Populus have carried out an extra snap poll following the Glasgow East by-election, it was conducted between the 25th and 27th, so is the first with fieldwork conducted entirely after the by-election result.

The topline voting intention figures are CON 43%(+2), LAB 27%(-1), LDEM 18%(+1), so a slight shift to the Conservatives, but that’s taken from a poll that had a much lower Conservative lead than that shown by other pollsters. From this it doesn’t look that Glasgow East has been able to further damage Labour’s popularity, though the speculation since then can’t be doing them any favours – not that we’ll really be able to tell now, since we are heading into the August bank holidays when we tend to be a bit suspicious of polls given the effect summer holidays may have on sampling.

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  1. Hi Thomas

    No I don`t have any second thoughts.

    When the electorate go to the ballot box ,their main concern is which party will stand up for the values that they believe in.

    At the moment its the SNP that have the trust of the people of Scotland. Poll after Poll shows this to be the case.

    The Council Tax Freeze and the reduction in Business Rates and prescription charges show that the SNP are trying to assist in hard economic times.

    The National Conversation is an opportunity for Scotland to ask questions and the Scottish Government to listen to views

    The Independence question is likely to ask along the lines of “Do you support proposals to start negotiations toward an Independent Scotland”

    This debate will bring out issues that people feel close to their heart.

    For me there is no doubt or second thoughts.

    Small independent countries in Europe show the example that Scotland could thrive and prosper.

    300 years of being conditioned to think “Scotlands too small” or “you don`t have the talent” will be hard to break, but its beginning to change and very quickly at that

    The SNP will be ready for 2010 and the people of Scotland have an opportunity to become a real nation again.

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