Yorkshire Euro Candidates 2014

Yorkshire and the Humber returns six MEPs. In 2009 it returned two Conservative MEPs, one UKIP, one Labour, one Liberal Democrat and one BNP. The first Conservative MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott, was expelled from the Conservative party after standing against the ECR candidates for a Vice-Presidency of the European Parliament. The BNP MEP Andrew Brons resigned from the BNP in 2012 after falling out with Nick Griffin. Full results for 2009 are here.

LINDA MCAVAN (Labour) Born 1962, Bradford. Educated at Heriot-Watt University. Former local government worker. MEP for South Yorkshire 1998-1999. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
RICHARD CORBETT (Labour) Born 1955, Southport. Educated at Farnborough Road School and Oxford University. Former civil servant and policy advisor. MEP for Merseyside West 1996-1999. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside 1999-2009.
ELEANOR TUNNICLIFFE (Labour) Born in Carshalton. Educated at Cambridge University. Solicitor. Contested Richmond Park 2010.

4. Asghar Khan 5. Helen Mirfin-Boukouris
6. Darren Hughes
TIMOTHY KIRKHOPE (Conservative) Born 1945, Newcastle. Educated at Royal Grammar School and Law Society College of Law. Solicitor. Former Northumberland county councillor. MP for Leeds North East 1987-1997. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999. Government whip 1990-1995.
ALEX STORY (Conservative) Born 1974. Film and documentary producer, former Olympic rower. Contested Denton and Reddish 2005, Wakefield 2010.
JOHN PROCTER (Conservative) Businessman. Leeds councillor since 1992. Contested Pudsey 2001.

4. Carolyn Abbott 5. Michael Naughton
6. Ryan Stephenson
EDWARD MCMILLAN-SCOTT (Liberal Democrat) Born 1949, Cambridge. Former public affairs consultant. MEP for York 1984-1994 for the Conservatives. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999, originally elected as a Conservative.. Leader of the Conservative MEPs 1997-2001. Defected to the Liberal Democrats.
JAMES MONAGHAN (Liberal Democrat) Born in Wakefield. Educated at Ackworth School and Leicester University. Small businessman. Leeds councillor 2005-2011. Contested Morley and Outwood 2010, Yorkshire region 2009 European elections.
JOSEPH OTTEN (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Sheffield University. Software developer. Sheffield councillor.

4. Chris Foote-Wood 5. Jacqueline Bell
6. Aqila Choudhry
JANE COLLINS (UKIP) Born 1962. UKIP party organiser. Contested Scunthorpe 2010, Barnsley Central 2011 by-election, Rotherham 2012 by-election.
AMJAD BASHIR (UKIP) Born in Pakistan. Chairman of a restaurant group.
MIKE HOOKEM (UKIP) Former serviceman, carpenter and small businessman. Contested Hull East 2010.

4. Gary Shores 5. Jason Smith
6. Anne Murgatroyd
ANDREW COOPER (Green) Educated at Staffordshire university. Business development manager. Contested Kirklees councillor since 1999.
SHAN OAKES (Green) Educated at Plympton Grammar School and Leicester University. Former teacher and LEA officer. Contested Haltemprice and Howden 2008 by-election, Yorkshire and Humberside 2009 European election.

3. Victoria Dunn 4. Denise Craghill
5. Martin Hemingway 6. Kevin Warnes
MARLENE GUEST (BNP) Contested Rotherham 2005, 2010, 2012 by-election. Former Liberal Democrat. Appeared in 2008 Sky documentary BNP Wives.
ADAM WALKER (BNP) Former teacher, banned from teaching for life in 2013 after a conviction for dangerous driving for chasing two children in his car after they taunted him. Contested North East region in 2009 European election, Bishop Auckland 2010.

3. Daniel Cooke 4. Joanne Brown
5. Steven Harrison 6. Stuart Henshaw
CHRIS BEVERLEY (English Democrats) Educated at Leeds University. Leeds councillor 2006-2010 for the BNP. Contested Yorkshire & Humberside region in 2004, 2009 European elections, Morley and Rothwell 2005, Morley and Outwood 2010 for the BNP. Defected to the English Democrats in 2011.

2. David Wildgoose 3. Ian Sutton
4. Colin Porter 5. Tom Redmood
6. David Allen
CHRISTOPHER BOOTH (An Independence from Europe) Educated at De Montfort University. Chartered surveyor.

2. Kerrie Oxenham 3. Malcolm Snelling
4. John Martin 5. Paul Sootheran
6. Howard Blake
TREVOR HOWARD (No2EU) Yorks & Lincs Regional President of the RMT.

2. Mary Jackson 3. Carrie Hedderwick
4. Adrian O'Malley 5. Steven Andrew
6. Iain Dalton
STEWART ARNOLD (Yorkshire First) Educated at Maldon Grammar and London University. Contested Leeds Central 2001, Don Valley 2005, Yorkshire and Humberside region 2009 European elections for the Liberal Democrats. Husband of former Lib Dem MEP Diana Wallis. Second on the Lib Dem list for the 2009 European elections he turned down the opportunity to succeed Diana Wallis upon her retirement in 2012.

2. Richard Carter 3. Richard Honnoraty
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  1. Who’ll come top, Labour or UKIP? Will the top party get 3x the votes of LIbdems and Greens and 50% more than the Tories? Will the Tories get double the vote of LibDems and Greens?

    My predictions is 2x Labour, 2x UKIP, 1x Tory, with the sixth seat tight, probably Consevatives

  2. I predicted 2 LAB, 2 UKIP and 2 CON in the old thread.

    Labour’s strength will show itself in South and West Yorkshire quite considerably. As well as in Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and parts of Cleethorpes (the town of Immingham is in constituency boundaries).

    The Tory vote will remain strong enough in North Yorkshire and East Riding.

    UKIP should do well enough to take up 2 seats (perhaps gaining votes from disillusioned former Tory and Labour voters and perhaps some non-voters looking to make their mark) thus pushing the Lib Dems out of the region.

  3. Also, I’m surprised Rebecca Taylor isn’t listed under the Lib Dems. She succeeded Diana Wallis only a couple of years ago.

  4. She is already stepping down. She wants to focus in finishing the master degree on public health she was doing before unexpectedly becoming an MEP

  5. Tories and LDs each lost 29,000+ voters at the 2013 local elections in Lincolnshire. The gains went something like 2:1 Ukip:Lab.

    LDs still have a few pockets of support around Yorkshire, but dwindling. McMillan-Scott is widely regarded as an outstandingly good MEP, with the Yorkshire post carrying articles “Own goal as Tories force out a decent man” etc… is it possible he could survive?

  6. I think there’s a LD seat here. Lab will clearly take a second seat. Cons and UKIP to take 3 between them.

  7. Andrew, I’m assuming a lot of the protest vote from angry Labour voters in 2009 possibly went their way.

    Say that vote reverts to Labour in May this year, the Lib Dems will need to rely on their strength in parts of Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Harrogate to make it past the minimum threshold.

  8. I find it quite amusing that the lead BNP candidate is a former Lib Dem – I wonder what produces that kind of lurching allegiance switch?

  9. Mr Nameless – actually I think it might be a copy and paste error. Let me check

  10. ‘I find it quite amusing that the lead BNP candidate is a former Lib Dem – I wonder what produces that kind of lurching allegiance switch?’

    I was thinking that.

    It’s not THAT unusual for BNP members to have been former Tory or even Labour supporters, but the Lib Dems is almost a polar opposite party to the BNP – so it must have been a Damascus-like conversion for Ms Guest

  11. Nope, not an error. She joined the BNP in 2004 and had previously stood in local elections as a Rotherham Independent and previously as a Lib Dem.

  12. That is a significant change indeed. I remember seeing Marlene Guest on that BNP Wives documentary on Sky One. Somehow, I don’t think many of the other women they profiled are still with the party. Could be wrong though.

    She’s appeared on the local news several times. Just before the Rotherham by-election in late 2012 they did this utterly farcical ‘meet the candidates’ type segment. It was basically her, that idiot Yvonne Ridley and UKIP candidate Jane Collins slugging it out, while the candidates from the main parties giving robot-like answers.

  13. Lib Dem to BNP is a truly bizarre political journey. I thought it odd when several prominent Chesterfield Lib Dems joined UKIP. Possibly their shift is explained by a desire to be part of whatever is the main non-Labour anti-establishment party.

    Some people are temperamentally unsuited to being a member of a party that enjoys any significant degree of power. They dislike the idea of ever having to defend the decisions of those in authority, and are uncomfortable with the compromises that come with having to actually take a policy decision and live with the consequences.

  14. I hadn’t realised that Richard Corbett was bidding for a second comeback. He must be the most pro-EU politico that’s still around, since Heath’s death and Denis McShane’s demise.

  15. http://steveunclesenglishdemocrats.org/2014/03/16/english-democrats-2014-eu-elections-60-candidates-list-100-coverage-of-england/

    9 Yorkshire and the Humber 6
    Lead Candidate: – Chris Beverley
    Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
    Slogan: English Democrats – “I’m English, NOT British, NOT EUropean !”
    1) Chris Beverley
    2) David Wildgoose
    3) Ian Sutton
    4) Colin Porter
    5) Tom Redmond
    6) David Allen

  16. Just been reported on BBC Look North that Andrew Brons is standing down.

  17. @Mrnameless – You sometimes see it from people who were Lib Dem councillors: locally, the Lib Dems don’t always have an ideology but are a group of local people who end up working together – Organised Independants, effectively. In those cases, they might agree on local issues, but be ideologically opposed to liberalism.

    I had been assuming that this would end up 2-2-2, but given that Labour seem to do about 3 points better here than nationally, and the Tories 3 points worse, Labour only needs a national lead of 5 over the Tories to get a third seat.

  18. Rather amusing that the second placed candidate on the ‘Yorkshire First’ list has an address in Oslo, Norway (notably not part of the EU) 😉

  19. That is pretty odd indeed. Not quite putting Yorkshire first by living abroad lol.

  20. They both tend to be anti-EU.

  21. The addresses on Euro Ballots are always horrendous like that. Plus a double barrelled defector or Peer in almost every Region.

  22. I have a few friends who are members of Whitby Conservative Club, this is a club where you must declare your support to the Conservative Party before been accepted as a member, and according to what they all tell me, most members are intending to vote UKIP.

  23. Judging by the posted comments on this website, many feel it necessary to record their predictions about the outcome of the polls on May 22, whereas I am quite content to await the landslide result !

  24. Nobody’s going to win by a landslide. It’s unlikely UKIP will come first (nationally), and not inconceivable that they’ll come third.

  25. It is pure fantasy to suggest that UKIP will not be in the top two. Everyone in my Conservative association is expecting that we will come third. I am yet to find a Tory who genuinely thinks that we will be in the top two.

    I hope that UKIP do beat Labour by a good margin though. The EU establishment is probably ignorant enough to take a Labour victory as an endorsement by UK voters of the EU in its present state.

  26. “It is pure fantasy to suggest that UKIP will not be in the top two.”

    Several polls have put UKIP in third, though I except only a minority of them, still it’s hardly “pure fantasy” to mention that.

    The majority of recent polls do however put Labour in the lead, and personally I very much hope they do at least push UKIP into second.

  27. Today’s YouGov poll for the Europeans: UKIP 31%, Lab 28%, Con 19%, LibDem 9%, Green 8%, Others 6%.

  28. In spite of the YouGov poll Labour should be on track to top the polls in this region. UKIP’s only real test here was in the North Yorkshire County election last year, which was always a toughie with it being as true blue as it gets in the north. I honestly can’t put my money on who’ll come 2nd in Yorkshire and Humber.

  29. I tend to think UKIP will finish just behind Labour. Saying that, I hope they finish first in order to put some pressure on Cameron.

  30. The tory man Alex Story is more UKIP than UKIP he organised a referendum in Crigglestone to leave the EU and nearly won Wakefield. If more people knew about him the tories would not be so worried.

  31. What exactly was the point of holding a referendum in Crigglestone? It can’t in any way predict even how Crigglestone would vote in a proper referendum, following months of national campaigning.

  32. Frustration at the Labour gov probably. It was 2007. UKIP are now claiming credit for it. I predict all three parties will have similar share this time around in the mid twenties probably Labour coming out top.

  33. Not a bad prediction (if you mean national vote share).

    My guess is Labour and UKIP very close on 26-28%, Tories around 22%.

  34. Whilst my view of UKIP and those who vote for them is wholly negative, even I’m surprised that there has been no knock-on effect from last week’s debacles, involving the jobless British builder who turned out to be an irish actor, the advert featuring the lovely Lizzy Vaid who turned out to work for Farage and worst of all the evil Twitter comments from Andre Lampitt which would have even made Hitler shudder

    This has to underline how wrong people are in seeing UKIP voters as right-minded and as normal as the rest of us…

    If UKIP are i,mmune from all tgis – I defunitely see trhem toppong the European poll – which is ceretainy enough to get me to the polling booth in elections I seldom bother voting in

  35. “If UKIP are i,mmune from all tgis – I defunitely see trhem toppong the European poll – which is ceretainy enough to get me to the polling booth in elections I seldom bother voting in”

    By contrast, I’ll probably abstain for the first time in years….I can’t bring myself to vote for a list with Dan Hannan at the top, and don’t want to vote Lib Dem though I agreed with a lot of what Clegg had to say.

  36. HH – Did the Pro Euro Conservatives join the LibDems after ’99? I think their leader did then stood against Bercow last time.

  37. “I can’t bring myself to vote for a list with Dan Hannan at the top”

    I’ve heard his name a lot in Tory circles but haven’t actually seen him on TV or heard him speak. Does he have a poor reputation or something?

  38. He went on American TV during the Obamacare debate in 2009-ish to run down the NHS and advocate the American system, I remember that. Your mileage may vary on whether that’s a good thing, but he’s just extremely UKIPpy.

  39. Hannan is south east.

    So far the Tories are the only ones visibly campaigning here but I think everyone will be concentrating on their core so I’m not surprised.

    I think everyone has forgotton Bloom I doubt he is going to influence anything now one way or another.

  40. I disagree with Hannan’s views on healthcare but in the context of the Euro elections they don’t worry me.

    He openly believes that the UK should leave the EU – I admire his honesty, but as someone who strongly believes we should stay in the EU I don’t want to vote for him.

  41. Paul Weston of Liberty GB is arrested for comments about Islam.


  42. After filtering the new YG poll by likelihood to vote, you get:

    UKIP 36 (31 before filtering)
    Lab 28 (28)
    Cons 16 (19)
    Green 9 (8)
    Libs 7 (9)

    Open to rigorous debate, but many think the filtering by 10/10 likelihood to vote has proved to be the best ball park indication of results.

    Either way, UKIP are pretty obviously favourites for 1st and not much chance of Cons catching Lab that much even if they have a cracking campaign showing they are ‘in the middle’ and everyone else is extreme.

  43. I doubt we will be outpolled quite as badly as that by UKIP.

  44. “Either way, UKIP are pretty obviously favourites for 1st”

    That’s a ridiculous statement to make on the basis of a single poll. There have been numerous other polls recently putting Labour ahead of UKIP. I stand to be corrected but I think Labour narrowly remain the bookies favourites.

  45. It’s not the only poll that’s shown them ahead before allowing for 10/10 likelihood to vote, but it is the first YouGov one.
    Plus we’d be unwise to ignore the weighting / general higher motivation of UKIP supporters to vote currently.

  46. I’m surprised nobody on here has commented on the regional crosstab of the YouGov/GreenParty poll (reported on UKPR 3rd May). It is one of very few polls of European intention to give a breakdown by the same regions as the constituencies. The breakdown for Y&H was particularly notable/surprising: Con 9%, Labour 32%, LibDem 12%, UKIP 29%, Green 16%, BNP1%.

    While I note AW’s warnings on reading much into these regional splits, and I don’t for one moment believe the party shares will end up giving Lab 1st, UKIP 2nd, Green 3rd, LD 4th and Tory 5th place in Y&H, it does suggest that Tories may be doing less well than expected, and Greens better than expected, in the region.

    It would be interesting to see other polls with splits into the 11/12 regions.

    My own prediction would be that the result in Y&H will come in more like Con 22%, Lab 26,LD10, UKIP23, Green 13, others 6%, giving an outcome of 2Lab, 2UKIP, 1Con, 1Green (or LD if they do better).

  47. I suggest the Green party runs some remedial lessons for its activists 🙂

    “I’m surprised nobody on here has commented on the regional crosstab of the YouGov/GreenParty poll ”

    “I note AW’s warnings on reading much into these regional splits”

    Doesn’t one kind of explain the other?

  48. While I of course am in complete agreement on not reading too much into regional polls, I did go back and look at the one Ben Foley mentioned, and I have to admit, it is quite interesting.

    While its findings are, at times, laughable (my personal favorite is in the Southwest where the poll has the Tories on 16% and Labour on 24%, which to me just seems utterly bizarre), there are also some little tidbits that I think tell us a fair bit.

    Firstly, by my reckoning, it looks like there are five LD seats here, which is what I’d personally predict (5 or 6). What’s surprising is that the East Midlands looks like a far better shot than the Eastern region.

    The second takeaway is that the Greens could get as many as four MEPs, and I’m not at all surprised to see 10% in the Southwest for them. If they held their current two (which doesn’t look like a sure thing, actually, by this or most other reckonings), they could well gain in Yorkshire, the Southwest, or Eastern.

    SNP well behind Labour in Scotland is also an odd one.

    In any event, an interesting poll, and while possibly very far off, certainly it makes for interesting discussion. Thanks to Ben Foley for bringing it up.

  49. The English Democrats’ PPB is on. Very surreal…

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