Populus’s monthly poll for the Times shows a significant drop in the Conservative lead. The topline figures, with changes from Populus’s last poll, are apparently CON 41%(-4), LAB 28%(+3), LDEM 19%(-1).

Interestingly YouGov’s last poll also showed a recovery for Labour. Two polls are perhaps a bit too early to discern a trend, but it does looks as though they have begun to bounce back from the awful figures we saw after the local elections. Perhaps it is just memories of that humiliation fading, or perhaps it is the series of bad news stories the Tories have faced since then – Spelman, MEPs, Ray Lewis, David Davis – that have started to have an effect. The problem for Gordon Brown is, of course, that unless he manages to hold Glasgow East any nascent recovery is going to be wiped out by another huge by-election loss.

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  1. ‘Labour’ have insulted the Scot.electorate far too long. I am
    amazed that they have the temerity to even walk through the
    East End of Glasgow without noticing the delapidation and
    dereliction after decades of ‘Labour’ control. Not too many
    of their m p’s look as though they need a feed – no surpise
    considering the expenses they have claimed (and been paid)
    OUR MONEY ! They are the people who castigate ‘profit’
    and ‘success’ while blatantly kidding their constituents that
    they have their interests at heart – now the chips are down
    we’ll see them scuttling for the undergrowth (with bulging
    pockets) with little or no thought for the poor east enders
    left behind to battle on to make ends meet despite decades
    of wonderful ‘Labour’ control. I rest my case.

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