An ICM poll for the BBC today is showing a increase in support for British military involvement in Afghanistan. There are still more people opposed than supportive of British involvement – 48% to 40%, but this is down from when ICM last asked in 2006 when the figures were 53% opposed and 31% in support.

I’m inclined to agree with ICM’s Nick Sparrow that Prince Harry’s deployment in Afghanistan may have boosted support, but that’s probably only a part of it. Coverage of Harry in Afghanistan was all positive, but then so is most of the mainstream news coverage of British action in Afghanistan – it is normally reported in the context of brave British soldiers fighting against the Taliban in Helmand, compare and contrast with the more mixed portrayal of British involvement in Iraq.

5 Responses to “Increase in support for troops in Afghanistan”

  1. New poll rsults are stunning.
    Sky are saying a NoW poll/ICM has put the Tories 9 points ahead.
    Sunday Times You Gou Tories are 16 points ahead!
    43 Con up 3
    27 Labour down 6
    17 Lib Dem n/c

    ICM =C 40 up 3
    L 31 down 3
    LD 20 down 1

  2. The [comparative] lack of support for Her Majesty’s Forces in Afghanistan surprises me. This is a UN-mandated operation, and has the popular support of the majority in Afghanistan (as far as we can ascertain).

    It is interesting that the poll follows yet another “Stop-the-War” farce. A diverse turnout, but coloured with a large number of people in religious dress.

    Now our media may be biased, but of all the conflicts listed I could not find any mention of Dharfur. Maybe saving African lives is of little import to an Asian-centric faith?

    As for the rise in support for our troops, Harry may be a factor. So too, may I add, might be Ross Kemp’s documentary. Best bit of TV in 2008 so far!

  3. Is anyone aware of any polls on British public opinion on the war in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2006? I am researching the issue for a PhD. The issue just seemed to drop off the radar for pollsters between those time

  4. The Army is popular among whites because unlike the police it is run by white public schoolboys who are the descendents of men who gained an empire.

  5. The Army is popular with my neighbour. He was in the SAS, as is his brother, as was his father.

    They are from Fiji.

    The Army did gain an Empire many years ago-but it’s all gone now.

    More recently they gained our freedom from Nazi & Soviet domination-those are still ours.