One I missed: a week or so ago there was a MRUK Cello poll in the Sunday Times on Scottish voting intentions. For the Westminster Parliament support stood at CON 18%, LAB 34%, LDEM 11%, SNP 34%. For Holyrood, the constituency vote was CON 15%, LAB 31%, LDEM 12%, SNP 39% and regional vote CON 13%, LAB 30%, LDEM 11%, SNP 40%.

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  1. Looking at the weekend’s poll it seems the LD’s are in real trouble in Scotland. Are there any particular reason for this? I have read that Nicol Stephen’s performance as leader is not very good and the party may be suffering as a result. The Tories seem to be increasing very gradually. On current trends it’s unlikely that they’ll make a big breakthrough at the GE. They look a good bet to gain Roxburgh, and if they’re lucky they’ll get Galloway as well. If they’re REALLY lucky then they might gain Renfrewshire E, Argyll or one of the Edinburgh seats. It’s more realistic that they’ll turn the borders blue and bring some more seats into range for 2014/15. Still, we’re 2 years out from the GE and there’s a lot to play for!

  2. Like in other parts of the UK, the Liberal Democrat support in Scotland is quite soft. The fact that the SNP is seen as the main opposition to the Labour Party has meant that a significant proportion of former LD voters have come across to the SNP. This has been compounded by the fact that the LDs still seem to support Labour in the Parliament.

    Nicol Stephen is not seen as a particularly charismatic individual and the party hasn’t been helped by the perception that it stabbed both Charlie Kennedy and Menzies Campbell in the back.

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