For the last couple of months the polls have tended to be pretty much static. The latest monthly Populus out is quite literally static – no change at all from Populus’s last poll with topline figures of CON 43%(nc), LAB 27%(nc), LDEM 18%(nc). Not much we can add to that.

The poll was conducted between the 29th and 31st August.

56 Responses to “No change from Populus”

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  1. Thomas,

    LIT is popular with the public and if the parliament votes it down they will have to explain it to the electorate, which just by sheer coincidence will be in the run up to the Independence referendum.

    Funny how these things happen.

    Of course the opposition parties could thwart the publics desire for both in 2010, just in time for the Scottish elections in 2011.


  2. “LIT is popular with the public”. Have you tried explaining it to anyone in your local?

  3. Peter Cairns,

    The SNP need to justify why England should transfer £400 million to the Scottish Executive. Until that happens you won’t get much sympathy darne sarf’

    As I understand it, the £400 million is a Council-Tax rebate for the poor. Under LIT surely the poor will not pay anything. Ergo, no rebate.


  4. “I suspect, however that most local voters vote for whichever national party they dislike least – and that is why I’m not sure about the “local democracy” values.”

    Under the SNP proposal that’s just what I would do.

    The way to restore real local democracy in UK is to give more & effective powers to locally elected councils -and make them responsible for raising more of their budgets themselves-not less as in this proposal.

    At present-you are right-Party Groups spend locally according to centrally dictated priorities & rules.A large part of their income is doled out by Whitehall-who decide who gets what.
    Local Councillors are little more than ciphers & might as well have all their revenues raised by the Central Government via a Central Income Tax Surcharge -as proposed by SNP.

    “No taxation without representation” has always seemed to me to be a sound principle & a test of real democracy.

  5. Fluffy Thoughts, surely it’s easy?

    Currently 400 million is given to Scottish local authorities so that they don’t have to charge poor people council tax. If LIT is introduced it should go to the Scottish Govt for exactly the same reason.

  6. In addition as 8% of government revenue comes from Scotland, then 8% of the amount given out in CTB throughout the UK comes from Scots, including that given out in NI where they still have rates, but can get relief.

    If Scotland introduces LIT and doesn’t get money back, then Scottish tax payers will be contributing to the UK cost of CTB but not able to recieve it.

    Not only is that not particularly fair, but to advocate it would be electoral suicide for Labour.


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