From the ashes…

Something for fans of the constituency guide part of the site, some people will remember Robert Waller – the co-author of the Almanac of British Politics – did a series of programmes on 18 Doughty Street covering the various regional battlegrounds at the next election. 18DS is no more, but Iain Dale has saved the programmes and but them up here for your viewing pleasure.

4 Responses to “From the ashes…”

  1. Thought this was going to be about Brown!

  2. Or also about England cricket, given the latest Test has just started this morning!

    Thanks so much for the link, Anthony.
    I think there is a slight downside to this location compared with Doughty St site, as it appears you can only watch the first 5 minutes of each programme without registering; but it does seem to be free to register.

  3. I wonder if Byron Criddle sometimes visits UKPollingReport to browse all of our amateur comments. :-) I’ve always enjoyed reading his biographies of MPs down the years.

  4. I very much doubt it, Andy, as Byron can’t use computers and relied on his wife when these were necessary – and see today’s (1 August) Times obituaries (Janet Askham –