A new YouGov poll suggests that the majority of the public think that Tony Blair is sleazy, the way honours are distributed are corrupt and that rich donors have too much influence over the Labour party.

The topline voting intention figures for the poll in the Sunday Times are CON 38% (nc) LAB 35%(-1) LDEM 19%(+1). The lead is slightly up from the last YouGov poll, conducted prior to the recent questions over party funding. While the change is far too small to be significant, it does contradict the ICM poll last week which suggested Labour had overtaken the Conservatives.

The hypothetical figures with Brown as Labour leader are CON 39% LAB 37% LDEM 17%. Unusually in recent months, this shows that Labour do better against the Conservatives under Brown than under Blair, although the difference is marginal.

Net approval ratings for the three party leaders are Blair -25, Cameron +33 and Campbell +5. Ming Campbell’s approval rating is very low by the standards of his predecessor, but this is almost certainly simply a result of a large number of people answering “don’t know” – we won’t know how he is really going down with the public until they have had time to form an opinion.

On the questions of party funding, almost two-thirds of people think Labour kept the loans secret because they were embarrassed by them and a similar amount of people though that rich donors had too much influence. 56% of people thought that the Prime Minister had indeed given peerages in exchange for loans and donations and 54% thought Downing Street acted improperly in relation to the way Jack Dromey was not informed of them. 53% of people think Tony Blair is sleazy, only 24% disagree.

UPDATE: There is also an ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph which has voting intention at CON 33%, LAB 37%, LDEM 21%, so in line with their poll earlier in the week.

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