The full tables for the News of the World’s YouGov poll are now available here.

On whether replacing Gordon Brown as leader would make people more or less likely to vote Labour, 21% said it would make them more likely, with 7% saying less likely. While I’m still no great fan of questions like this, YouGov do word them the best way, giving people options of saying they will definitely or definitely not vote Labour anyway, taking most of those people whose vote wouldn’t really change anyway out of picture. 19% of current Tory voters say they would be more likely to vote Labour if Brown went, 25% of Lib Dem voters say they would be more likely to voter Labour without him. Only 11% of current Labour voters would be less likely to vote Labour without Brown. Of course, this registers only negative feeling towards Brown – a replacement leader would bring their own positive or negative responses from the public.

Interestingly – and I don’t think I’ve actually seen this in a survey before – YouGov also asked why people said they would be more likely to vote Labour without Brown. The most popular answers were the rather unenlightening “not a good leader” (68%), “lack of charisma” (52%), “out of touch” (50%), “handling of the economy” (48%), “wasn’t elected” (46%). Other policy issues like crime, health, education were not major concerns.

YouGov asked people who would be the best leader of the Labour party, and included Brown himself in the list – most recent questions have asked only about potential replacements. Despite his relative anonymity, David Miliband beat Gordon Brown by 12% to 10%, though “none of the above” and “don’t know” were easy winners. Amongst Labour voters 32% chose Brown over Miliband (15%).

2 Responses to “More from Sunday’s YouGov Poll”

  1. I am not sure if the question really related to Party ID and not current voting intention but the way the results are presented implies that 2% of Conservative voters and 6% of LibDem voters are actually going to vote Labour whether Brown stays or is replaced .

  2. The latest YouGov poll for the Sunday Times is showing C 45, Lab 25, LD 18.