YouGov’s latest poll in the Telegraph also asked about the war in Iraq. The proportion of people thinking the US and Britain were right to take military action against Iraq has now fallen to 33% with 57% thinking it was wrong, for a net approval figure of -24. This is the lowest so far recorded in a YouGov poll (Populus have recorded lower levels of support – as low as -40 in their last poll – but the wording of their question specifically asks people to think about both the war and what has happened in Iraq since then, which given the situation in Iraq leads to a lower approval rating).

Asked when Britain should withdraw her troops from Iraq, 24% of people supported immediate withdrawal while 31% supported a withdrawal of British troops within 12 months, regardless of the situation on the ground. 39% supported keeping British troops in Iraq on a more opened ended footing until the Iraqi security forces were ready to take over.

Finally 36% of people thought that is would be a victory for terrorists and extremists if the US and Britain were forced to leave Iraq before it was ready compared to 42% of people who thought that US and British troops were a major reason for the instability in Iraq, and that their withdrawal was a prerequist for Iraqi stability.

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