York Outer

2015 Result:
Conservative: 26447 (49.1%)
Labour: 13348 (24.8%)
Lib Dem: 6269 (11.6%)
Green: 2558 (4.7%)
UKIP: 5251 (9.7%)
MAJORITY: 13099 (24.3%)

Category: Very safe Conservative seat

Geography: Yorkshire and the Humber, North Yorkshire. Part of the York council area.

Main population centres: York, Haxby, Heslington.

Profile: An affluent and suburban seat covering the outer doughnut of York and completely surrounding the York Central seat. It includes historic villages such as Fulford, Osbaldwick, Skelton and Heworth which have merged with York, the University of York campus at Heslington and the town of Haxby.

Politics: York Outer was created for the 2010 election, a relatively unusual case of the Boundary Commission splitting a city into two seats by creating an inner central seat and an outer doughnut, rather than splitting a town east-west or north-south. The seat was expected to be a Conservative-Lib Dem marginal upon its creation and was won by the Tories in 2010.

Current MP
JULIAN STURDY (Conservative) Born 1971, Yorkshire. Educated at Harper Adams University. Former Farmer. Harrogate councillor 2002-2007. Contested Scunthorpe 2005. First elected as MP for York Outer in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 22912 (43%)
Lab: 9108 (17%)
LDem: 19224 (36%)
UKIP: 1100 (2%)
Oth: 956 (2%)
MAJ: 3688 (7%)

2015 Candidates
JULIAN STURDY (Conservative) See above.
JOE RICHES (Labour) York councillor.
JAMES BLANCHARD (Liberal Democrat) Kirklees councillor 2011-2015, former Islington councillor. Contested Hackney and Stoke Newington 2005, Huddersfield 2010.
PAUL ABBOTT (UKIP) Sub postmaster.
GINNIE SHAW (Green) Educated at Stirling University. Former director of the National Disabled Persons Housing Service.
Comments - 70 Responses on “York Outer”
  1. I’m a student here living on Hes East but I’m voting at home not here. Only one poster around which is a Green one. Not really much political atmosphere around here though all my friends are voting everyone has been certain on who they were voting on since before the campaign started. The only weird one i’ve heard is my flatmate who insists he completely agrees with Labour policies but is going to vote conservative because ‘it’s what the country needs’??

  2. This is a dead cert Tory hold (nice to see a fellow York Student on this forum) , students may increase the green numbers , depends whether they’re voting in York or elsewhere. UKIP has a problem with the candidates not being the sort that appeal to students. Although on the plus side we are likely to win some council seats. Incidentally I’m standing in FIshergate ward for UKIP- which looks like a green ward hold ,it’s split between Labour , Green and UKIP according to the canvassing.

  3. *That is on a specific council ward , Sturdy will hold the MP seat easily.

  4. Didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in last time but I’m Ieuan to avoid confusion. I’m voting at home, being from Wales I can’t vote Plaid here, but the rest of the people I know are mostly voting here. A very mixed bag of parties between my friends, everyone but the libdems it seems. One of the benefits of the council election though is I can see the polling station from my room. Not seen any kind of campaigning around though. I agree with you though, there’s no way this seat is changing hands this election.

  5. You’re Welsh as well? Me too! Can I be so bold as to ask which constituency? I’m not surprised there isn’t much visible campaigning (because it’s a safe seat , it’s all about council canvassing , which is very small). I know UKIP is trying to be as active as possible.

  6. Clwyd West, so conservative again. I knew there wouldn’t be any constituency campaigning really, I’m just a little surprised i’ve seen nobody canvass for the uni ward.

  7. It’d be too complicated (I don’t think it’s allowed anyway to politically leaflet+canvass in uni premises). Too many blocks to take into account.

  8. I suppose, although I just checked my post now and found a green party leaflet. Which constituency are you in?

  9. *from not in

  10. I am from Cardiff South and Penarth (In Wales) , here (in Hull road ward) I’m just voting in council (my postal vote for UKIP has already gone off). I think they are allowed to post to people , just not knock on doors and give them to students.

  11. Con 49.1 (+6.1)
    Lab 24.8 (+7.7)
    LD 11.6 (-24.4)
    UKIP 9.7 (+7.7)
    Green 4.7

    Con majority 13,129 (24.4%)

    Good Conservative and Labour performances here.

  12. @ Tory – and more so UKIP!

  13. “This seat should disappear under the imminent boundary changes hopefully.”

    I quite like it actually.

    I take it you prefer sandwiches to donuts?

    Many people argue that there should be two York divisions (North/ South or East/ West) taking in part of the old City of York and the suburban/ rural extension of the 1990’s.

    What’s nice about it is that it keeps the old City of York more or less preserved as York Central.

    Bath & NE Somerset is divided in the same way, with the compact Bath surrounded by NE Somerset, instead of North/ South or East/ West Bath.

    Basingstoke is also divided in a similar way with inner Basingstoke forming Basingstoke and outer Basingstoke and Hart DC forming NE Hants.

    In many respects, I think that “Renfrewshire Council” should be divided as a donut to be “Paisley” and “Renfrewshire” rather than “Paisley & Renfrewshire North” and “Paisley & Renfrewshire South”.

    Swindon could also work well as a donut with a Swindon Central and Swindon Outer.

  14. I too like the old City of York to be preserved and although I would prefer the northern commuter villages to be tied with Thirsk and the southern ones with Selby, a donut seat seat encompassing both is not so bad on reflection. I really don’t like the name, however. I think York Central should be called ‘ the City of York’ and this should be renamed ‘Haxby and Heslington’.

  15. The City of York is a Southern outpost in the North and a doughnut seat helps to perpetuate this. I am against doughnut seats on principle, although I am not sure how having a doughnut seat rather than a York East and a York West affects this.

  16. There have been other ‘doughnut’ seats before. Cambridgeshire was one such until 1987, I think.

    I think this arrangement is preferable to (for example) the pre-1997 Colchester seats, where a town which was clearly large enough to be a constituency was split, with each part paired with some rural or semi-rural hinterland.

  17. York unitary would be a nightmare to split east-west or even north-south.

  18. The current Boundary Commission proposals envisage only minor changes to the two York seats. In other words, they propose to keep the current “doughnut” arrangement. This is partiocularly unsatsifactory for York Outer as such a seat has no geographical centre and the strong likelihood is that organisation and events relating to this constituency will take place from the York City seat.

    It would be mushc better for York to be split North/South or East/West.

    I for one have an objection in principle to “doughnut” seats anywhere..

  19. I suppose the issue though is that York is an ancient city and the city centre wards all have a lot in common, pairing them off with neighbouring rural wrds is equally unsatisfactory, look at Swindon where we have council estates in the same seat as stretches of rural Wiltshire.

    While I’m not a fan of doughnuts either I personally feel that cities the size of York or Swindon should have the one “city centre” seat and the rural areas and in some cases outermost suburbs adjoined to neighbouring rural seats.

    Doughnuts aren’t good but neither are splits that result in primarily rural seats pretending to be urban. That’s just my opinion.

  20. York used to have one city centre seat, with the suburbs (e.g. Clifton) in rural constituencies such as Thirsk and Malton. And, if I remember rightly, the University is currently in Selby constituency.

    The Ouse runs North/South through York and the natural division is to my mind a York East and a York West, although the York West seat would either have to include some wards East of the river or go into the nieghbouring rural areas. In my mind, York West should curve around the South of the City to include Heslington and the University of York.

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