Go Now?

An ICM poll in the News of the World suggests a majority (57%) of people now want Tony Blair to step down within a year, and 42% think he should step down now. It is difficult to directly compare questions on Blair’s future, since every poll seems to give people different options to chose from, but an ICM poll for Newsnight in November 2005 used almost identical wording and back then only 28% of people thought he should step down immediately. The 42% of people thinking Blair should go immediately seems, from a brief glance through past polls, to be the highest figure recorded in a comparable survey.

The poll also echoes YouGov’s poll last week in showing no great enthusiasm for a Brown premiership – asked whether Blair or Brown would make a better Prime Minister the two men were tied on 30% (31% said neither would – but bear in mind a fair chunk of the sample would be Conservatives, so this should be no surprise).

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