ICM’s weekend poll for the News of the World also contained questions on the Prime Minister’s ‘respect agenda’ and, though it doesn’t seem to have been published in the paper, a hypothetical voting intention question asking how people would vote if Gordon Brown were Labour leader and Ming Campbell were Lib Dem leader. For most of the last Parliament hypothetical questions like this used to indicate that Brown would be a boon to Labour, more recently they have indicted that Labour would in fact perform worse with Brown as leader. ICM’s poll suggests that Brown and Campbell becoming Labour and Lib Dem leaders would make virtually no difference at all.

On the ‘respect agenda’ ICM found that 64% of people thought that Britain’s streets had become less safe since Labour were elected in 1997. When it came to the long list of initiatives laid out by the government last week, respondents thought that nearly all of them would be successful (the exception was the plan to evict nuisance families from their homes for 3 months, which 49% of people thought would be unsuccessful), but overall 67% thought that Tony Blair’s ‘respect agenda’ would make little difference.

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