compares to figures in November (in a weighted poll, so entirely comparable this time) of 48% agreeing and 35% disagreeing. There is a slight shift in favour of the Conservatives, but nothing worth writing home about, suggesting Ken Clarke’s return to the Tory front bench hasn’t had an immediate impact on how heavyweight it seems, though naturally, these things can take time to sink in.

UPDATE2: It was actually conducted between the 21st and 22nd January, so the middle of last week.

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  1. Just looked further,
    I think this poll has rather a high others, and is a bit low for Labour.
    But other polls seem to show the general trends.

  2. Tony Blair passed the poisened chalice to GB withou a whimper.
    Do you think he knew what asw going to happen.???
    I do
    Clever bloke

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