North Tyneside

2015 Result:
Conservative: 8997 (19.2%)
Labour: 26191 (55.9%)
Lib Dem: 2075 (4.4%)
Green: 1442 (3.1%)
UKIP: 7618 (16.3%)
TUSC: 304 (0.6%)
Others: 191 (0.4%)
MAJORITY: 17194 (36.7%)

Category: Ultra-safe Labour seat

Geography: North East, Tyne and Wear. Part of the North Tyneside council area.

Main population centres: Wallsend, Longbenton, Killingworth, Dudley, Wideopen, Howden.

Profile: The North Tyneside seat curls around the east of Newcastle and is largely made up of large local authority housing developments like Killingworth, Howden and Longbenton, built in the 1950s and 60s to house the overspill population from Newcastle. The town of Wallsend (the name comes from being the end point of Hadrian`s Wall) on the banks of the Tyne at the far south of the seat has a longer history, long associated with shipbuilding and coal mining. Shipbuilding no longer takes place here, though the Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Company Shipyard is still in business constructing oil rigs..

Politics: This is very much the more Labour inclined part of North Tyneside. Along with its predecessor Wallsend it has been held continuously by Labour since 1945, often by extremely large margins.

Current MP
MARY GLINDON (Labour) Born 1957. North Tyneside councillor. First elected as MP for Tyneside North in 2010.
Past Results
Con: 8514 (18%)
Lab: 23505 (51%)
LDem: 10621 (23%)
BNP: 1860 (4%)
Oth: 1905 (4%)
MAJ: 12884 (28%)
Con: 7845 (21%)
Lab: 22882 (62%)
LDem: 6212 (17%)
MAJ: 15037 (41%)
Con: 5459 (15%)
Lab: 26127 (70%)
LDem: 4649 (12%)
UKIP: 770 (2%)
Oth: 564 (2%)
MAJ: 20668 (55%)
Con: 6167 (14%)
Lab: 32810 (73%)
LDem: 4762 (11%)
MAJ: 26643 (59%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
MARTIN MCGANN (Conservative)
MARY GLINDON (Labour) See above.
JOHN APPLEBY (Liberal Democrat)
SCOTT HARTLEY (UKIP) Formerly served in the RAF.
BOB BATTEN (National Front)
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  1. Interesting event unfolded at the North Tyneside council budget meeting on Wednesday – the Tory elected Mayor was thrown out by the majority Labour council.

  2. Is Mary Glindon rather a right wing Labour MP
    of the old Labour industrial kind?

  3. Not sure if she’s right wing in the economic sense. Possibly a tad socially conservative if you go by her position on the gay marriage vote.

  4. She’s Catholic.

    But I don’t think she’s right wing in term of economic issues. For ex, she signed the Labour Assembly Against Austerity call. And she was one of the rebels against Jobseekers Bill.

  5. Interesting – she did support David Miliband for leader.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Mary, despite our enormously different political ideologies. She works hard and has principle.

    She is pretty old labour – socially conservative but well out left economically.

  7. Prediction for 2015-
    Glindon (Labour)- 62%
    Conservative- 16%
    Liberal Democrat- 10%
    UKIP- 8%
    Others- 4%

  8. prediction for 2015-

    Lab- 53%
    con- 17%
    UKIP- 15%
    Lib- 13%
    BNP- 3%

    Having spent a lot of time here I seriously doubt labour will be looking at over 60% of the vote. UKIP will get huge support here , it is an area where about 95% are white British however this figure is in pretty quick decline, the schools are no doubt not the best and it’s very working class.

    The BNP will keep a decent part of their vote here but I can’t deny that this is a pretty good UKIP spot and I’d imagine they’d easily surpass double digits.

  9. Not so sure about that – Mary Glindon’s economically left-wing views, combined with her “socially conservative” views, play well among the sort of white working class vote that has been recently attracted to UKIP.
    The Labour vote will rise more than 2% here in 2015, maybe not to 60%, but not far off.
    The BNP are a completely busted flush in the area now and they will not hold on to most of their vote. Maybe 1 – 1.5% at the most.
    I think UKIP could well overtake the Lib Dems, but there is a solid Tory vote here and I would be very surprised if they were pushed out of second place by UKIP.

  10. wait.

    Mary Glindon is catholic.

    She is on the left.

    You seem to know a lot about her.

    And you’re complementing her alot.


    conspiracy much?

  11. pre-election prediction:

    Lab- 54%
    UKIP- 18%
    Con- 16%
    Lib- 6%
    Green- 5%
    TUSC- 1%

    Labour should cruise this one, especially with the popular, traditional anti-gay marriage MP.

    UKIP are however still popular in this area, and should, in my opinion surpass the Tories.

    The tories, will experience a slight drop again. (Yes again, it’s odd that they dropped from 2005-2010). They’re truly hated here.

    The greens and liberal democrats will no doubt be racing each other, although the greens should be held back by the TUSC stealing a small portion of their vote.

  12. robbietriestopredictpolitics – not that surprising the Tory vote dropped from 2005-2010, and nothing to do with the Tories “being hated”.

    The 2005 election took place on the same day as a North Tyneside Mayoral election, which the Tories were defending, and as a result North Tyneside constituency got the type of full-on campaign from the Tories that it’s not had since about 1935!

    2010 simply saw a return to the norm.

  13. Labour seem to be working this like it is a marginal very impressive ground game from them here, expect an increase in their vote here.

    Tory candidate from his Twitter feed seems to be spending most of his time in the North east in Berwick which is understandable. Only one leaflet in a small part of the borough from him.

    Similarly with UKIP only seek to be targeting certain areas seems no full scale campaign from them here.

    Libs non existent here suffered massively here in the locals in the last five years expect this misery to continue in this election.

    Greens will get a few votes here.

    TUSC not seen a one of their leaflets suspect they one have the finances for one election leaflet so imagine it will be out soon. Will probably take similar votes to the greens

    Lab 56
    UKIP 17
    Conservative 11
    Lib 8
    Green 4
    Tusc 4

  14. Labour hold. 15,000 majority. Tories 2nd.

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