2015 Result:
Conservative: 13070 (27.3%)
Labour: 25778 (53.8%)
Lib Dem: 3312 (6.9%)
Green: 3658 (7.6%)
UKIP: 1385 (2.9%)
Others: 738 (1.5%)
MAJORITY: 12708 (26.5%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of Lambeth council area.

Main population centres: Waterloo, Kennington, North Clapham, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Brixton.

Profile: An inner-city seat in Lambeth that faces Westminster across the river Thames. The north of the seat is dominated by well known landmarks like the London Eye, St Thomas`s hospital, the redeveloped South Bank complex, County Hall, the Imperial War Museum and Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Close to the river at Vauxhall itself and the Oval at Kennington there is some gentrification due to the proximity to Westminster (it is a popular place for MPs and civil servants to live), but the majority of the seat is far more troubled - crime ridden council estates and grim terraces that struggle with crime and drugs problems. Over a quarter of the population is afro-carribean and there is also a large Portuguese community in the seat, largely around Stockwell - in the 2011 census 3% of people here were born in Portugal.

Politics: The Liberal Democrats had advanced in this seat at a local level after 1994, however it swung back towards Labour in 2006. At a Parliamentary level it is solidly Labour having returned Labour MPs since its creation in 1950.

Current MP
KATE HOEY (Labour) Born 1946, County Antrim. Educated at Belfast Royal Academy and Ulster College of Physical Education. Former education advisor to Arsenal Football club.. Contested Dulwich 1983, 1987. First elected as MP for Vauxhall in 1989 by-election. PPS to Frank Field 1997-1998, junior minister in the home office 1998-1999, sports minister 1999-2001. Hoey started out as a left winger - she supported Tony Benn in the 1981 Deputy Leadership election. In more recent years she - along with her former boss Frank Field - is invariably citied as a favourite Labour MP by Conservative activists, she is a euro-sceptic who supports grammar schools in Northern Ireland, supports fox hunting, opposes ID cards and the congestion charge and is a regular rebel against the Labour whip. Chairman of the Countryside Alliance since 2005.

Past Results
Con: 9301 (22%)
Lab: 21498 (50%)
LDem: 10847 (25%)
GRN: 708 (2%)
Oth: 837 (2%)
MAJ: 10651 (25%)
Con: 5405 (14%)
Lab: 19744 (53%)
LDem: 9767 (26%)
GRN: 1705 (5%)
Oth: 732 (2%)
MAJ: 9977 (27%)
Con: 4489 (13%)
Lab: 19738 (59%)
LDem: 6720 (20%)
GRN: 1485 (4%)
Oth: 960 (3%)
MAJ: 13018 (39%)
Con: 5942 (15%)
Lab: 24920 (64%)
LDem: 6260 (16%)
Oth: 1944 (5%)
MAJ: 18660 (48%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
JAMES BELLIS (Conservative)
KATE HOEY (Labour) See above.
ACE NNOROM (UKIP) Born Cameroon. Lecturer.
DANNY LAMBERT (Socialist Party GB)
SIMON HARDY (Left Unity)
Comments - 313 Responses on “Vauxhall”
  1. There’s been no “journey” on her part, though.

    There have always been Labour people supportive of both. Indeed it was Labour Peers, Baroness Mallalieu and Lord Puttnam who led the defence of fox hunting during the Blair years.

    Labour only manage to win seats in Wirral and Trafford etc when they are supportive of grammars.

    It’s Labour MPs – and more so their new PPCs – who are more and more unrepresentative of their voters’ views on all of these issues.

  2. Maybe on grammar schools you have a point. But fox-hunting is overwhelmingly unpopular among pretty much all sections of society, including Labour voters.

  3. Indeed it was Labour Peers, Baroness Mallalieu and Lord Puttnam who led the defence of fox hunting during the Blair years.

    Indeed it was – but they are as far removed from the Socialist Campaign Group wing of Labour as you could imagine

    Of course the far Right and far Left actually do indeed have a good deal in common, but Hoey’s tone is that of a right wing populist, not a left wing campaign socialist

  4. PT – True, but a third of the public still support it.

    My point was that Labour is now a Party where 0% of PPCs are allowed to oppose a b c (abortion, gay marriage etc) and likewise none support the death penalty, fox hunting etc

    Which makes them unrepresentative of their voters who do.

  5. Death Penalty support is sometimes seen as an expulsion from the party offense.

  6. ‘none support the death penalty’

    That’s been the case since the late 1970s and has always confused me somewhat – as I had always assumed there would be a fair amount of old school socially conservative Labour MPs from WWC industrial Northern seats who would share their constituents view on the matter- but none seem to have for a very long time

    And there are still some Labour MPs who oppose abortion and gay marriage – they weren’t all wiped out in 2015 when Labour collapsed North of the border

  7. Tim – true, in fact in the Merseyside area both were always opposed by the MPs for Bootle, Crosby, West Lancs etc irrespective of Party.

    Indeed Rosie Cooper is gay and opposed gay marriage.

    I recall an amusing Letter in a local paper – from possibly Steve Radford – pointing out Labour’s hypocrisy criticising the DUP, when they were consistent whereas Labour courted the gay vote only for their local MPs to all oppose about 6 law changes he listed.

    Yes, I spotted a few SNP MPs opposing abortion too.

    BM11 – that certainly isn’t the case. I know a couple of Labour Cllrs who support it. I was merely making the point that HQ have made it impossible for anyone with such views to become a PPC/MP.

  8. Rosie cooper is not out as Gay and I didn’t know about it.

  9. And certianly from people I know with the same views as the ledershio they see pro death penalty views as an explusionable offence.

  10. ~Leadership.

  11. Despite the CLP requesting an AWS the Labour selection here has been announced as an Open shortlist.

  12. Kate Hoey the only MP tonight to vote for the timetable motion, but against the withdrawal bill itself.

  13. The new Labour candidate is Florence Eshalomi. She is currently Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark

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