Wales Euro Candidates 2014

Wales returns four MEPs, the second smallest region. In 2009 it returned one MEP each for Labour, the Conservatives, UKIP and Plaid. Full results for 2009 are here.

DEREK VAUGHAN (Labour) Born 1961, Aberfan. Educated at Swansea University. Trade union officer. Neath Port Talbot councillor 1995-2009, Leader of Neath Port Talbot councillor 2004-2009.MEP for Wales since 2009.
JAYNE BRYANT (Labour) Born in Newport. Educated at Keele University. Parliamentary researcher.

3. Alex Thomas 4. Christina Rees
KAY SWINBURNE (Conservative) Born 1968. Educated at Llandysul Grammar. Former health economist and investment banker. Former Hereford councillor. MEP for Wales since 2009.
ALED DAVIES (Conservative) Hill farmer. Powys councillor.

3. Dan Boucher 4. Richard Hopkin
ALEC DAUNCEY (Liberal Democrat) Forester and former civil servant. Contested Preseli Pembrokesire 2001.
ROB SPEHT (Liberal Democrat) Born 1972, Pontefract. Educated at Selby High School and Swansea University. Renewable energy consultant. Swansea councillor 2004-2012. Contested Swansea East 2001, 2005, 2010.

3. Jackie Radford 4. Bruce Roberts
NATHAN GILL (UKIP) Educated at Coleg Menai. Personal assistant to John Bufton MEP. Contested Ynys Mon 2013 Assembly by-election.
JAMES COLE (UKIP) Retired serviceman.

3. Caroline Jones 4. David John Rowlands
JILL EVANS (Plaid Cymru) Born 1959, Rhondda. Educated at University of Wales. Former regional organiser for the infertility support network. Former Rhondda councillor. MEP for Wales since 1999. Contested Rhondda 2007 Assembly election.
MARC JONES (Plaid Cymru) Born in Flintshire. Press officer and former journalist. Wrexham councillor 2008-2012.

3. Stephen Cornelius 4. Ioan Bellin
PIPPA BARTOLOTTI (Green) Born 1953, Cornwall. Retired civil servant and businesswoman. Contested Newport West 2010, South Wales East 2011 Welsh elections.
JOHN MATTHEWS (Green) Former Cynon councillor. Contested Pontypridd 2010, Wales 2009 European election, Blaenau Gwent 2006 assembly by-election.

3. Chris Were 4. Rozz Cutler
MIKE WHITBY (BNP) Contested Liverpool mayoral election 2012.
LAURENCE REID (BNP) Contested Caerphilly 2010.

3. Jean Griffin 4. Gary Tumulty
ANDREW JORDAN (Socialist Labour) Contested South Wales Central 2011, Cardiff South and Penarth by-election 2012.

2. Katherine Jones 3. David Lloyd Jones
4. Liz Screen
BRIAN JOHNSON (Socialist Party of GB)

2. Richard Cheney 3. Ed Blewitt
4. Howard Moss
PAUL GOLDING (Britain First) Former Sevenoaks councillor. Contested Sevenoaks 2010 for the BNP.

2. Anthony Golding 3. Christine Smith
4. Anne Elstone
ROBERT GRIFFITHS (No2EU) General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain.. Contested Pontypridd 1997, Newport East 2001, Pontypridd 2005, Cardiff South and Penarth 2010, Cardiff South and Penarth 2010 by-election. Contested Wales 2009 European elections for No2EU. Contested South Wales Central 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011.

2. Claire Job 3. Steven Skelly
4. Laura Picand
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  1. Probably the only realistic chance for UKIP to loose a seat, they won’t catch Plaid and the Tories and any Labour recovery from the debacle that was 2009 to anywhere near even their second lowest vote in Wales every could see them getting twice as many votes as UKIP and thus win back the fourth seat.

  2. Its possible but because as you say Labour will increase their vote not because the UKIP vote wont increase, in Wales they are not that weak, I see a surprising number of UKIP posters during elections here and polls have shown them likely to win seats in the assembly.

  3. DW, I’m sure Ukip will come in as fourth biggest party and (at least) fifth spot – there just not enough seats for that to be worth anything

  4. The post is wrong – in 2009 Wales returned one Plaid Cymru, one Labour, one Tory and one UKIP MEP.

  5. My partial prediction will be:

    2 Labour, 1 Conservative and the final seat will be held either by Plaid or UKIP.

    It is interesting how UKIP seems to enjoy more support in Wales than Scotland (could add the Tories to that too). Are the Scots that hostile to any kind of centre right party? Might be wrong, but perhaps the Welsh feel less defensive than Scottish nationalists about their identity while also having some Euroscepticism too (not sure what it is about Scotland that makes them so pro-European).

    Could also explain why Plaid hasn’t had the same impact the SNP has.

  6. David,

    Which posi is wrong?

  7. 2 Lab, 1 Con, 1 PC – with Northern Ireland and the North East the easiest predictions of the election

  8. 2 Lab, 1 UKIP, with the last being held by Plaid Cymru or the conservatives.

    Seeing how much damage UKIP caused to the conservative vote in Ynys Mon in an assembly context – it seems in an European election that UKIP pose a big challenge to the Conservatives.

  9. YouGov have a Welsh Poll at:

    For the Euros, the % vote shares are:
    CON 18 LAB 39 LIB 7 PC 11 UKIP 20 GRN 4

    In terms of seats, these numbers give CON 1, LAB 2 (+1) UKIP 1 and PC 0 (-1).

    IMO, it would be not be good for Wales if there is no MEP representing Wales from a Welsh (rather than Westminster) perspective. However, PC have declined significantly since the days when Dafydd Wigley led them – his charisma was able to reach parts of the Welsh electorate (e.g. in Caerffili) that subsequent leaders have not achieved.

  10. I see the Communists haven’t got the guts to actually stand under their own name this time! Not surprising considering…

  11. I think if there was a low voter turnout then Plaid could retain their seat. Somehow i think it will be between the conservatives, Plaid Cymru and a second Labour seat. And i agree with DaoDao it would be bad for Wales if it were only represented by westminster based parties.

  12. Comres Euro poll for Wales:
    Labour 36%
    Ukip 29%
    Plaid Cymru 21%
    Conservatives 11%
    Lib Dems 3%

    The seats distribution would be Labour – 2, Ukip – 1 and Plaid – 1

    I think the conservatives should be worried in Wales.

  13. Sample size 44. Ignore.

  14. I think its plaid that need to be worried.

  15. ah sorry. didn’t look at the poll close enough! yeah that’s true, i think it’ll be a close one between plaid and the conservatives. Depending on turnout and how well ukip do which will damage the conservative vote.

  16. What was the point of running a poll with such a small sample size?

  17. People vote UKIP for two reasons, genuine Euroscepticism and belief in UKIP values and anti establishment. The former will hit the Tories, the latter Plaid. Would favour tories, based on recent serious polling.

  18. So there’s a Socialist Labour Party and the Socialist Party of Great Britain. LOL. And the non-mainstream left wonders why no one votes for them. One reason (and there is many) is that they’re so fragmented.

  19. yes but i’m not sure how much of an anti-establishment vote plaid enjoy nowadays. On a low turnout i think plaid could hang on, and lets remember the conservative vote in wales is relatively soft. I wouldn’t put it past plaid to be able to bring out their vote

  20. Won’t know until election night and it all depends on turnout but I still lean to plaid losing their seat, most of the few Welsh polls show plaid so,me way behind and nothing recently tells me they look likea resurgentparty.

  21. i agree. i wouldn’t entirely rule out labour only winning one seat either if the turnout is extremely low, polls are widening between labour and ukip on a uk level.

  22. More people seem to be aware of the Euro elections this time, probably because of the publicity surrounding UKIP. The Lib Dems are going to be really struggling to gain a credible vote in Wales, The turnout will be crucial to the result.. I do think Plaid are in severe danger of losing their seat.

  23. For Wales, I’m predicting:

    2 Labour
    1 Conservative
    1 UKIP

  24. Fairly share seats wise it’ll be one-a-piece for the top four placed parties here. Could see:-

    Labour: 27%
    UKIP: 20%
    Plaid Cymru: 16%
    Conservative: 15%
    Liberal Democrat: 7%
    Others: 15%

  25. Quote “I see the Communists haven’t got the guts to actually stand under their own name this time! Not surprising considering…”
    Considering what Dave? I think their stance is a highly principled one considering.. that the EU is one of the main sources of attacks on the working class through its’ so called liberalisation agenda, its’ support in cutting welfare, health and education, its’ expansionist policies, e.g. in Ukraine, etc. etc…

  26. Wales: Lab 32%(2), UKIP 20%(1), Con 16.5%(1) , PC 14.5%, LD 6.5%, GRN 5%, BNP 2%, Other 3.5%

  27. Why was there four name against each party on the ballot form when only one person is elected to be the MEP

  28. There’re rumours on Twitter that say it looks like LEAVE will win in Wales!

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