With the focus on Gordon Brown’s teetering leadership, it was always inevitable that would start seeing hypothetical polls on how people would vote with David Milliband, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, Uncle Tom Cobley and all as Labour leader. I expected it to turn up on Saturday, but according to the Telegraph blog the first such set of match-ups from YouGov will be in the Telegraph tomorrow morning.

There are all sorts of caveats about how much weight we should add to these sort of polls, which I go into later. The reason they are important is their political impact – if polls show other leaders would do better than Brown at the polls it will be extra pressure on him. I’m sure one of the reasons no alternative leader really managed to build up a media bandwagon before Blair resigned was that when the media commissioned polls like this they conspicuously failed to show Milliband or Johnson doing better than Brown. I wouldn’t bet on that still being the case.

4 Responses to “Who would be Labour’s most popular leader?”

  1. It’s out now!


    Only Tony Blair would be more popular – under Milliband, Johnson et al.

    You have to conclude GB is better off continuing as he is.

    At least the pressure is off for him to go.

  2. I mean the Government would not be any better off with any new leader.

  3. Popular with whom?

    With the electorate?
    With the Labour Party?
    With the PLP?

    GB needs to do different things to appeal to each group. Any of these groups can put him out of a job. He needs to do improve his standing with all three if he is to win the election and there isn’t time.

    It is impossible for him or anyone else to do that. Every week that goes by with another crisis makes it more difficult and less time to turnaround.

  4. Popularity is far too difficult to measure with any semblance of accuracy in today’s playground atmosphere, especially with the end-of-term mood currently circulating.