The full details of Populus’s monthly poll are now available on their website here. The poll also included some questions on people’s perceptions of the party leaders.

As in previous polls, David Cameron comes out ahead of Gordon Brown on questions of likeability and charisma – 44% think Cameron is charismatic compared to 29% for Brown, 52% think Cameron is likeable, compared to 46% for Brown – but Brown comes out ahead of Cameron when asked which leaders are strong, straight-talking and “has the qualities needed to be a good Prime Minister”. The two politicians are almost identical in terms of the number of people who think they care about the problems of ordinary people (as indeed is Tony Blair).

Ming Campbell trails Cameron and Brown on every measure – 41% think he is likeable, 23% think him charismatic, 33% strong, 37% straight-talking, 25% think he has the qualities of a good Prime Minister and 40% think he cares about the problems of ordinary people. it is likely though that the structure of the question puts Campbell at rather a disadvantage since people couldn’t answer don’t know – we know that 37% think he is straight-talking, but that doesn’t mean that 63% think he isn’t, as a brand new party leader the chances are most of them simply didn’t know. The same is probably true of David Cameron, who is still recording high “don’t know” scores on approval questions. We won’t know what people really think of Ming Campbell and David Cameron until people have had time to make their minds up about them.

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