South Thanet

2015 Result:
Conservative: 18838 (38.1%)
Labour: 11740 (23.8%)
Lib Dem: 932 (1.9%)
Green: 1076 (2.2%)
UKIP: 16026 (32.4%)
Independent: 61 (0.1%)
Others: 728 (1.5%)
MAJORITY: 2812 (5.7%)

Category: Marginal Conservative seat

Geography: South East, Kent. The eastern part of the Thanet council area and two wards from the Dover council area.

Main population centres: Ramsgate, Sandwich, Broadstairs, St Peters.

Profile: A coastal seat, snaking around the eastern coast of the Isle of Thanet and then south into Dover to include the historic Cinque port of Sandwich and the rural villages inland from it, including Ash and Wingham. The main centres of population is the ferry port, fishing town and coastal resort of Ramsgate, the more genteel seaside town of Broadstairs and Cliftonville, a residential part of Margate. Thanet suffers from the economic problems often associated with declining seaside towns, and has some of the most deprived wards in the otherwise generally affluent Kent.

Politics: Historically this was a safely Conservative area, the Isle of Thanet seat that existed until 1974 was solidly Conservative throughout its history, as was this seat`s immediate predecessor Thanet East. In 1992 Jonathan Aitken enjoyed an apparently safe 23% majority here, but in 1997 he lost his seat to Labour`s Stephen Ladyman and subsequently his liberty after being found guilty and jailed for perjury. The seat was regained by the Conservatives in 2010 under Laura Sandys, a Tory moderate and pro-European. The 2015 election was one of the most high profile constituency battles, fought between the UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Craig Mackinlay, a UKIP to Conservative defector chosen to replace Sandys, and the Labour candidate Will Scobie. Ultimately Mackinlay won, prompting Nigel Farage to briefly honour a promise to resign as UKIP leader.

Current MP
CRAIG MACKINLAY (Conservative) Born Chatham. Educated at Rainham Mark Grammar and Birmingham University. Former chartered accountant and tax advisor. Medway councillor since 2007. Contested Gillingham 1992 as Independent, 1997 as UKIP, Totnes 2001 for UKIP, Gillingham 2005 for UKIP, Kent Police Commissioner election 2012 for the Conservatives. First elected as MP for Thanet South in 2015. Acting leader of UKIP 1997, Deputy leader of UKIP 1997-2000. Defected to the Conservatives in 2005.
Past Results
Con: 22043 (48%)
Lab: 14426 (31%)
LDem: 6935 (15%)
UKIP: 2529 (6%)
MAJ: 7617 (17%)
Con: 15996 (39%)
Lab: 16660 (40%)
LDem: 5431 (13%)
UKIP: 2079 (5%)
Oth: 1076 (3%)
MAJ: 664 (2%)
Con: 16210 (41%)
Lab: 18002 (46%)
LDem: 3706 (9%)
UKIP: 501 (1%)
Oth: 1012 (3%)
MAJ: 1792 (5%)
Con: 17899 (40%)
Lab: 20777 (46%)
LDem: 5263 (12%)
Oth: 1049 (2%)
MAJ: 2878 (6%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
CRAIG MACKINLAY (Conservative) Born Chatham. Educated at Rainham Mark Grammar and Birmingham University. Chartered accountant and tax advisor. Medway councillor since 2007. Contested Gillingham 1992 as Independent, 1997 as UKIP, Totnes 2001 for UKIP, Gillingham 2005 for UKIP, Kent Police Commissioner election 2012 for the Conservatives. Acting leader of UKIP 1997, Deputy leader of UKIP 1997-2000. Defected to the Conservatives in 2005.
WILL SCOBIE (Labour) Educated at Dane Court Grammar and York University. Thanet councillor since 2011, Kent county councillor since 2013.
RUSS TIMPSON (Liberal Democrat) Educated at South Bank University. Businessman, fire engineer and former Royal Navy submariner.
NIGEL FARAGE (UKIP) Born 1964, Farnborough. Educated at Dulwich College. Former commodities broker. Contested Itchen, Test and Avon in 1994 European election. Member of the European Parliament for South-East England since 1999. Contested Eastleigh by-election 1994, Salisbury 1997, Bexhill and Battle 2001, South Thanet 2005, Bromley and Chistlehurst 2006 by-election, Buckingham 2010. Leader of UKIP 2006-2009 and since 2010.
IAN DRIVER (Green) Thanet councillor since 2011, originally elected for Labour.
GRAHAME BIRCHALL (United Thanet) Born 1952. Businessman and former serviceman. Former Canterbury councillor for the Labour party.
DEAN MCCASTREE (Independent) Born St Lucia. Financial Trader. Former Thanet councillor, former Lambeth councillor. Contested Brent Central 2010.
ZEBADIAH ABU-OBADIAH (Al-Zebabist) Musician.
NIGEL ASKEW (Reality) Publican.
RUTH BAILEY (Manston Airport Independent) Teacher.
AL MURRAY (No description) Born 1968, Stewkley. Educated at Bedford School and Oxford University. Comedian.
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  1. @ Matt Wilson

    Sure, there are a few nut cases in the trade union movement who want to deny low paid temporary, part-time, casual and agency workers in Britain the right to guaranteed holiday pay and the right to the range of other benefits that British workers have gained from our EU membership.

    That tiny minority of trade union leaders who are hostile to these improved workers’ rights are actually far better paid than the workers whose rights they want to take away (which is why whatever they think they are they are certainly not Socialists).

    But the general policy of the TUC and the view of the vast majority of active trade unionists and trade union officers is that we should remain in Europe..

  2. No-one is suggesting the UK leaves Europe, I think. Might be a tricky exercise in transport logistics though maybe some Atlanteans could help.

  3. I think it is a bizarre statement to suggest British workers would be denied certain employment rights were the UK to leave the EU – these things happened alongside the EU as part of a shift of attitude, not because of it.

    Similarly the argument around scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights – some have taken this to mean the government wishes to put an end to so-called “Human Rights” when this is nothing of the sort.

  4. Well there must be certain human rights which are enshrined in the Human Rights Act that the government want to get rid of – otherwise why replace it?

  5. Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which I happen to have in front of me on my desk is perhaps particularly difficult for the Conservatives, dealing as it does with the right to employment, and a free choice of employment, to no discrimination at work and to the right to form and join trade unions.

    More generally, the Universal Declaration contains rights whch are all good in themsleves, but which have to be balanced one against the other.

    The real, and genuine, difficulty which has arisen with human rights in recent years is the not infrequenly perverse interpretation of them in the courts. Specifically, judges have repeatedly and often perversely awarded individuals rights, such as rights to remain in the country even after carrying out criminal acts (which under the Declaration can clearly lead to deportation) in preference to the communal rights such as those to family life and the right to cultural life within the community. On occasions, members of minority (or these days perhaps not so minority religions are given “rights” which conflict with wider religious freedom. Lets be open about it, I mean in particular that Muslims are allowed to get away with abusive practices that conflict with Christianity, which is after all the established religion. How many Muslims are being convicted, for instance, for forcing family members to marry, which is very clearly aginst Human Rights? Not to speak of Female Genital Mutilation.

    I am inclined to agree that it is time to reign in the empire-building excesses of lawyers and judges in relation to the enforcement of Human Rights – actually it is the European Declaration rather then the Universal Declaration whiich has legal force. Unfortunately the problem is that once one starts tampering with this law the danger, particularly given the antics of recent Prime MInisters like Blair and Cameron, is that the Government wil simply start overturning any human right that doesn’t suit them.

    One might also mention the timidity of the monarch, who deos not ntervene in even gross abuses of human rights iin this country whilst colluding with gross abuses by the dwindling number of absolute monarchs overseas, notably in Saudi Arabia. And the chances that this will get better under KIng Charles (or whatever he eventually chooses to call himself)) are negligible.

    There is a related issue. In the United Kingdom processes for appointing judges, whilst slightly better than in the past, are far from transparent and democratic.

  6. I don’t think anyone would deny that workers rights and the social charter are fundamental to wanting to stay in the EU, however, many of the EU directives concerning workers rights the Government have simply decided to opt out of. If you work in the NHS you certainly have to opt out of those directives simply based on the hours you work. I think it’s unfair to call people nutcases for feeling disenchanted by the EU. I’m certainly not sure how I’ll vote but attacking people for not agreeing with you isn’t going to win me over.

  7. I think Frederick Stansfield’s comment illustrates perfectly the mentality of those who wish to do away with the Human Rights Act.

  8. I very much doubt whether all those who are concerned about the Human Rights Act think the same way as I do about human rights.

    Not least, I believe that rights at and about work need to be considerably strengthened, not weakened.

    But something has to be done about the perverse judgments being made too frequently in our courts and tribunals, particuarly in courts with specific remits like ones dealing with Immigration Appeals.

  9. Labour did gain this council seat, though on only 1.3% more than in May. UKIP fell back 14%. National polls are showing UKIP about where they were at the GE, if not a touch better, so I wouldn’t overstate any decline but they do seem to be lacking momentum at the moment.

  10. As I predicted, UKIP lost the seat , mostly due to the Manston Airport thing. UKIP’s trend at being awful at council byelections (which was the case even before 2015) continues.

  11. Yes perhaps nothing to write home about for Labour given their pre 2015 strength but this will be spun as a slight embarrassment for Farage and the UKIP council with the Labour candidate being a hard core Corbynista.

    This also perhaps doesn’t bode well for UKIP galvanising support for the leave campaign or winning more than about 25% in safe Labour constituencies in by elections if they can only get 30% on this kind of favourable territory.

  12. Nether the less on my Facebook feed I have seen many people treat it as a sign that the Opinion polls are putting Labour too low and that Labour is doing well ( And that the press attacks and so on are not working). Personally I am of course pleased by the result( Any Labour Win and/or UKIP defeat pleases me) I don’t think a Local Bi election in an unique seat really has any national signs. I presume all the seats here are up again in May?

  13. @BM11 of course it is of no national relevance. Local by elections happen all the time and rarely mean anything at all, the Lib Dems were gaining council seats in by elections in the run up to their 2015 election meltdown for example.

    As for Newington ward its not really surprising that Labour regained it, the ward is traditionally Labour and the only potential opposition (UKIP) is in charge of the unpopular council. The vote if anything was a backlash against the UKIP run council rather than any endorsement of Labour. I note also that Labour’s victory wasn’t overwhelming either and their vote share was only up 1% on May, which given the context can hardly be described as a great result.

  14. No it isn’t up again till 2019, Thanet elect as one every four years, UKIP were elected to the council in May 2015.

    Regardless, of whether it is relevant or not. I did tell people this would be used as a facebook meme to try counteract the idea Labour are losing votes to UKIP.

    As to the share of the vote. Only three people stood in May. It’s likely the introduction of Greens and Lib Dems in particularly and maybe the Independent, but less so because they more likely took votes off UKIP, that a churn in Labour vote saw in move very little.

  15. By which I mean Thanet District Council bye elections, not constituency seats!

  16. The result of the Newiongton BY-election on 21st. January was, according to Kent online, as follows: –

    Karen Constantine (Labour) 288
    Duncan Smithson (UKIP) 229
    Adam Dark (Con) 156
    Ian Driver (Green) 20
    Akan Hodder (Ind) 49
    Grahame Birchall (Ind) 10
    Jrdan Williams (LibDem) 12

    I don’t think that there is anything very surprising in this Labour gain given the nature of the area and the muddles (rather than anything dreadful) that have been happening to the UKIP administration.

    The intervening candidates totalled slightly more votes than the Labour majority, but I hardly think they had an major effect. Perhaps the most notable figure was that the LibDems only got 12 votes.

    The most notable lesson to be learned from this by-election is that if UKIP are to become a long-term force in UK politicis they have simply got to become more efficient. I blogged on this thread about what UKIP have to do back in the Summer.

  17. P.S Pepperminttea got it right.

  18. The “Isle of Thanet Gazette”, picking up an investigation by an Internet investigative group called The Walter Mitty Hunters Group, has reported this week that Councillor Konnor Collins of Northwood Ward claims to have the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM), MIlitary Cross (MC) and Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) as well as an MBE. If true, this would make Mr. Collins the most decorated veteran of the British army.

    The Walter Mitty Hunters Group say that they have contacted veterans from the Parachute Regiment, who were unable to identify Mr. Connor.

    The newspaper says that Kent Police officers are making enquiries.

    Mr. Connor was elected as UKIP councillor for Northwood Ward, but has since become leader of the Democratic Independent Group, which I believe to have broken away from UKIP over the Manston issue.

  19. I don’t think there is much doubt as to how the majority of voters in this constituency will vote in the EU rferendum (assuming that it is not scuppered by the EU leaders before we get that far, which I think to be a more likely outcome than people in the UK are currently anticipating).

  20. Apparently the Electoral Commission have launched an investigation into the Tory election expenses at the GE back in May. The initial focus is apparently on hotel expenses at Margate and Ramsgate.

  21. Guido Fawkes reports the commission as saying:

    “The Electoral Commission has today announced that it has opened an investigation into allegations regarding the Conservative Party spending return at the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election

    The investigation opened by the Commission today focuses on whether the Conservative Party met their reporting obligations under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act (PPERA) 2000, specifically:

    – whether the spending reported by the party in its 2015 UKPGE campaign spending return, in relation to the Royal Harbour Hotel Ramsgate, was not national campaign spending and therefore should not have been included in the party’s return;

    – whether spending on the Premier Inn Margate was national campaign spending and therefore should have been included in the party’s 2015 UKPGE campaign spending return”

    Hmmm.. that one was national and should not have been and other wasn’t but should have been… Margate is in North Thanet…

    Sounds arcane.. and maybe trivial… or maybe not.. Some sort of shell game with the hotel rooms… that is what Michael Crick uncovered with his by-elections investigation.

  22. I tend to agree, Maxim, with the additional stipulation that the party who has overspent should be barred from standing in the subsequent by-election.

  23. Apart from a few of the groups affected – the Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP, Nationalist or Green campaigns – and political anoraks like ourselves – I see most of the public viewing this like they did the arrest of Damien Green – they couldn’t really care less – which is partly why the Tory response to the revelations has been so lacklustre

    Most British voters think MPs fiddle everything they can – so will hardly be surprised at hearing that they overspent to get themselves elected. I think most would assume that they do so anyhow – which probably explains Nigel Farage’s (Farage being one of the victims) reluctance to take this any further

  24. I am actually quite surprised that UKIP have kept quiet about this, though of course all eyes are on Brussels at the moment.

  25. Isn’t it a bit late to start challenging the election expenses now?

    As in most hard-fought elections, I suspect that the actual expenditure of the major parties, and of one or two of the Independents as well, bore little relationship to the legal expenditure limits. But Tim Jones is right. Most non-politicians have no desire to re-run the election a full year later, particularly as all the indications are that the Conservaitves would win again. Remember Winchester in 1997.

    By the way I stayed in a hotel in Ramsgate for a couple of days during the election, the Travelodge at Ramsgate Harbour (I had a room with a beautiful sea view across to France); but that was because I was moving house. I was fully occupied with things other than politicis at the time.

  26. MP-R – Thankfully only a Judge can declare a result void and/or sentence an Agent for fraud.

    Antiochian – it’s not just where a hotel is located as I understand it – actual and notional spending should be declared if the employee’s/activist’s/office were used/deployed in a particular constituency. So, an Agent’s salary pro rata, CF activists’ hotel/B&B and campaign office(s) rent should all be declared.

    Sadly, it seems Lab/Tory/LD have been exceeding the £100k By-election limit since the ’90s if you think of any of Wirral South/Newbury/Christchurch and the sheer numbers of Party paid staff, phone banks and so on. It may be that the was an unwritten rule a bit like Whips with dirt on MPs from the main Parties. But now with the Electoral Commission, Fraud Act and all of the new offences re postal votes it may be worth a Court making an example of a Party Agent if it draws a line in the sand and makes the Parties obey the law from now on.

    Tim – true re MPs’ expenses and the 5 jailed; but, this could potentially be the first case AFAIK of a national Party Agent being prosecuted (in the case of the 3 Parliamentary By-elections rather than here in the GE).

  27. From what I read today the by-elections are now out of consideration due to being more than a year past. That is why the focus has switched to the GE which is still within the purview for prosecution.

    There was definitely a big desire by the Tories to ensure Nigel didn’t get a foothold so the question now is “how much (literally) did they want him not to win?

    Maybe their downfall will be not having used grotty B&Bs and instead using more ritzy hotels (and yes, Premier Inn is ritzy compared to may Ramsgate B&Bs).. the obfuscation in hotel billing in the by-elections looked cunning now it may end up looking sloppy…

  28. Before we start being rude about Ramsgate B&Bs, there are actually not many of them left. There are a couple of new (i.e. recently comletely refurbished) boutique hotels (e.g. The Falstaff Hotel, the Victoria Hotel), which I would recommend for a holiday or a short break; but they are upmarket compared to Premier Inn. If you need a very basic B&B, you have to go to Margate, or to the region of Margate. There is a pub near Westwood which lets out rooms at less than £20 a night.

    If he had any sense, Craig McKinlay will have joined the Royal Yacht Club (which has rooms to stay in) years before the election. And he will have got a mooring for his boat.

    If you want to know, the Travelodge charges the same for all its rooms. This is fantastic value if you get a room overlooking the harbour, but terrible if you get a room at the side of the hotel, which will have no view at all out of its opaque, non-opening, window.

    Any political activist wanting to spend the whole campaign period in South Thanet would have done better to rent a flat, of which there are planty, for about £500 a month – which could then be shared with a friend or two.

    If we are going to start digging the dirt, I suspect a good place to look might be the large poster sites. However, I have not been collecting any evidence.

    P.S. Can somebody explain how Ramsgate B&Bs can stop the Canterbury B&Bs from being given more prominent places on the internet listing sites than the ones here.

  29. Antiochian – there’s a time limit re election petitions to re-run elections; but, no time bar on prosecutions for fraud offences.

    In fact one happened in the NW recently from a local about 3 years ago – but I realise part of the delay may be due to CPS delays’ and Court backlogs.

  30. Stephen Hitchin has declared and claims to ‘wish to take the junior doctor fight to westminster for the NHS’, the irony here of course is that as a GP he does not work for the NHS but part of a pricate business thanks to a loophole GPs argued for many moons ago.

    The man is also a Labour Party Councillor in Chesterfield, a GP in Chesterfield, and a Captain in Royal Army Medical Corps reserves in Sheffield.

    Jack of many trades master of none?

  31. Wrong pave disregard prioe message

  32. Lancs Observer, are you saying that one or more of the losing candidates in the South Thanet election last year should be drawing up an election petition? Or has the time limit for doing so already passed? In which case I would be curious to know what the time limit was.

  33. Frederic… we are within the one year for the South Thanet complaint.. so its good to go ahead.. The by-elections are outside that time limit but as Lanc says fraud is fraud…

    Is there no penalty for lying and deception on a filing? Maybe the punishment is not a by-election rerun (in the case of those from 2014), but a jail term for one or more of the agents? Pour encourager les autres..

  34. On Monday, the “Daily MIrror” published figures showing that the Conservatives overspent in perhaps twenty or thirty seats, largely because they put up party workers in hotels. On the papers figures, South Thanet had the largest overspend at just under £2,000. There were actually several seats which had an overspend of £1,900 plus – it almost looked to me as though the Conservatives thought that is the overspend was in excess of £2K they were less likely to get away with it.

    My personal impression was that several parties were takng things to the limit in South Thanet, and that agents around the country and from different parties have ways of getting round spending limits (if you like they indulge in avoidance rather than outright illegality). Again from a personal point of view, I am more concerned about the prevalence in certain seats of electoral fraud, particularly in relation to postal voting and possibly in relation to intimidation of voters with certain demographic characteristics.. But it is important that electoral law, including the law on spending, is effective and is obeyed.

    There is a wider point. Unfortunately, we live in a world where politicians are, I would say unduly, responsive to the interests of business (including relevant unions) rather than the mass of voters. The benefit of a political decision to a business can be out of all proportion to the cost of running an election and there are corresponding pressures to in effect “buy” a policy. This may particularly affect parties like the Conservatives which have a large amount of power, but whose local memberships are, shall we say, often fragile.

    In the last resort, the answer is that voters are getting fed up wih this, as the emergence of leaders like Corbyn (who has other drawbacks), and in the US Sanders shows.

    It will be interesting to see what follow-up there is on this issue by the various parties.

  35. There has recently been a report in the press about a Cross-Channel ferry picking up illegal immigrants in a bath-tub sized craft less than a mile from Dover.

    Given the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean in unseaworthy boats, and obstacles to illegal immigration at major ports like Dover, it is clear that there is going to be increased pressure by people organising illegal immigration to get people into the country via small ports including those in Thanet.

    Arrangements to control illegal immigration though this seat are clearly inadequate. Aircraft, helicopter and drone arrangements at Manston are non-existent, there are no naval ships in Margate, Boradstairs, Ramsgate, Sandwich or Deal, There are few customs and passport control facilities and there is a lack of army facilities such as sentries and missile batteries.

    Judging by events elsewhere, new immgration crises could emerge within weeks or even days (at the rpesent time certainly before 23rd. June).It appears likely that the Government is not really tackling this issue but just making token moves. Soomer rather than later people will wake up to this.

    People in Thanet ought to look back to the Second World War, when there was initially a lack of small gunboats despite the lessons of 1914-1918. All the same mistakes appear to be being made yet again.

    Not least, there are political needs to sort out defence contractors who have hugely overspent on a small number of very expensive warships (e.g. Type 45 destroyers) that don’t even work, whilst neglecting expenditure on smaller but essential items. From a psephological point of view, there is a need to conside how such activity can be made politically unacceptable on the one hand whilst on the other preventing the issue from suddenly blowing up in politicians’ faces.

  36. Damn it. I’ve always wanted to tell the Lisa Stansfield joke…beaten to it.

    I did too much lying, wasted too much time. Indeed.

  37. Sorry Tristan, didn’t mean to tread on your big moment. I never knew it was possible to become such a defence expert playing with toy soldiers in a bedsit in Thanet. Well you learn something new every day.

  38. Apology accepted, and couldn’t agree more.

  39. I don’t think the need for adequate defences against illegal immigration through East Kent is a laughing matter.

  40. This MP and his Agent failed in their bid to prevent the authorities from having more time to complete their investigation into election expense Returns here.

    They also failed in their bid to have the proceedings held in private.

    It apparently cost them £50,000.

  41. This alone obviously suggests their hiding something. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear…

  42. Vote Leave were canvassing in Ramsgate town centre last week Saturday (4th June). According to one campaigner, 70% of the people asked intended to vote to leave the European Union on 23rd June!

    Looks like we’re heading the exit doors folks!

  43. ”Isn’t Thanet the sort of place along with Tendring that is always going to vote for Brexit?”

    @Maxim Parr-Reid

    Yes, but 70% is still quite high! Accoding to Buzzfeed, Vote Leave were canvassing in the suburb of Allington, Maidstone on Saturday 29th May. 90% of the people asked intended to vote to leave or were leaning towards voting to leave the European Union on 23rd June!

    It’s not looking good for Stronger In.

  44. I thought you were exaggerating at first but I’m picking up similar vibes in my local area of the south east, which you wouldn’t normally bracket with Thanet or Medway as it is much wealthier. Every second house seems to have a Vote Leave poster, despite having multiple Range Rovers and BMWs on the drive. Noone on the street seems to have a good word to say about the EU whatsoever. I the wealthy upper middle class doesn’t vote Remain they can’t win.

  45. Buckinghamshire will be counting as its separate District Councils.

  46. MP-R – thanks!

    By accident you directed me to why mine & Deepthroat’s Ref estimates only added up to under 99% of the vote from the 2015 GE.

    I now see it was because Bercow’s 35,000 votes weren’t accounted for.

    Nor were the 300,000 spoilt ballots (including the 1,200 in Buckingham).

  47. “. I the wealthy upper middle class doesn’t vote Remain they can’t win.”

    Remain needs to up its game. It better emphasise how anyone who wants to leave is a moronic, racist, little Englander .

  48. ”I thought you were exaggerating at first but I’m picking up similar vibes in my local area of the south east”

    @H.Hemmelig – As you are aware, I live in the Eltham constituency. Most of my neighbours, friends and other people I know here intend to vote LEAVE (some of them are even Labour supporters and second generation immigrants)! Approximately 70% of the people I know in the Eltham constituency intend to vote LEAVE!

    I went to school in South-East London and due to ‘white flight’ many of my former classmates now live in Kent (Dartford, Gillingham, Maidstone, Ashford, Whitstable etc, etc) so I visit them regularly. Everybody (i.e. 100%) I know who live in Kent is intending to vote LEAVE!

    If you’re claiming that support for LEAVE is strong in affluent, leafy, old-monied Sussex then Cameron and co. will get the shock of their lives on 24th June!

  49. “Remain needs to up its game. It better emphasise how anyone who wants to leave is a moronic, racist, little Englander .”

    I thought that was the basis of the Remain campaign as it is now? Certainly that is the impression I get from studying the EU Referendum posts on my friends’ Facebook timelines!

    From my POV, both campaigns have done brilliantly in diverting people to vote the other way.

    Personally I still have splinters on my backside when it comes to which way I’ll be voting. My Mum has come down on the side of Leave, my Dad (surprisingly for me as he has always been vehemently anti-EU) on the side of Remain “with head, not heart”.

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