2015 Result:
Conservative: 9389 (20.7%)
Labour: 23625 (52.2%)
Lib Dem: 1255 (2.8%)
Green: 1273 (2.8%)
UKIP: 8818 (19.5%)
Independent: 165 (0.4%)
Others: 768 (1.7%)
MAJORITY: 14236 (31.4%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Greater Manchester.

Main population centres:



Current MP
LISA NANDY (Labour) Born 1979, Manchester. Educated at Newcastle University. Former policy advisor. Hammersmith and Fulham councillor 2006-2010. First elected as MP for Wigan in 2010. Shadow Energy Secretary since 2015.
Past Results
Con: 10917 (25%)
Lab: 21404 (48%)
LDem: 6797 (15%)
UKIP: 2516 (6%)
Oth: 2506 (6%)
MAJ: 10487 (24%)
Con: 7134 (21%)
Lab: 18901 (55%)
LDem: 6051 (18%)
UKIP: 1166 (3%)
Oth: 1026 (3%)
MAJ: 11767 (34%)
Con: 6996 (21%)
Lab: 20739 (62%)
LDem: 4970 (15%)
Oth: 886 (3%)
MAJ: 13743 (41%)
Con: 7400 (17%)
Lab: 30043 (69%)
LDem: 4390 (10%)
Oth: 536 (1%)
MAJ: 22643 (52%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
LISA NANDY (Labour) See above.
MARK CLAYTON (Liberal Democrat) Former Manchester councillor. Contested Wigan 2010.
GARETH FAIRHURST (Wigan Independents)
BRIAN PARR (Independent)
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  1. @ Aw

    Constituency Profile needs updating:

    ” FA Cup Winners 2013″

  2. Workers at Premier Foods bakery at Wigan have vote to go on strike over ‘zero hours’ contracts. They want agency workers banned. Allegedly 680 000 tonnes of bread – 32%
    of the total baked – are thrown away unused every year.

  3. i love wigan athletic!

    mistake in the first post

  4. There’s a by-election here in Winstanley ward on Thursday. It seems to be between Labour and the CAP, although there are 7 candidates. Wigan has ‘interesting’ politics, a bit like Stoke.

  5. Winstanley ward by-election result:

    Labour 746
    UKIP 421
    Community Action Party 326
    Conservative 180
    Green 55
    Independent 27
    Liberal Democrat 19

    I didn’t catch how many were Spoilt, but it was around the same as the LibDem ‘pile’

    UKIP’s 25% from nowhere seems to have eaten into CAP’s vote from last time.

  6. ‘UKIP’s 25% from nowhere seems to have eaten into CAP’s vote from last time.’

    alternatively UKIP might be starting to eat into the Lab WWC vote?

  7. A Brown – yes some of that is possible too. I just doubt many CAP voters here would return to Labour and so that doesn’t leave room for many others.

  8. Wigan forecast for 2015

    Lab 54%
    Con 22%
    LD 7%
    Others 17%

  9. @ A. Brown

    As good a guess as any at this stage. Unknown is UKIP- how many votes they poll plus where they come from. I think your Con vote of 22% is too high and maybe Lab too low. 17% for UKIP very possible.

  10. http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/Policy_and_Politics/article/1220303/interview-lisa-nandy/

    This is a very interesting interview.

    I certainly know plenty about the voluntary sector and ‘moral issues’!

  11. Winstanley ward is in the neighbouring Makerfield constituency.

  12. Mini split in the Labour group with 2 councillors forming a “real Labour” group.

    Can’t see this having much effect on the local elections though. Plenty of independents scattered around the borough anyway providing limited opposition to the dominant Labour position on the council.

    Green candidate standing in Shevinton/Lower Ground which we have never had before and can only find one LD candidate in any of the wards.

  13. Shevii – Yes, I spotted Wigan Real Labour and assume the Electoral Commission only allowed the new Party name as they were established local Cllrs, in the same way that they allowed Liverpool Labour or Wigan Conservatives.

  14. The infamous Cllr Robert Bleakley is back in the News. He’s been found to have racked up £2,500 on expenses phoning sex chat lines. He’s also been sending abusive and sexist text messages to colleagues and Council staff and viewing porn on his Council laptop. He was previously suspended for 3 years due to his actions and Wigan MBC have now banned him from speaking to female employees. He works for Liverpool City Council who are also now investigating this ‘character.’

  15. Byelection in Douglas Ward on 13th November.

  16. Douglas ward By-election Result: Labour 874, UKIP 452, Con 80, Green 37, CAP 29. Turnout 14.7%. According to Wigan Today, the main issue was the Council spending £50,000 on refurbishing the Town Hall facilities for Cllrs. I’m told turnout was around 10% yesterday, so around a third of the poll was postal votes. [Incidentally, another example of the Green weakness in WWC wards in the North and Mets]

  17. A phone poll showed 82% of local people agree with Dave Whelan that saying “Chinky” isn’t racist. The most amusing was where the reporter seemed to be telling a Chinese man he should be offended. The owner of Chang’s Chippy said he/his chippy’s always been known as Chinky/’s and it’s affectionate. Not quite symptomatic of PC v UKIP culture wars, but always amuses me when a middle class white person tells a minority they should be offended. He was certainly stereotyping minorities but doesn’t fear or hate them which is what isms are meant to mean. I imagine this reporter would have had a coronary if they’d watched Ch4’s It Was Alright in the ’70s.

  18. Unfortunately his other reported comment was a bit less open to a generous interpretation.

  19. I have heard that word used by people who clearly didn’t have a racist view of Chinese people. But Whelan’s comment about Jews is unmistakable & I am extremely unimpressed with his comments. It’s a long while since we’ve had a clearly anti-Semitic comment from anyone associated with the Conservative Party, however.

  20. You’re probably similarly unimpressed with some of David Ward’s comments. It’s quite appalling that the Liberal Democrats are allowing him to be one of their parliamentary candidates again.

  21. Enoch Powell was once asked if he was happy that the bulk of his support came from racists and bigots (both in England and Northern Ireland).

    He replied “in politics, one must accept support from wherever it may come”.

    I suspect the Lib Dems have a similar attitude to David Ward’s courting of his muslim electorate.

  22. Indeed. It’s entirely consistent with the Lib Dems long record of unprincipled opportunism.

  23. With poll ratings like theirs, beggars can’t be choosers.

  24. Runnymede & Barnaby – true, he repeated a stereotype although he added that chasing money was a good thing. If he’d said Jews are entrepreneurs like Lord Sugar it would have been ok, but again it goes back to what’s said widely in WWC areas (particularly by OAPs) and what’s acceptable to say on tv or radio.

  25. PS I meant to add that as a journalist in Lpool, I heard people on council estates using, “as tight as…” as an expression. It wasn’t meant in any racist way, although admittedly they had probably never met any Jewish people. However, I expect the same people cheered on Yossi Benayoun and shook hands with the Lord Mayor (who was Jewish 3 times when I worked there). As Barnaby will know, both the Chinese and Jewish communities in Lpool are some of the oldest in Europe. Both are very well assimilated and accepted as Scousers (although both are only 1% and most live in close proximity).

  26. When I was a small boy in the early 80s, it was very common parlance in our mining village to say that you had been “Jewed” if you had been cheated or conned or swindled. I’m ashamed to say that my own parents and grandparents used this phrase just like everyone else. Though I haven’t heard it for many years now. Strangely this was more common parlance than words like Paki etc, which even then were disapproved of by many people.

  27. Yes, I’ve just checked and police guidance to PCs does not include Chinky as a word which could give rise to an arrestable public order offence (whereas Paki, N etc would). HH – didn’t some Spurs fans still want to be called/call themselves “Yid Army” last year? It becomes difficult (and why the racially aggravated elements are hard to prove) when it can be an offence depending upon who said it ie n*gger and queer have been reclaimed and used by minority groups.

  28. Chinky is affectionate, and is more often used to refer to Chinese food than people.

    Even in the smallest and most small-minded of villages, the Chinese are liked and respected.

    Many have been here for 40-odd years in the most unlikely of locations. And having lived under Mao, most are not going to be offended by a harmless nickname. They work hard, stay out of trouble, and are very careful to be seen sponsoring local Sunday league football teams etc.

  29. Chinky seems to have died out to a large degree among my generation. When I hear it (rarely) it’s almost always from older people. Paki is still around but universally understood as very rude and only ever used by people being deliberately racist.

    Being “Jewed” is still about – mostly used with a sort of ironic nature to it, in a sort of “I don’t hate Jews but isn’t it a funny saying” way.

    “Legitimate” targets today are largely confined to gypsies/travellers. Getting gypped or calling someone a gyppo is pretty common (among working/lower middle class young people in the Midlands, I should say).

  30. It’s the opposite in Mid Sussex…you still hear Chinky from time to time. Never Paki or Jewed.

  31. Chink(s) is certainly still used as a racially abusive term. However, some people will say they are “going to the Chinky”, meaning the Chinese restaurant or, more usually, take-away, without having any discriminatory thoughts in their minds at all. It’s clear however that Malky Mackay was using the term in a racially abusive way. Yid is an awkward one. The word is in fact the Yiddish for “Jew” – for example, “sei a shayner Yid” would be an exhortation of one Jew to another to “be a good Jew”. But the term is more often than not in a racially abusive way. Other racially abusive terms for Jews exist but are rare in Britain; they’re much more frequently heard in America. Tottenham fans who describe themselves as the “Yid army” are almost certainly not anti-Semites, but many of us would prefer that they don’t encourage other people to use the term in a less affectionate way by using it in the way they do. This would apply whether the Spurs fan is Jewish or not generally speaking.

  32. Didn’t Jessie Jackson once describe New York City as ‘Hymietown’ ?

  33. Yes he did. He was forced to apologize & did so quickly. Nevertheless it was clearly racially offensive. It is not at all unusual to see serious friction between Jews & blacks in the USA, though they still vote for the most part for the same party.

  34. Whelan’s comments were ignorant and old fashioned rather than racist

    I don’t think Chink is really racially derrogative in the same way P*ki or N*gger are – and Whelan certainly didn’t mean to be offensive when making the ill-advised comment

    And what he said about jews wasn’t offensive in the slightest – quite the opposite in praising their business savvy and financial acumen, even if they do fall under the largely correct stereotypes

    Where he went wrong is in hiring Mackay – who clearly is a racist

  35. “Where he went wrong is in hiring Mackay – who clearly is a racist”

    I assume you’re on the FA investigative panel to be able to make such a bold statement, given they haven’t reported their findings as yet and as a result he hasn’t been charged with anything.

  36. I think given what Mackay said Tim’s being perfectly reasonable. The FA are being shamefully slow in dealing with this, speaking personally.

  37. I prefer to wait until charges have been brought (and proven) before staining someone’s character, personally. I agree the FA should have sorted this out long ago.

  38. You don’t need context to sort thus one out. Those emails between MacKay and Moody – assuming they haven’t been fabricated – prove beyond any reasonable doubt that MacKay is an out-and-out racist

    Of course the FA should have sorted this out a long time ago – but is anyone surprised that they haven’t given the shambolic natire of that pathetic organisation who have brought nothing but shame onto England’s reputation in the football world

    I wonder is Jason similarly believes the vile John Terry not to be a racist too

  39. I imagine a meeting at the FA to be like an episode of Life On Mars.

  40. Richard & Barnaby – Rev Al Sharpton also has a history of inflammatory anti-Semitism from Crown Heights to the present day. Although I suspect his days in public life are drawing to an end, as he apparently owes $2m in tax to the Federal Govt and has lost 100lbs in weight. It’s amazing to think he wanted to be President at one point.

  41. I just happen to think that to label someone as “a racist” or “a homophobe” or whatever is to cloudy the issue somewhat, and that something that might be said in jest, considered to be a private joke that doesn’t necessarily betray real feelings, might not reveal the person’s true character – or perhaps it does.

    I have seen the content of the text messages and agree that they are pretty vile in nature. However, does that mean Mackay is “a racist”? I’d argue a lot of people might have said things in jest that have derogatory overtones yet would be horrified to be labelled. Looks to me the sort of low-level banter you might get in a pub rather than anything of real vilification and bile.

    Mark Warburton, the Brentford manager, was interviewed on the Football League Show as a former colleague of Mackay’s, he was shocked at any suggestion that Mackay might be “a racist”. The statement from the Korean player in question’s agent backs this up too in stating just how good Mackay was to him.

  42. Sorry Jason I’m not buying that. If you were opposed to racism you wouldn’t have sent communications like that.

  43. I agree.

  44. Rio Ferdinand seems the most unpleasant of an unpleasant bunch.

  45. There is something very unwholesome and indeed slightly sordid about people involved in football generally.

  46. Football combines the worst of today’s worship of celebrities, greed, money, rent seeking and narcissism with a governing establishment which makes Gene Hunt look modern and politically correct.

    This is one issue I agree with Lord Sugar on.

  47. ‘Rio Ferdinand seems the most unpleasant of an unpleasant bunch.’

    Like too many of today’s footballers Ferdinand comes across as arrogant, vain, brash and not particularly bright, but there are far more unpleasant high-profile footballers than him – particularly the gentleman i referred to in my previous post who certainly would warrant ‘the most unpleasant of an unpleasant bunch’ tag

    ‘Mark Warburton, the Brentford manager, was interviewed on the Football League Show as a former colleague of Mackay’s, he was shocked at any suggestion that Mackay might be “a racist”. The statement from the Korean player in question’s agent backs this up too in stating just how good Mackay was to him.’

    The first thing the football racist always does – from John Terry to Ron Atkinson – is to bring up the name of a black colleague they have been friendly with as if this is proof that they are not racist

    McKay’s emails suggest otherwise and I find Whelan’s decision to appoint him far more objectionable than the ill-judged comments he made over the weekend in a feeble attempt to justify the unjustiafiable

  48. I should however stress that Father Ted is NOT a racist. (Hope you saw that episode – it was brilliant.)

  49. I love it when he walks into that old priest’s room full of [email protected] insignia and says “isn’t it funny how you get more right wing when you get older”.

  50. @ A. Brown

    A year is a long time in politics- I was nodding agreement to your likely outcome in October 2013 but I think the UKIP/Green/LD movements nationally since then (and in locals) have changed that considerably.

    I’d now be going:

    Lab 53
    UKIP 22
    Con 17
    Green (if they stand) 6
    LD (If they stand) 2

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