February’s monthly Populus poll has been published – the topline figures with changes from last month are CON 37%(+1) LAB 36%(-3) LD 18% (+2).

Populus’s last poll was taken in the middle of Charlie Kennedy’s ousting had shown the Lib Dems down at 16%, the latest poll suggests that most of the damage from Kennedy’s resignation and the Oaten scandal was short-term.

The poll also puts the Conservatives ahead – until now Populus’s polls had been somewhat anomolous in continuing to show a Labour lead. The other questions in Populus’s poll suggest that David Cameron’s attempts to improve the parties image are slowly succeeding – the percentage of people thinking the Conservative party cares about the problems of ordinary people is up 4 points, the percentage of people thinking they have a strong team of leaders is up 2 points. The Tories are also seen as the most united party – mainly due to a 7 point fall in Labour’s junity rating and an understandable 22 point drop for Lib Dems.

Populus also found that opposition to the war in Iraq had reached a new high – on the weekend of the 100th British death 59% of people said the war in Iraq was the wrong thing to do, with only 31% continuing to back the war. 62% favoured the withdrawal of British troops.

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