I’m off to a wedding this afternoon so I’m not around to see the results of the London mayoral election (I’m going to be an even sadder version of those people who have to keep popping out of wedding receptions to check the football scores, popping out to check election results). It matters not just for the parties and for who runs London, but in this little parochial corner of the internet, for the reputation of the polling companies.

I’m not about, so please use this thread to discuss the results as they come in.

9 Responses to “Waterloo”

  1. The results, according to the BBC are:
    Con, 8 constituencies, 3 top-up, 11 total
    Lab, 6 constituencies, 2 top-up, 8 total
    Lib, 3 top-up, 3 total
    Grn, 2 top-up, 2 total
    BNP, 1 top-up, 1 total

    Change since ’04:
    Con : +2
    Lab : +1
    Lib : -2
    Grn : n/c
    BNP : +1
    UKIP: -2

    LibDem and UKIP were the big losers it seems, with both loosing more than 5% of their vote.

    I want to make a partisan comment, and Anthony can remove it afterwards if he thinks it’s too far:
    I think it’s a worry that a party who restricts membership based on race, and thus creates a racial apartheid within their own political sphere has a platform in the world’s greatest capital city.

  2. ZX, I hope that once given a public platform people will realise they don’t really like what is being said by extremists and not vote for them again. Unfortunately we have to tolerate this sort of thing in a democracy with free speech.

  3. Can’t agree with ZX & only partially agree with KEITH – I am a very strong believer in Free Speech and democracy , so i believe that every voice should be heard without being gagged – who are any of us to say if a parties views are “nasty” and so on – there are a number of political parties & their ideology i would not agree with at all and find their policies obnoxious – but i would never dream of banning them or gagging them. For the BNP to be gaining seats across the country and in London should be a message for the current government to heed and take notice of and remedy the cause .

  4. Mike:
    “Can’t agree with ZX…”

    So you don’t find the BNP gaining a seat in the London Assembly worrying? Personally, I don’t think a party which prohibits blacks, asians, other “non-whites”, and homosexuals from membership is particularly democratic. I see where you’re coming from as regards disliking other parties, but this isn’t about disliking the BNP, or branding them as “nasty”.

    This is about discrimination, plain and simple. I don’t agree with many policies that many political parties have, but I can change my mind or join the party regardless. I can’t join the BNP, no matter how much I agree with their views, because I can’t change the colour of my skin, the folds in my eyes, or that of my parents’ parents’. This isn’t a simple case of disagreeing over tax and spend, but racial discrimination, and democracy should have no place for it.

  5. The BNP winning a seat on the London Assembly is regrettable but I think the idea that you can just ignore the votes of 130,714 is quite a dangerous way of looking at things.

  6. Why ‘Waterloo’?

  7. Why not? ;)

  8. Oh, was your wedding in Waterloo? I only ask as I was in Waterloo on May 2nd, on top of a big Butt.

  9. No, no. It was in Higham. A big Butt?