YouGov have a new poll of Labour party members in the Sunday Times, and it shows even Labour members distinctly unenthusiastic about their leader. His net approval rating is a flat zero – 49% think he is doing well, 49% think he is doing badly.

Asked why Gordon Brown’s poll ratings are low, 72% blame the credit crunch and 71% the hostile media, but also 61% blame policy erors and 52% Gordon Brown’s own style of leadership. Asked to agree or disagree with various statements about Brown the answers are invariably negative – a majority think he has done too much to help the rich and not enough to help the poor, a plurality think he does not have an exciting vision for Britain, a majority think he is indecisive and dithers too much, a majority think he is out of touch. The only positive is that members do at least think he is “more honest than most politicians”.

Despite this, Labour party members do not want a leadership contest. 57% think there should not be a debate on a leadership contest at conference and, were there to be one, 52% would oppose a leadership election. The same proportion would like to see Gordon Brown leading the party into the next election. Despite this, most would still expect him to lose – 60% think the party would lose the next election with Brown as leader.

In the event that Brown was ousted or stood down, 73% of party members would like to see a proper, full on leadership contest and – asked who they would like to see as the new leader, David Miliband led with 23% support, followed by Jack Straw 13%, Alan Johnson 13% and John Cruddas 7%.

There may or may not also be an ICM poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph, but I’ll post on it tomorrow.

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