West Midlands Euro Candidates 2014

The West Midlands returns seven MEPs, increased from six as a result of the Lisbon Treaty in 2011. In 2009 it returned two Conservative MEPs, two UKIP, one Labour and one Liberal Democrats, with the Conservatives receiving an extra MEP after 2011. Both the 2009 UKIP MEPs have subsequently left UKIP after falling out with the party (Nikki Sinclaire over objections to other parties in the EFDs group, Mike Nattrass after being deselected for the 2014 election). Full results for 2009 are here.

NEENA GILL (Labour) Born 1956, Ludhiana. Educated at Liverpool Polytechnic. Prior to her election was chief executive of a social housing company. MEP for West Midlands 1999-2009.
SION SIMON (Labour) Born 1968, Caernarfonshire. Educated at Handsworth Grammar and Oxford University. Former journalist. MP for Birmingham Erdington 2001-2010. Under secretary for further education 2008-2009, Under Secretary for creative industries 2009-2010. Stood down from Parliament to stand as the elected mayor of Birmingham, before the local referendum rejected the creation of the role.
LINDA WALTHO (Labour) Born 1960, London. Educated at Keele University. Former schoolteacher, assistant to Sylvia Heal MP and advisor to Neena Gill MEP. MP for Stourbridge 2005-2010.
ANSAR ALI KHAN (Labour) Birmingham councillor since 2002.

5. Olwen Hamer 6. Tony Ethapemi
7. Philippa Roberts
PHILIP BRADBOURNE (Conservative) Born 1951, Tipton. Educated at Tipton Grammar and Worcester College. Contested Wolverhampton South East 1992, County Durham 1994 European elections. MEP for West Midlands since 1999. Awarded the OBE in 1994 for public and political service.
ANTHEA MCINTYRE (Conservative) Born 1954, Ross on Wye. MEP for West Midlands since 2011, when the Treaty of Lisbon came into force and the UK received an extra MEP.
DAN DALTON (Conservative) Born 1974, Oxford. Policy advisor and former professional cricketer. Contested West Midlands region 2009 European election.
MICHAEL BURNETT (Conservative) Educated at Warwick University. Chartered accountant. Contested Coventry North East 1997, West Midlands region 1999, 2004, 2009 European election.

5. Sibby Buckle 6. Dan Sames
7. Alex Avern
PHILIP BENNION (Liberal Democrat) Born 1954, Tamworth. Educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Lichfield councillor 1999-2011. Contested Tamworth 2005, Telford 2010. MEP for the West Midlands since 2012, succeeding upon the resignation of Liz Lynne.
JONATHAN WEBBER (Liberal Democrat) Director of International Trade and Development at Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.
CHRISTINE TINKER (Liberal Democrat) Born 1957, Liverpool. Educated at Warwick Univerity. Former executive director of the British tennis coaches association and army officer. Contested Stone 2010.
AYOUB KHAN (Liberal Democrat) Born 1973. Educated at Duddeston Manor Comprehensive and Birmingham University. Barrister. Birmingham councillor 2003-2012. Contested Birmingham Ladywood 2010, Birmingham police commissioner election 2012.

5. Tim Bearder 6. Neville Farmer
7. John Redfern
JIM CARVER (UKIP) Runs a family umbrella business. Contested Orpington 1997, London 1999 european election, Cheltenham 2001, Preseli Pembrokeshire 2005.
BILL ETHERIDGE (UKIP) Educated at Parkfield High School and Wolverhampton Polytechnic. Carer and former sales manager. Contested West Midlands Police Commissioner election 2012.
PHIL HENRICK (UKIP) Educated at King Edward VI School Birmingham and Sheffield University. Account director.

5. Michael Wrench 6. Michael Green
7. Lyndon Jones
WILL DUCKWORTH (Green) Born 1954, Dudley. Teacher. Dudley councillor since 2012. Contested Stourbridge 2010.
ALDO MUSSI (Green) University public health tutor.

3. Vicky Duckworth 4. Tom Harris
5. Karl Macnaughton 6. Duncan Kerr
7. Laura Vesty
MICHAEL COLEMAN (BNP) Stoke councillor 2007-2011. Contested Stoke on Trent Central 2005, Stoke on Trent South 2010. Received an eight month suspended sentence in 2012 for racially-aggravated harassment in connection with posts on his blog.
JENNIFER MATTHYS (BNP) Contested Delyn 2010. Daughter of Nick Griffin.

3. Kenneth Griffiths 4. Simon Patten
5. David Bradnock 6. Mark Badrick
7. Phillip Kimberley
DEREK HILLING (English Democrats) Consultant. Contested East Midlands 2009 European elections, Kettering 2010.

2. Christopher Newey 3. Stephen Paxton
4. Charles Hayward 5. Margaret Stoll
6. David Lane 7. Fred Bishop
NIKKI SINCLAIRE (We Demand a Referendum) Born 1968, London. Educated at Kent University. Medway 2001, Halesowen and Rowley Regis 2005 for UKIP, Solihull 2010 for Solihull and Meriden Residents Association. MEP for West Midlands since 2009, originally elected for UKIP. Expelled from UKIP after refusing to become a member of the EFD European Parliament group in protest at the extremist views of some other members. Sinclaire had gender reassignment surgery in her twenties, making her the first transexual Parliamentarian in Britain.

2. Andy Adris 3. Linda Brown
4. David Bennett 5. Judy Smart
6. Thomas Reid 7. Amanda Wilson
MIKE NATTRASS (An Independence from Europe) Born 1945, Leeds. Chartered surveyor. Contested Dudley West by-election 1994 for New Britain, Solihull 1997 for Referendum Party, Sutton Coldfield 2001, Stone 2005, Crewe and Nantwich by-election 2008, South Staffordshire 2010 for UKIP. MEP for West Midlands since 2004, originally elected as UKIP he resigned from the party after being deselected. Deputy leader of UKIP 2002-2006.

2. Mark Nattrass 3. Joshna Pattni
4. Carl Humphries 5. George Forrest
6. Douglas Ingram 7. Paul Alders
DAVE NELLIST (No2EU) Born 1952, Cleveland. CAB case worker. Former MP for Coventry South East between 1983 and 1992, he was deselected for the 1992 election over his support for Militant.. Coventry councillor 1998-2012. Contested Coventry South East 1992 as Independent Labour, Coventry South 1997 for Socialist Party, Coventry North East 2001 for Socialist Alliance, 2005 for Socialist Party, 2010 for Socialist Alternative. Contested North West region 2009 European elections for No2EU.

2. Pat Collins 3. Joanne Stevenson
4. Sophia Hussain 5. Paul Relly
6. Andrew Chaffer 7. Amanda Marfleet
REG MAHRRA (Harmony)
Comments - 48 Responses on “West Midlands Euro Candidates”
  1. Who’ll come fourth, LibDems or Greens? Will the top party get three times the votes of whoever comes forth?

    I think 2x each Labour, Tories and UKIP are safe, with the seventh depending on the answers to the above questions. As my guess is LibDems fourth at 9-10% and none of the big three above 27%, the LibDems may well hang on to this one.

  2. They are only hanging on due to the extra MEP for this region. I hope Sinclaire does alright. Her decision to stand for the same party as arch-homophobe George Hargreaves is very strange though.

  3. For the West Midlands, I’ll go with 2 Con, 2 Lab, 2 UKIP and the Lib Dems just narrowly hanging on to their seat.

  4. I’m predicting that this will be 3 Conservatives, 2 Labour and 2 UKIP

  5. The local elections from last year may not be the perfect indicator, but I noticed that UKIP didn’t make the same kind of breakthrough in West Midlands shire regions as they did elsewhere in England. They made a few gains in Worcestershire, but I expected them to do much better in Staffordshire. But with the European elections being more proportional to votes, that might be different.

    Labour’s challenge will be to maintain a strong vote in the metropolitan areas. Plus a very good showing in the northern parts of Warwickshire, and target seats like Cannock Chase, Worcester and Redditch.

    Not sure about the Lib Dem vote at all to be honest. Either they’ll scrape in with one MEP or lose it altogether.

    Hence at the moment I predict at least possible outcomes:

    3 Conservatives, 2 Labour, 2 UKIP


    2 Conservatives, 2 Labour, 2 UKIP, 1 Lib Dem

  6. The Tories only had 28% last time, so with some losses expected they won’t get a third. In fact this might be another region where Ukip comes top but cannot translate this into additional seats

  7. I’m predicting this will be 3 Conservative, 2 Labour and 2 UKIP.

  8. It’ll be very close for first place IMO.

  9. 8 West Midlands 7
    Lead Candidate: – Derek Hilling

    Agent: – Kevin Sills
    Slogan: English Democrats – “I’m English, NOT British, NOT EUropean !”
    1/ Derek Hilling
    2/ David Lane
    3/ Fred Bishop
    4/ Steve Paxton
    5/ Chris Newey
    6/Charles Hayward
    7/Margaret Stoll

  10. Have the full list of candidates for the European elections been released yet? Do we know how many minor/fringe parties will be standing?

  11. There will be minor parties standing that have not yet selected candidates, and which as yet may not even exist!
    But it would be interesting to have more information as and when they do announce candidatures. For instance, I would guess that one or more Christian parties are likely to stand.
    I suspect that we do not a a full list of the Green candidates standing for this seat, and hope that Anthony can update us on this.

  12. No2EU are fielding Dave Nellist.

  13. Just done an update. For Christian parties, the Christian People’s Alliance has announced it intends to contest all regions, but the only two candidates it has announced so far are in London and the Eastern region.

    The Christian Party has asked for candidates, but I’ve seen none announced

    The Pirate Party is only contesting the North West

    Andrew Brons is not standing, which suggests his BNP splinter group may not

    Socialist Party of GB is contesting Wales and South East

    Socialist Labour party announced it was going to stand, but only candidates so far announced are Wales.

    No2EU are due to stand again, but I have not seen any candidates

    National Health Action party is, I think, only standing in London

  14. Lancs Observer – aha! Where did you see that? I assumed it was going to be the case, but I hadn’t seen any candidate lists or announcements anywhere.

  15. AW – he was on the Daily Politics a couple of days ago being interviewed by Andrew Neil. He announced he (as chairman of TUSC) have 600 candidates in the locals and so are the 6th largest. He also announced he’s heading the No2EU slate here on the same day, but I haven’t seen any lists yet either.

  16. If all of the left wing socialists groups (other than the Green Party) stood on a single list they could probably get MEPs elected in some regions.

  17. 111 – they all held talks in the NW last time but Peter Cranie of the Greens pulled out and went on to just miss out. I doubt they’d win a seat in any region. In Lpool and Manc the BNP beat the far Left in almost every ward over the past decade. Wales would be a possibility except Plaid take a lot of far Left votes, plus unlike the NW, 9% wouldn’t get them a seat.

  18. I agree, it would be more productive if all the far left groups put their weight behind the TUSC. Not as if I want them to get any MEP’s elected of course.

    Another thing that got me scratching my head last time was how come all of the British far left groups are in favour of EU withdrawal, when according the wikipedia, the main far left group in the European Parliament (who any British far left MEP’s would presumably sit with) are strongly in favour of a federal Europe?

  19. Adam – see http://www.guengl.eu/group/about and http://www.no2eu.com – No2EU Yes To Workers’ Rights stands for a workers’ Europe, not a bosses’ EU. It is against the EU, which is undemocratic and run in the interests of big business, but also against racism and xenophobia, and in favour of uniting workers’ struggles on an international basis. Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, sits with GUE/NGL and also advocates withdrawal from the EU, an end to cuts and austerity, scrapping debt, and nationalising banks under democratic, workers’ control. See – http://www.paulmurphymep.eu/pauls-alternative/

  20. So … half an hour searching on the web to find out who’s standing and what their policies are, so I can actually make a decision and this is the best I’ve found. Surely there should be a central website somewhere where every candidate posts a personal statement about what they would do if elected, and answer a few basic questions. If the government wants people to engage, to be part of the democratic process, then we need some information in order to make an informed decision – or does it just assume we’re the sort of moronic drones who just pick someone because they’re in “our party”?

  21. Mark – formal nominations don’t close until the 24th, so full candidate lists aren’t available to then (these are just people I’m aware of so far). There will probably be more out there once nominations are closed.

  22. We Demand a Referendum, An Independence from Europe AND No2EU. I guess Eurosceptics are spoilt for choice out the small, non-UKIP parties standing.

  23. “111 – they all held talks in the NW last time but Peter Cranie of the Greens pulled out and went on to just miss out.”

    I’d be interested in who is putting forward this version of history. In 2004 we pulled out of talks with Respect, because the suggestion was that we stood on their list or ran a joint list. In 2009 we talked with a lot of other parties and got endorsements from Salma Yaqoob and others. We’ve been holding similar discussions this time.

  24. If the Greens can muster a bit more support here than last time I think that this region will see their most likely gain next month. There are definitely enormous obstacles facing minor parties this year as there is a good chance that UKIP will be polling a few multiples of the vote share of other minor parties (and the Lib Dems) which will probably prevent minor parties taking seats, even if they increase their vote share slightly. This might be the case in East of England as if UKIP are at 40% or so (as some polls have been suggesting), the Greens and the Lib Dems would need at least 10% to take a seat, assuming that the Tories win 2 and Labour take the other one.

  25. Sorry I thought this was the North West thread!

    The Greens have made progress here nonetheless. I wouldn’t call this region an area where they are very likely to take a seat though.

  26. “They made a few gains in Worcestershire, but I expected them to do much better in Staffordshire.”

    They didn’t field many candidates in Worcestershire.

    In Staffordshire they came second in a huge number of divisions.

  27. “If the Greens can muster a bit more support here than last time I think that this region will see their most likely gain next month.”

    Are you kidding? The Greens have a far better chance in the SW or Eastern regions.

  28. However, Andy JS, we have been making surprisingly good strides in the West Midlands region over the last two years, and there have been several defectors to the Greens in the West Midlands, particularly in Solihull where my Green colleagues are hoping to become the official opposition on Solihull council, and also most recently a Labour councillor in Sandwell joined the Greens.

  29. If nominations haven’t closed yet, there is still time for me to form my Christian Democratic – Britain in Europe Party!

  30. The Harmony party? Judging by that name I thought it was some pacifist type movement. Clicked on the PDF link it seems like they’re another anti-EU, anti-immigration outfit.

  31. How much did the lowest winning candidate need last time ? I wonder if an independence from Europe may be able to sneak one somewhere? Long shot i know.

  32. Griffin won with 8% in North West last time, I think that was the lowest winning share. Unlikely it’ll happen for AIFE, especially with WDAR and other anti-EU, anti-UKIP groups standing.

  33. “How much did the lowest winning candidate need last time ? I wonder if an independence from Europe may be able to sneak one somewhere? Long shot i know.”

    Absolutely not. It’s hard enough for the LDs to win a seat, let alone any of the other minnows.

  34. With all these anti-EU parties/splinter groups, I feel it won’t be long before we’re making the kind of jokes we used to make about the far-left. You know, this kind of joke:


  35. I was asking because with their position on the top of the ballot an independence party may pick a few UKIP voters by mistake plus whatever pathetic surport they had built up. Unlikely to be as high as 8%, but strange things can happen!

  36. Van Fleet – they still have a way to go. I recall seeing an argument in Liverpool between a candidate and agent over which description to use on the nomination form, just before they submitted it. Incidentally, Left Unity have fielded quite a few candidates in Wigan. They seem to want to call a national bread strike! I hadn’t realised it was still 1974 in some parts.

  37. shame there are no independent candidates standing. I’m fed up with all these blathering politicians.

  38. Now that I got a look at the last general election results, I’m fairly confident that UKIP will extract a large number of votes from the Black Country, notably in Dudley and Walsall. I think Staffordshire will be competitive between them and the Tories and Labour.

    Sion Simon as Labour’s second candidate seems a bit of a waste. Could’ve been someone else. His ambition to be Birmingham mayor went down the tubes when the voters rejected an elected office. Now he’s likely to get elected to Brussels.

  39. UKIP polled 52% in the West Midlands in a ComRes poll this week. The result will almost certainly be UKIP 4, Labour 2, Conservative 1. I’m loving the optimism of the Lab/Con/Green supporters who are predicting big wins for themselves but the polling doesn’t back that up by any stretch of the imagination and the media campaign against UKIP is only pushing the vote share up.

  40. Wonko – it was a tiny crossbreak in a national poll, sample size is under 100, they aren’t weighted within region. They are worthless. Lots of people who should know better tweet them, but the margin of error on such tiny samples is so large they should be ignored.

  41. It was rather odd for ComRes to commission a poll of such a tiny sample to begin with. Opinion polls are always subject to some kind of margin of error, but what value is there to be in the data gathered from a sample of <100?

  42. Neil – they didn’t, it was a normal sized poll of over 1000 people, it just contained crossbreaks of individual regions which obviously have very small sample sizes. People who don’t realise the implications of this look at the raw tables, see the regional crossbreaks, get all excited and stick them all over twitter.

  43. Why do they publish the regional breakdowns? It only causes confusion.

  44. For the West Midlands (my home region), it’s going to be very close, but I’m predicting:

    2 Conservative
    2 UKIP
    2 Labour
    1 Lib Dem

  45. What disappoints us – The Harmony Party – is the negligible publicity we have had given the considerable investment we have made to this project; for example no images of our candidates appear in this roster . Yet amongst nominees ours are truly ‘ordinary men’ representatives. For example our “Anti Immigration” stance, which actually rejects use of that word (and similarly derogatory terms such as “Job” “benefit” “contact” etc.) is given on the basis we believe that the only way forward for the UK is to assimilate those settlers coming to the UK fairly, and in a manner that does not leave behind those who have lived here for generations. We have no agenda that may be assessed as anything other than beneficial to this Nation as a whole. These Elections are about the issue of Europe and the considerable sums the UK pays into the EU project, at the expense of the stability of this Nation. For our trouble we have become a dumping ground for France and other EU states whose National Socialist Governments are chasing people across the channel. This cant be right, and it is of great concern to many ordinary British people who are feeling the squeeze on income, housing and employment fronts. We do not subscribe to the Government levied propaganda, which see the usual suspect politicians unseemly squabbling about the colour of peoples skin.

  46. West Midlands: UKIP 32%(3), Lab 26.5%(2), Con 21%(2), LD 7.5%, GRN 5.5%, BNP 3.5%, Other 4.5%

  47. Very wet weather up here in North Staffordshire today. May have knock on effects for the turnout.

    Having said that, from what little I have heard so far, it seems turnout was reasonably good early on this morning-and we have no local elections here in Stoke-on-Trent either.

    I think I’d concur with JDA’s prediction above for the West MIdlands: 3 UKIP, 2 Labour, 2 Conservative.

    Although, I do fear that the wrecking campaign by Mike Nattrass and the intervention of Nikki Sinclaire might harm UKIP here and potentially make it 2 UKIP, 2 Labour, 2 Conservative and 1 either Lib Dem or Green.

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