West Bromwich West

2015 Result:
Conservative: 8365 (23.9%)
Labour: 16578 (47.3%)
Lib Dem: 550 (1.6%)
Green: 697 (2%)
UKIP: 8836 (25.2%)
MAJORITY: 7742 (22.1%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: West Midlands. Part of the Sandwell council area.

Main population centres: Wednesbury, Oldbury, Tipton.

Profile: A seat in the heart of the Black Country, made up of industrial towns like Tipton and Wednesbury. The steel, metal and manufacturing industries that once sustained these towns have declined since the 1980s and the seat is becoming more residential.

Politics: A reliably Labour seat. Between 1992 and 2000 the sitting MP, Betty Boothroyd, was Speaker of the House of Commons and the seat was consequently not contested by the main parties at the 1997 election.

Current MP
ADRIAN BAILEY (Labour) Born 1949, Salisbury. Educated at Cheltenham Grammar School and Exeter University. Former librarian and political organiser for the Co-operative party. Former Sandwell councillor. Contested Worcester 1970, Nantwich F1974, O1974, Wirral 1976 by-election, Cheshire West 1979 European election. First elected as MP for West Bromwich West in 2000.
Past Results
Con: 10612 (29%)
Lab: 16263 (45%)
LDem: 4336 (12%)
BNP: 3394 (9%)
Oth: 1566 (4%)
MAJ: 5651 (16%)
Con: 8057 (23%)
Lab: 18951 (54%)
LDem: 3583 (10%)
BNP: 3456 (10%)
Oth: 870 (2%)
MAJ: 10894 (31%)
Con: 7997 (25%)
Lab: 19352 (61%)
LDem: 2168 (7%)
BNP: 1428 (4%)
Oth: 895 (3%)
MAJ: 11355 (36%)
Lab: 23969 (65%)
Oth: 12727 (35%)
MAJ: 11242 (31%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
PAUL RATNER (Conservative)
ADRIAN BAILEY (Labour) See above.
KAREN TRENCH (Liberal Democrat) Birmingham councillor since 2004. Contested Birmingham Perry Barr 2010.
Comments - 20 Responses on “West Bromwich West”
  1. Have we overlooked this seat as a potential UKIP target?

  2. It’s Black Country where UKIP has done well and there’s a big enough BNP 2010 protest vote to siphon off.

    But I don’t see it trending to UKIP as a Parliamentary seat, as the BME population is probably a bit too big for them to truly break through.

    Maybe distant 2nd place.

  3. 2014 locals

    Labour 53.47%
    UKIP 29.22% (missing 1 ward)
    Con 14.81%
    Greens 2.52% (3 wards out of 7)

    UKIP won 1 ward, Labour the other 6 (3 with a majority between 4% and 10%).

  4. Niel what is BME supposed to mean? As far as I know it means ‘body mutilation extremist’ as in people with lots of piercings etc. ‘

  5. Black and Minority Ethnic. Always seemed a bit of a clumsy term to me (why not just ethnic minority?) but there we go.

  6. the local election results suggest the answer to Robbie’s question is “no”.

  7. The UKIP win was in Princes End (North Tipton). The BNP previously won Great Bridge (the hole in between Tipton, Wednesbury, and West Bromwich – not the Boundary Commission’s finest hour).

    This would be probably UKIP’s second best bet in Greater Birmingham after Dudley North, although Walsall North might get a look in.

    Incidentally the approved acronym these days is BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic).

  8. The BNP had also previously won in Princes End and in Tividale which are both in this seat

  9. Labour hold – majority 7,500.

    UKIP have potential to mop up most of the old BNP vote in most of this seat outside of Wednesbury. This will limit the increase in the Labour vote and will ensure that West Bromwich East remains as the stronger of the two West Bromwich seats for Labour.

  10. The Lib Dem candidate is Karen Trench.

  11. Labour Hold. 10,000 majority.

  12. The Labour right must be seriously angry for Betty Boothroyd to come out of the traditional neutral retirement of ex-Speakers and attack Corbyn, as she has done in today’s newspapers.

    What effect if any will this action have in this seat and nationally? I can’t see Corbyn losing the leadership election now.

  13. Panicking, rather than angry.

  14. Boothroyd has more credibility on this than most, as she is one of the few surviving right wing NEC members from the early 80s who took the fight to Benn and Militant, when the likes of Margaret Beckett and Patricia Hewitt were still enthusiastic marxists.

    Speakers haven’t remained neutral in retirement for a very long time (and I certainly doubt Bercow will be). Even Bernard Wetherill made interventions from time to time, leaving it in no doubt that he remained a right wing Tory (eg he was of the earliest signatories to “Better Off Out”)

  15. The original 1974 version of this seat included a ward called Market. Did this include West Bromwich town centre (today’s West Bromwich Central ward)? If so then it must have been moved to East in 1983.

    Under the Great Reform Act of 1832, West Bromwich was placed in the old two-seater of Staffordshire South, then in 1868 it moved to the redrawn Wednesbury until 1885 when of course it gained its own seat

  16. At the 2012 local elections in Sandwell, Labour took a mammoth 72% of the vote. UKIP didn’t contest any seats. It’ll be interesting to see whether Labour can retain that sort of share in this year’s local elections.


  17. I found this census statistic rather startling — 35% of Sandwell residents aged 16 and over have no qualifications: 85,040 out of 241,829.


  18. Andy JS – yes, sadly it’s 50% in half of Knowsley and Liverpool.

    The BBC’s John Plennar just spent the day here, visiting cafés, barbershops etc.

    All of the WWC were voting Leave and cited immigration as the main reason. Most said they were Labour supporters.

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