East Yorkshire

2015 Result:
Conservative: 25276 (50.6%)
Labour: 10343 (20.7%)
Lib Dem: 2966 (5.9%)
Green: 1731 (3.5%)
UKIP: 8955 (17.9%)
Others: 720 (1.4%)
MAJORITY: 14933 (29.9%)

Category: Very safe Conservative seat

Geography: Yorkshire, Humberside. Part of the East Riding of Yorkshire council area.

Main population centres: Bridlington, Driffield, Flamborough, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington, Market Weighton.

Profile: The northern part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The main centre of population is the seaside resort and fishing port of Bridlington, with the rest of the seat made up of the rolling countryside of the East Yorkshire Wolds and a variety of small market towns like Driffield and Pocklington.

Politics: A safe Conservative seat. Along with its predecessor Bridlington it has returned Conservative MPs since its creation in 1950. Bridlington was one of the final places in the UK to return an SDP councillor - the tiny party that continued after David Owen wound up the continuing SDP in 1990.

Current MP
GREG KNIGHT (Conservative) Born 1949, Blaby. Educated at Alderman Newtons Grammar School. Former Solicitor. MP for Derby North 1983-1997. First elected as MP for East Yorkshire in 2001. Deputy Chief Whip 1993-1996, Minister of State for industry 1996-1997. Government whip 2012-2013.
Past Results
Con: 24328 (47%)
Lab: 10401 (20%)
LDem: 10842 (21%)
UKIP: 2142 (4%)
Oth: 3541 (7%)
MAJ: 13486 (26%)
Con: 21215 (45%)
Lab: 14932 (32%)
LDem: 9075 (19%)
UKIP: 1703 (4%)
MAJ: 6283 (13%)
Con: 19861 (46%)
Lab: 15179 (35%)
LDem: 6300 (15%)
UKIP: 1661 (4%)
Oth: 313 (1%)
MAJ: 4682 (11%)
Con: 20904 (43%)
Lab: 17567 (36%)
LDem: 9070 (19%)
Oth: 1430 (3%)
MAJ: 3337 (7%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
GREG KNIGHT (Conservative) See above.
ROBERT ADAMSON (Liberal Democrat) Contested East Yorkshire 2010.
MARK MALONEY (Green) Educated at Alleyns School and York University. Train driver.
STEWART ARNOLD (Yorkshire First) Educated at Malton Grammar and London University. Contested Leeds Central 2001, Don Valley 2005, Yorkshire and Humber 2009 European elections for the Liberal Democrats, 2014 for Yorkshire First. Second on the Lib Dem list for the 2009 European election, he turned down the opportunity to succeed his wife Diana Wallis on her retirement in 2012.
Comments - 41 Responses on “Yorkshire East”
  1. Which seats has Driffield been in?

  2. It was in Buckrose until 1950, then Bridlington from 1950-55, Howden from 1955-83 and Bridlington again from 1983 to 1997

  3. What do Greg Knight, Charles Hendry, Andrew Mitchell, and Michael Portillo all have in common?

  4. All lost seat in the 1997 landslide before coming back in 2001 (1999 in Portillo’s case).

  5. For different seats from those held previously I might add.

  6. Yes that is indeed correct. They all lost their seats in 1997 but got back in 2001 for new seats- all of them safe for the Conservatives. In MP’s case of course, he had been the MP for Kensington and Chelsea since 1999, but I decided to include him.

  7. That seat will still be the tories at the next election

  8. I find the name of this constituency very odd because it does not cover the whole of East Yorkshire.

    It comes from North Wolds District Council (renamed East Yorkshire DC in 1981).

    Bridlington and Yorkshire Wolds would have been better, because it maintains the traditional Bridlington constituency name.

  9. I agree – it was a shame to see the Bridlington name go, and hope it’s restored.

  10. And Bridlington is of course the largest town in the seat – making it a nonsensical name change

  11. I think Tim it was done to match the East Riding of Yorkshire unitary logic created from 1995.
    Everything that was left over to be E Yorkshire but given the other seats in the new unitary don’t have compass point style names there was little reason to change the name IMO.

  12. ‘I think Tim it was done to match the East Riding of Yorkshire unitary logic created from 1995’

    I think that’s undoubtedly the case Joe.

    The boundaries are indeed different from those prior to 97 – but not markedly so and Bridlington is still the main town

    East Yorkshire is a particiularly bad name though because people associate that area with places like Hull and Beverley – which were traditionally in the East Riding of Yorkshire – and which of course aren’t in this seat

  13. Bridlington Central & Old Town ward By-election Result: UKIP 401, Cons 352, Ind 217, Ind 214. UKIP Gain from the SDP. Turnout: 15.2%.

  14. Re the name, this should be called Bridlington- end of story.

  15. Lancs Observer — I see the SDP councillor was much feted by the constituency description — is that the end of the SDP presence on that council?

  16. Absolutely. Given that East Yorkshire (or the East Riding of Yorkshire) encompasses a much wider area and other seats, the renaming of Bridlington constituency was not needed.

  17. …Replying to Tory’s comment.

  18. Jacqueline Foster still sits for the SDP in Bridlington Central.

  19. Yes, they had at least a couple of Cllrs here and the Liberal Party has a group in N Yorks too.

  20. We finally have a candidate (from any party) for this constituency in the shape of Labour’s Kevin Hickson:


    He’s the leader of Crewe Town Council:


  21. Bit surprised this is one of the 101 British constituencies where UKIP hasn’t selected a candidate yet. You’d think the towns in particular would be relatively good territory for them.

  22. Conservative Hold. 10,000 majority. Labour 2nd.

  23. My dear brother Reginald and his wife Gwendoline live in this constituency. They believe third place for UKIP is viable..

  24. You have a quite a few relatives with traditional names giving their predictions in various seats.

  25. Ah, so I gather all of your extended family live in the same constituency?

    And, if Neal doesn’t count as a traditional name, I don’t know what does..

  26. I agree Bridlington would make a lot of sense for the name of this seat but personally I’d go for Driffield & Wetwang; the former because my parents have retired to there, the latter for being such a cool name for a village.

  27. lt’s always odd when a constituency is named after a town which isn’t the largest one in it, though there are still plenty of examples (e.g. Richmond – Northallerton is larger, and St Ives – Penzance is larger).

  28. Some local authority names are also quite peculiar in this regard, sometimes referring to rather nebulous local geographical concepts e.g. Waverley (aka SW Surrey)

  29. The old constituency names (pre-war) were designed to be SHORT. So small towns with shorter names would be preferred (Eye is my favourite).

    Local authority names were negotiated when local government was reformed by the Conservatives in the 1970s. Local loyalties and sensitivities meant that neutral names were commonplace, even though it makes many of them quite unfathomable to anyone except anoraks like me. Try Rushmoor or Babergh on anyone you know…..

  30. I also liked the old Rye which a actually included Bexhill, a much bigger town.

  31. Yes….the old Rye Constituency is now Bexhill & Battle.

    Rye could have been retained as a constituency if Hastings had extended to include part of Bexhill, but I assume that the boundary commission in 1983 wanted to keep Bexhill together.

    There would still have been some logic as they are part of the same conurbation.

  32. Not that anyone really cares but I just found out that Labours candidate here in 2015 is actually one of my university lecturers. I can now boast knowing two parliamentary candidates personally!

  33. Another Independent Gain in a council By-election.

    Pocklington Provincial Result:

    Independent 1,032
    Conservative 980
    Labour 490
    UKIP 215

    Independent Gain from Conservative.

  34. Not gonna lie mate but my mum was a PPC and my sisters god father was an MP. Knowing a PPC isn’t much to boast. Sorry dude.

  35. “Bridlington and Yorkshire Wolds would have been better, because it maintains the traditional Bridlington constituency name.”

    The new constituency created in 1997 took the name of the council area abolished in the 1995 that it shared the boundaries with.

    I felt that the Bridlington name should have been maintained even as the costal Holderness was lost and inland areas were gained.

  36. Matt Wilson
    Never claimed it was an accomplishment I’m just one to celebrate mediocrity 😀

  37. Polltroll

    Do I correctly sense from your recent posts that you’ll be switching to Labour this time?

  38. Greg Knight does appear to have a rather bad wig

  39. BT: I will be voting for the Lib Dems, out of despair rather than hope. Cannot in good faith vote for a party offering economic fantasy – but most certainly cannot vote for a party that doesn’t appear to be offering anything at all. Since I live in a safe Tory seat anyway, I have nothing to lose by voting for the party that comes closest to my personal worldview. Looking enviously over the channel at France right now.

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