Wyre Forest

2015 Result:
Conservative: 22394 (45.3%)
Labour: 9523 (19.3%)
Lib Dem: 1228 (2.5%)
Green: 1117 (2.3%)
UKIP: 7967 (16.1%)
NHA: 7211 (14.6%)
MAJORITY: 12871 (26%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: West Midlands, Hereford and Worcester. The whole of the Wyre Forest council area.

Main population centres: Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport on Severn.

Profile: Wyre Forest mainly consists of the industrial town of Kidderminister, a centre for the carpet industry, but also includes Stourport and Bewdley and outlying villages.

Politics: Politically the seat is unusual. It would probably be a Conservative/Labour marginal but in 2001 and 2005 it was won by an Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern candidate, Dr Richard Taylor, on the back of a campaign against the closure of the casualty unit at Kidderminister hospital. The Conservatives retook the seat from Dr Taylor in 2010. In 2015 Taylor stood again, now under the mantle of the National Health Action party, but sectured only fourth place..

Current MP
MARK GARNIER (Conservative) Born 1963, London. Educated at Charterhouse. Former Fund manager. Forest of Dean councillor 2003-2007. Contested Wyre Forest 2005. First elected as MP for Wyre Forest in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 18793 (37%)
Lab: 7298 (14%)
LDem: 6040 (12%)
UKIP: 1498 (3%)
Oth: 17270 (34%)
MAJ: 2643 (5%)
Con: 13489 (29%)
Lab: 10716 (23%)
UKIP: 1074 (2%)
Oth: 21708 (46%)
MAJ: 8219 (17%)
Con: 9350 (19%)
Lab: 10857 (22%)
UKIP: 368 (1%)
Oth: 28487 (58%)
MAJ: 17630 (36%)
Con: 19897 (36%)
Lab: 26843 (49%)
LDem: 4377 (8%)
Oth: 1982 (4%)
MAJ: 6946 (13%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
MARK GARNIER (Conservative) See above.
MATTHEW LAMB (Labour) Born 1970. Educated at King Charles I High School and University of the West of England and Birmingham University. College director. Worcester councillor since 2010.
ANDREW CRICK (Liberal Democrat) Contested Henley 2010.
MICHAEL WRENCH (UKIP) Born 1968, Kidderminster. Former soldier. Wyre Forest councillor. Contested Wyre Forest 2010.
NATALIE MCVEY (Green) Service development co-ordinator.
RICHARD TAYLOR (NHA) Born 1934. Educated at Leys School and Cambridge University. Retired hospital consultant. MP for Wyre Forest 2001-2010. Contested Wyre Forest 2010.
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  1. Still no LibDem candidate here while lots of other places are filling in fast…. which makes one suspect the party may take a pass here again and see if that’s enough to topple Garnier, combined with whatever the UKIP manage to take from him..

  2. Who is going to topple him though? Health Concern is a busted flush and Dr Taylor is 81. Many of those who might have voted for him will think he’s far too old. UKIP can’t win and Labour are far too far behind to have any chance.

  3. I do have some local knowledge of this seat, and I have to agree with H Hemmelig. If the Liberal Democrats continued to stand aside in 2010 – and given that their local government base in Wyre Forest had evaporated. it would not have been a great sacrifice – I think Dr Taylor would have held the seat. But having lost it (and the benefits of being an incumbent) , I do not fancy his chances of making a comeback at his age at all.

    UKIP won 5 wards in the Kidderminster / Stourport section of the seat in 2014 and cannot be discounted. But the Conservatives remain ahead in the Bewdley and rural sections of the seat. So Garnier will continue to represent “the dog end voters” in the particular “outlying” constituency.

  4. Lib Dems do have a candidate here now – Andy Crick.

  5. Current Skybet odds:

    Con 1/2
    UKIP 3/1
    NHA 6/1
    Lab 40/1

    So much for the bookies as a bull detector – I can’t see the parties finishing in that order.

  6. I’m expecting in the region of..
    Conservative: 42%
    Labour: 25%
    Liberal Democrat: 10%
    Independent Health Concern: 10%
    UKIP: 10%
    Others: 3%

  7. Dr Taylor will do better than that at the expense of the tories

  8. Not so sure about this one. If Dr Richard Taylor wasn’t standing again, I’d have said Conservative Hold with a huge majority of perhaps up to 8,000 over Labour.
    But Dr Taylor could well poll strongly without actually winning.

    Conservative Hold. 1,500 majority. NHS Action 2nd.

  9. In news about local politics, Fran Oborski, the last Liberal councillor in Wyre Forest, has joined the Liberal Democrats a la Michael Meadowcroft. This will likely lead to the end of Wyre Forest’s Liberal branch within due course.

  10. That will be a big boost to the Lib Dem party locally who will need all the support they can get I suspect.

  11. The was a somewhat bizarre article written by Fran Oborski on Lib Dem voice which complainined about Nick Clegg’s embracing of social mobility. This isn’t the kind of view that the Lib Dems (or any other mainstream political party) should be endorsing. But hey any increase in their local government base must be exciting for the Lib Dems at the present time even if the defector holds a highly illiberal, out of the mainstream belief…

  12. I agree. We need to keep telling the nobodies and losers of Telford, Dudley and Harlow that they really are going somewhere, and that their ‘aspiration’ isn’t misplaced, delusional crap.

  13. Is that referring to the Lib Dems?

  14. Fran Oborski has held a council seat for decades as a Liberal or Lib Dem, so must be doing something right.

  15. The funniest comment I ever read on this forum was courtesy of Tristan, however his seemingly whacky outbursts over the last few days seem to have given his game away.

  16. One suspects that Richard Taylor has probably fought his last battle in Wyre Forest as he will be 86 in 2020..

    The arrival of Fran Oborski has apparently electrified the hitherto sad LibDem crew in the seat.. Shows the mistake of standing down a couple of elections back.

  17. When the declaration for this seat was made, the returning officer only invited the candidates onto the stage to all make speeches after the result itself had been announced-

  18. It’s interesting how there doesn’t seem to be a set procedure. I guess that’s British idiosyncrasy in action.

  19. Indeed. I think it varies widely in a lot of seats but the most common practice is to declare with all candidates onstage and allow most if not all to at least say a few words afterwards.

  20. In some city seats like Haringey and Birmingham they only let the top two or three candidates speak after the result. In country areas they usually let everyone speak, even an Indy who gets 50 votes.

  21. At local elections, normally only the winners get to speak….and in multi member wards usually one victor speaks for all the others. I guess that’s inevitable or election night would get clogged up with hundreds of speeches.

  22. I think it’s only fair that all the candidates should at least be allowed to gather on the stage for the declaration at the very least. I think it’s very unfair on the people who have stood for election concerned when they’re not even allowed on the same stage or the same position as the returning officer when the results are being announced.

  23. Another very close December by-election result.

    Stourport-on-Severn ward By-election (Worc CC):

    Cons 763
    Ind Health Concern 725
    Labour 581
    UKIP 547
    Green 42

    Cons gain.

  24. The parliamentary borough of Kidderminster was abolished in 1918, when a county constituency of Worcestershire with the same name was created. It consisted of the Municipal Borough of Kidderminster, the Urban Districts of Bromsgrove, North Bromsgrove, and Redditch, and the Rural Districts of Bromsgrove and Kidderminster.

    The constituency boundaries were redrawn in 1950, and it now consisted of the Municipal Boroughs of Bewdley and Kidderminster, the Urban District of Stourport-on-Severn, and the Rural Districts of Kidderminster, Martley, and Tenbury.

    The constituency was abolished in 1983; 81.93% of it went to the new constituency of Wyre Forest, and 18.07% to the redrawn Leominster constituency.

  25. MPs for Kidderminster since 1918:

    1918-1922: Eric Knight, Conservative
    1922-1945: John Wardlaw-Milne, Conservative
    1945-1950: Louis Tolley, Labour
    1950-1964: Gerald Nabarro, Conservative
    1964-1974: Tatton Brinton, Conservative
    1974-1987: Esmond Bulmer, Conservative
    1987-1997: Anthony Coombs, Conservative
    1997-2001: David Lock, Labour
    2001-2010: Richard Taylor, Independent
    2010-present: Mark Garnier, Conservative

  26. I think Wyre Forest is an absurd name incidentally. Just call it Kidderminster as Harry has.

  27. District names like Wyre Forest are used so that people outside Kidderminster don’t feel that the constituency is mainly all about the biggest town. I think that’s the reasoning behind it, although it’s a bit of an unconvincing reasons. And there are plenty of seats which still consist of the name of one town like Burton although it includes other places like Uttoxeter.

  28. Is Dr Richard Taylor’s vote here left-leaning or right-leaning? Taylor himself is obviously quite left-leaning, but he first burst through opposing Labour’s policy on the hospital here. My guess is that if he hadn’t run in 2015 you’d have got a result something like CON 52, LAB 25, LD 4.

  29. He’ll also be 86, which is probably the greater consideration.

  30. In response to Maxim Parr-Reid’s comment above about renaming the seat, I suspect that the residents of Stourport would not be very pleased with his proposal. It is after all the 2nd largest town in the constituency : maybe not quite as pretty as Bewdley but about twice the size.

  31. Maxim-The names the MPs are use are even worse! Just keep names simple instead of a. employing those awful district names thst followed the LGA or b. using absurdly long names simply to pander to inhabitants of smaller towns.

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