Ipsos-MORI have carried out a poll on opinions of David Davis for the Independent. They found the plurality of people were opposed to his action – 39% thought he was right to resign, but 48% thought he was wrong.

However, when asked if they would vote for Davis if they were an elector in Haltemprice and Howden, 35% said yes and 23% said no, with the rest made up of non-voters or don’t knows. Of course, that may be less a reflection of support for Davis than a reflection of the fact that if you live in Haltemprice and don’t support him, you don’t have many mainstream alternatives to vote for. It may also compare poorly to the percentage of people who would vote Conservative anyway.

Over on politicalbetting Mike Smithson is licking his lips over seeing the MORI data hoping it will show the results of their methodology review they commenced after the London mayoral election. It would be good, but I suspect it is too soon. Ben Page said they’d be unveiling their results in a “few months”.

3 Responses to “MORI show mixed feelings towards Davis”

  1. Anthony.

    Was it strictly about DD and the by election or did they ask any other questions.


  2. I saw this on PB.com yesterday morning, but did not consider it worthy to bring to your attention. It’s so contradictory and meaningfully-inconclusive.

    However much people question David Davis’ motives, I cannot see how any good can come out of the exercise for the government [sic]. Even columnists from “The Sun” are backing DD…! :o

  3. Why if they thought he was wrong would they vote for him? This poll is nonsensical.