2015 Result:
Conservative: 9389 (20.7%)
Labour: 23625 (52.2%)
Lib Dem: 1255 (2.8%)
Green: 1273 (2.8%)
UKIP: 8818 (19.5%)
Independent: 165 (0.4%)
Others: 768 (1.7%)
MAJORITY: 14236 (31.4%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: North West, Greater Manchester.

Main population centres:



Current MP
LISA NANDY (Labour) Born 1979, Manchester. Educated at Newcastle University. Former policy advisor. Hammersmith and Fulham councillor 2006-2010. First elected as MP for Wigan in 2010. Shadow Energy Secretary since 2015.
Past Results
Con: 10917 (25%)
Lab: 21404 (48%)
LDem: 6797 (15%)
UKIP: 2516 (6%)
Oth: 2506 (6%)
MAJ: 10487 (24%)
Con: 7134 (21%)
Lab: 18901 (55%)
LDem: 6051 (18%)
UKIP: 1166 (3%)
Oth: 1026 (3%)
MAJ: 11767 (34%)
Con: 6996 (21%)
Lab: 20739 (62%)
LDem: 4970 (15%)
Oth: 886 (3%)
MAJ: 13743 (41%)
Con: 7400 (17%)
Lab: 30043 (69%)
LDem: 4390 (10%)
Oth: 536 (1%)
MAJ: 22643 (52%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
LISA NANDY (Labour) See above.
MARK CLAYTON (Liberal Democrat) Former Manchester councillor. Contested Wigan 2010.
GARETH FAIRHURST (Wigan Independents)
BRIAN PARR (Independent)
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  1. Not Quebec though, presumably.

    Is Australia an option?

  2. He’s said Green Card, so the USA. I believe his wife is American, too.

  3. ‘I do hope for your wife & families sake you are less of a complete asshole at home than you appear to be on here’

    I some how doubt it

    He makes the likes of Shaun Bennet and Pete Whitehead (ggod posters it has to be said) look like well-meaning do-gooders

    An utterly vile and miserable individual I suspect

    I just hope we cross swords one of these days

  4. I’ve been recognised in real life as MrNameless from UKPR at least twice. It was a bit disconcerting!

  5. I must confess that was me and I am sorry about that. I didn’t think it would freak you out.

  6. How did you manage that BM11 if you’re been held indoors all the time as described on the Richmond Park thread?

  7. I messaged him on social media.

  8. Some great laughs on this thread! Cheers.

  9. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in the same room as some people from this forum. I’m pretty certain I was at a count once with Pete Whitehead and I might have been in a photo once with MrNameless in the Oldham by election but not sure. Never bumped into anyone though. Well apart from James Baillie but we knew each other before UKPR.

  10. I know Barnaby said he was going to come up and campaign in my mum’s by election but I think he changed his mind last minute or something.

  11. “An utterly vile and miserable individual I suspect

    I just hope we cross swords one of these days”

    It wouldn’t exactly be a fair fight Tim. Like many of the most irritating troll types on the internet, Runnymede is actually a crotchety old fart of advancing years…he runs a shop down in Dorset. His three kids are grown up now and he has turned into a bit of a Victor Meldrew I guess. Despite being an “utterly vile and miserable individual” as you put it, he actually has a very interesting past as a former Tory agent going back to the 80s so does know a lot about the party. But he’d better not publish as much as one more post on here which is rude about me or I’ll tell you all what his name is 🙂

  12. ” That’s a fair point but in fairness I think posts like Richard’s just hammer home how unpleasant and economical with the truth some of these WWC voters are ”

    And where did you get the idea that I’m wwc ?

    But good of you to reveal what you think about wwc voters – your unpleasant snobbery keeps coming out.

    For all that the wwc are so often condemned for being ‘workshy’ and ‘lazy’ they rarely hang about political websites all day and every day. That unproductive activity is dominated by people born higher up the socioeconomic scale.

  13. ‘Like many of the most irritating troll types on the internet, Runnymede is actually a crotchety old fart of advancing years’

    I was hardly being serious in my last post although tbh I thought Runnymead was some right-wing spotty teenager – or maybe some Essex barrow boy come good,. in which case he’d be likely to beat the sh*t out of me if we ever did cross swords!

  14. I think we can assume that Tim Jones has given up the argument as his comments now consists of ad hominem attacks.

    On the issues of ‘hate crimes’ what we are seeing in France and Germany are ‘hate crimes’ – if an Iman is murdered in a Rochdale mosque or there’s an axe attack on a train in Wolverhampton Britain will have them as well.

    Until that happens then talk of ‘hate crimes’ in Britain is as
    inaccurate as ‘the stock market is collapsing’ and ‘sterling will lose 40% of its value’ so eagerly claimed by some Remainers.

    There was the attack on two Polish men in Newham:


    which a few Remainers got temporarily excited about. Until it was revealed that the attackers were also Polish.

  15. “He doesn’t seem “an utterly vile and miserable individual” to me.”

    I’m pretty sure any objective casual visitor to this site reading these threads would agree. I don’t think the award for ‘casting insults’ at others would go to Runnymede – although he does like to poke fun / provoke where he knows he’ll get a reaction.

    Those who speak of others’ insults need to check out the plank in their own eye.

    And re Richard: his arguments are robust, his tone is as blunt as old nails, he doesn’t take any prisoners – but his posts are based on tangible reasoned arguments, so it’s hard to complain in spite of the odd insult thrown in.

    I happen to partly agree about the snobbery and ‘we own this site’ kind of attitude.

  16. Oh dear, HH. Barking up the wrong tree entirely I am afraid.

    I’ve no idea who the individual you are outlining is, but it certainly isn’t me. I’d cut your losses at this point I think,

  17. Have to say that I have come across much worst posters on UKPR than Runnymede.
    Tim Jones would probably be top of my list for the most annoying – mainly due to his incredibly superior attitude.

  18. I see the right wing trolls are out in defence of their Chief Arsehole, Runnymede. Funny, tragic and pathetic all at once…good work boys.

  19. Tim and HH are the forum’s elder statesmen.

  20. Lol Maxim you don’t get sarcasm sometimes.

    HH spent the last 6 years shouting “horseshit” athe anyone who disagreed that Ed Milligan wouldn’t become prime minister and that the leave side would win. I don’t mind a bit of rudeness but pontificating to others is a bit rich .

    Tim has a reputation for being good when he sticks to psephology but rambling on otherwise. Only the second part of that is true

  21. To be fair it I’m not entirely sure it does for anyone

  22. ‘I think we can assume that Tim Jones has given up the argument as his comments now consists of ad hominem attacks’

    I’ve just lost the will to argue with somebody who sees the world in such a different light to the way I do – as I doubt there’s anything I could say that would help you to see things from a different point of view – and fair does as if the shoe were on the other foot I’d feel the same

    I immensely enjoy reading your posts Richard, but I cannot even begin to understand your inverted logic and how you seem to be entirely convinced that everything in politics is a conspiracy by a ruling elite designed to keep the lower orders in check

    It’s not and is never has been and even if it were the case its those on the Right who go put of their way to keep it like this

    It’s only in the last 4-5 years that UKIP has come up with this totally false narrative of speaking for the man on the street, the silent majority, the put upon – that formed a centrepiece of the Leave campaign

    In the days of Godrey Bloom and Lord Pearson UKIP seemed to accept the notion that they were a party who favoured the ‘haves’

  23. Are Tristan and HH the same person?

  24. Tim Jones – that’s untrue.

    Maggie actually used that narrative.

    Although those in power and attacked as ‘bully boys’ were often the unions, Wets or EEC at the time.

    David Davis, Andrew Neil have also referred to it re grammar schools, the halt in social mobility and the then DC/GO front bench and SpAds of Etonians.

    The elite have also been attacked over their hand in both the CSE scandal/cover up and the resultant Goddard Inquiry and the Hillsborough Inquiry.

    I agree UKIP failed when they had a few Toffs at the top. Although the Tory MEPs were the worst for Toffs in the 1990-2010 period – from memory they had 5 Peers and 9 re-treads (wealthy ex-MPs) in their then pro Euro MEP group, such as Lord Inglewood and Sir Robert Atkins.

    It seems the public (in the past 45 years at least) like a Tory Leader to be from a modest background, but don’t mind a public school Labour one. However, the converse struggle to win an overall majority, even if both Parties respectively have many from that background in both Houses.

  25. BT says…- lame attempt at trolling. Obviously we are not the same person. More than one person in the world is allowed to disagree with your opinions and not have his or her tongue lodged firmly up Runnymede’s arse.

  26. Tristan

    What on earth have I / your post got to do with:

    a) trolling?
    b) licking Runnymede’s arse?
    c) disagreeing with my opinions?

    This last of which is quite clear from even just a lazy glance at my posts, that I am always happy for disagreement on a reasoned basis – and don’t resort to the kind of insults that you are going out of your way to give.

    I am quite sure there are plenty of relatively unbiased posters on here of all political stripes who would attest to this. My recent comments are here for all to see.

    (Actually, that’s not entirely true – I did insult Jeremy Corbyn on this site recently – which I apologised for. I don’t think I insulted other posters with petty schoolboy taunts and namecalling however much when I disagreed with them)

    In fact, I am seriously wondering who you are confusing me with – though either way, you are deliberately insulting somebody, mistaken identity or not.

  27. Don’t play the innocent dear. You asked a deliberately dense question- were HH and I the same person. Obviously we are not. Stirring like that is trolling.

    As for your tongue up Runnymede’s saggy arse- look at your ‘defence’ of him above. The ‘average/ casual’ visitor to this site would conclude that Runnymedeis a c***, not the harmless oaf you claim. Again, you are deliberately seeing what you want to see through your own biased right wing eyes.

    Don’t worry- I definitely didn’t mix you up with anyone. I’ve been monitoring your passive aggressive posts for a while.

  28. Tristan

    Suit your arrogant self. I don’t understand your chosen aggressive mindset, but I’m not going to rise to the bait and respond in kind.

  29. How very high minded and gracious of you. Perfectly happy to carry on ignoring you too.

  30. I agree actually, although it shouldn’t have a place in political life generally. It very clearly does though…hence endless accusations of ‘smearing’ against poor defenceless souls such as Andrea Leadsom.

    Jack Sheldon is probably the only regular poster who I haven’t seen have some kind of tit for tat on here.

  31. Rules of the internet: normal person + anonymity + audience =…

  32. For those worried about sarcasm being lost in translation online, the 😉 emoji is your friend.

  33. By Election in Shevington & Lower Ground- date yet to be announced.

  34. Shevington with Lower Ground Ward by-election, 14.12.17:

    Labour 765 41% (+1%)
    Shevington Inds 552 30%
    Cons 402 27% (+15%)
    Green 30 2% (-2%)
    LD 15 1%

    No UKIP (19% last time)

  35. So does anyone know the records for lowest vote at a local election for each of the main parties because that Lib Dem vote must be very close to their lowest ever surely? Nothing on Google that I could see.

  36. The Tories polled just 7 votes in a ward once. Labour polled 9 recently as did the Greens. I’m sure the LDs have faired as poorly recently.

    Of ‘Others’, Liverpool Labour polled 0 (zero) votes in a ward once a decade ago and the Natural Law Party managed just 8.

  37. 8 for Natural Law is OK isn’t it? Not aware they have a demographic set of supporters for a particular agenda or maybe I’ve missed something? But then I always thought they polled fairly well for an “others” category so maybe they do have some sort of appeal.

    I’m really surprised Labour and Tories have had votes that low- I assumed there would always be a core of voters who always do and always would vote for either of those two.

  38. Shevii – the NLP actually polled 350 votes (and came within 100 of winning a ward) in West Lancs, 20 years ago, but yes I wouldn’t have thought they managed over 100 in any other boroughs – or even bothered in the locals.

  39. A Judge has ruled that today’s Bryn ward by-election cannot take place, as the Ind Cllr had not in fact resigned.

    Wigan Council says it disagrees with the ruling but will not appeal.

    Clearly some had already voted by post but the same will not be counted.

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