Wythenshawe    and    Sale    East    By election    2014

The by-election was caused by the death of Paul Goggins, who died on the 7th January 2014 after suffering a brain haemorrhage while out running in December 2013. The by-election was held on 13th February during the middle of the 2014 floods and resulted in Labour holding the seat with an increased majority. UKIP took second place and the Liberal Democrats lost their deposit.

Mike Kane (Labour) 13261 55.3% (+11.2%)
John Bickley (UKIP) 4301 18.0% (+14.5)
Daniel Critchlow (Conservative) 3479 14.5% (-11.0%)
Mary di Mauro (Liberal Democrat) 1176 4.9% (-17.4%)
Nigel Woodcock (Green) 748 3.1% (n/a)
Eddy O'Sullivan (BNP) 708 3.0% (-0.9%)
Capt Chaplington-Smythe (Loony) 288 1.2% (n/a)
MAJORITY 8960 37.4% (+18.8%)
Turnout 28.2% (-26.1%)
Mike Kane (Labour) Former teacher. Former Manchester councillor
Mary Di Mauro (Liberal Democrat) Manchester councillor
Daniel Critchlow (Conservative) Born in Manchester. Educated at Bury Church of England High School. Church of England vicar
John Bickley (UKIP) Born 1953. Businessman
Nigel Woodcock (Green) Higher education lecturer
Edward O'Sullivan (BNP) Driving teacher and former army technician. Contested North West region 2009 European election, Salford mayoral election 2012
Captain Chaplington Smythe (Loony) Real name Mark Chapman
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  1. In 1979 I was the 3rd voter in my polling station in Cambridge. Boy it was cold for a May morning, though very sunny.

  2. I think I was the first voter at my polling stations at the 2012 police elections. I have a feeling I might have been the last as well.

  3. It is quite something that I was one of the people who predicted that UKIP would be under 20%. 19% wasn’t a bad shout after all then. I am very pleased with that Tory result, I was expecting a few percent less. That isn’t a bad performance for a practically invisible campaign.

  4. Mark Wallace critiques the poor Tory campaign here on Conservativehome.

  5. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party had a very good result here, does anyone know what their best result ever is?

  6. “No OMRLP candidate has managed to get the required 5% of the popular vote needed to retain his deposit, but this does not stop people standing. Sutch came closest with 4.1% and over a thousand votes at the Rotherham by-election, whilst Stuart Hughes still holds the record for the largest number of votes for a Loony candidate at a Parliamentary election, with 1,442 at the 1992 general election in the Honiton seat in east Devon. The all-time highest vote achieved was by comedian Danny Bamford aka Danny Blue, who secured 3,339 votes in the 1994 European Elections under the pseudonym of “John Major””

    LOL at “John Major”. This would have been around the same time as the “Literal Democrat” incident, I believe.

  7. “LOL at “John Major”. This would have been around the same time as the “Literal Democrat” incident, I believe.”

    I believe it was. Fortunately changes in electoral law since then have put an end to silly practices like that.

    Didn’t the Loonies actually win a seat on a parish council somewhere in the 1990’s and hailed it as a major political breakthrough?

  8. As many will know, there is a Labour councillor in Hillingdon who really is called John Major, and seems to have the largest vote of any Labour councillor in that borough. I have been told today that he does an excellent impersonation of his more famous namesake.
    Stuart Hughes did the same as our own John Cartwright has subsequently done – defected from the Loonies to the Conservatives. As a Loony, he was known as Stuart Basil Fawlty Hughes but dropped his middle names upon joining the Tories. He was elected both to Devon County Council and E Devon District Council as an OMRLP candidate, but has been re-elected to at least one of those as a Conservative. He is the local butcher in Sidmouth. And they call us the Loony Left!

  9. so in answer to Adam’s question, it was a “proper” council, or rather, two of them.

  10. Does anyone have any stories about Bill Boakes, the ultimate by-election lone ranger?

  11. Bill Boaks does have a wikipedia page, so that should tell you everything you need to know about him.

  12. I do think it’s rather funny that in the 1951 General Election he wanted to contest Clement Atlee’s seat, but got his constituencies mixed up and contested Walthamstow East instead of Walthamstow West.

    I don’t think he was a total eccentric though, just a road safety campaigner who had a mix of views on other issues and a habit of showing up at by-elections.

    At least we’ve still got Alan Hope to put a smile on our faces whenever he shows up at by-elections.

  13. The bit about why he chose “White Resident” is fantastic.

  14. On the subject of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party I met several of their member who are local councillors. Alan Hope is a Parish councillor for Fleet Town Council and was co-opted unopposed.

  15. Interesting comparison with the Ashcroft poll a week before the election: http://lordashcroftpolls.com/2014/02/with-a-week-to-go-in-wythenshawe-labours-grip-looks-firm/

    Labour -6
    UKIP +3
    Others +3
    Conservatives and Lib Dems – spot on

    UKIP & main parties were prompted, but not the other candidates.

    The labour change was outside the margin of error, so was there a late surge in UKIP/others support or a problem with the polling methodology (i.e. people saying they would vote labour in the poll, but actually backing the BNP and Greens)?

  16. The labour change was outside the margin of error, so was there a late surge in UKIP/others support or a problem with the polling methodology (i.e. people saying they would vote labour in the poll, but actually backing the BNP and Greens)?

    I suspect it’s somewhere between a few more peeling off to UKIP and a few not bothering to turn out for a foregone conclusion.

  17. @James K L

    A few poll-savvy Labourites of my acquaintance in the constituency concluded from Ashcroft’s data that Labour were safe. They consequently switched to vote UKIP in order to discomfit the Tories.

    IN this case, the act of measurement can actually affect the thing being measured!

  18. Sort of like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

  19. Would have been really funny if it had been close and their votes had gotten a UKIP guy elected!

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