2015 Result:
Conservative: 26552 (58.6%)
Labour: 8311 (18.3%)
Lib Dem: 3850 (8.5%)
Green: 1714 (3.8%)
UKIP: 4871 (10.8%)
MAJORITY: 18241 (40.3%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: North West, Cheshire. Part of the Cheshire East council area and part of the Cheshire West and Chester council area.

Main population centres: Knutsford, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge.

Profile: A semi-rural seat in Cheshire, Tatton lies to the immediate south-west of Greater Manchester, and largely consists of prosperous and affluent villages inhabited by Manchester`s affluent middle class. The main towns are Knutsford, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, which has become well known as the home of the Manchester super-rich, most notably several Manchester United football players. The name Tatton is drawn from Tatton Park, a stately home within the constituency.

Politics: Under normal circumstances the seat is solidly Conservative. In 1997 however it was famously lost to the television news reporter Martin Bell, standing as an independent candidate against the then Conservative MP Neil Hamilton who had become embroiled in the cash-for-questions scandal. Labour and the Liberal Democrats stood aside for Bell and he successfully won the seat. Having pledged to serve only for one term, Bell stood down in 2001 and the seat once again became a safe Conservative berth.

Current MP
GEORGE OSBORNE (Conservative) Born 1971, London, heir to the Osborne baronetcy and wallpaper company Osborne and Little. Educated at St Paul's and Oxford University. Former special advisor and political secretary to William Hague. First elected as MP for Tatton in 2001. Shadow chief secretary 2004-2005, shadow chancellor 2005-2010. Chancellor of the Exechequer since 2010.
Past Results
Con: 24687 (55%)
Lab: 7803 (17%)
LDem: 10200 (23%)
Oth: 2541 (6%)
MAJ: 14487 (32%)
Con: 21447 (52%)
Lab: 9716 (23%)
LDem: 9016 (22%)
UKIP: 996 (2%)
Oth: 239 (1%)
MAJ: 11731 (28%)
Con: 19860 (48%)
Lab: 11249 (27%)
LDem: 7685 (19%)
UKIP: 769 (2%)
Oth: 1715 (4%)
MAJ: 8611 (21%)
Con: 18277 (37%)
Oth: 30515 (63%)
MAJ: 12238 (25%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
GEORGE OSBORNE (Conservative) See above.
DAVID PINTO-DUSCHINSKY (Labour) Educated at Oxford University. Bank director.
GARETH WILSON (Liberal Democrat) Software designer.
STUART HUTTON (UKIP) Chartered engineer. Cheshire East councillor.
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  1. And part 2 here


    (gets caught in the moderation trap if I post 2 links in the same post)

  2. Esther McVey has launched her Blue – Collar conservatism group (De facto Esther for Leader) – first supporters are Ben Bradley and her fiance, Philip Davies.

  3. Interesting that McVey didn’t even feature in yesterday’s sunday times piece on the tory leadership contenders. I wonder what’s to all those colleagues she claimed were begging her to thrown her hat in the ring

    Im cant imagine she actually knows that much about blue collar conservatism – i would have thought the likes of robert halfron are far more eloquent advocates of this type of conservatism than McVey and his politics are very different to hers

  4. Ironically McVey is mp for one of the richest seats in the country.

  5. I don’t know. I suspect most actual working-class Tory voters are more on the McVey end of things than the Halfon one.

  6. You might be right PT but Halfron comes across as the far more authentic of the 2 and it’s something he’s been advocating for years.

    And he represents a blue collar seat

  7. Agree with almost every word of that

    Would it have been penned by Osborne himself?

  8. Probably – endorsements are a major part of the edtor’s job.

  9. The same party he once bragged about having destroyed…

  10. Esther McVey has said that she wants no deal unless the EU offer another deal – will put the pressure on the other’s to back this line of thinking,

  11. Esther McVey TV career made a return to the political sphere over the last few days through I am not sure if it helped her.

  12. It was pretty funny television but Esther’s chances remain the same as they were before. Non existent, to put it bluntly.

  13. Esther McVey talking about Foreign Aid being used to build an Runway in the wrong direction however (And I remember when it made the news) the runway is in St Helena which is still part of the UK. When Esther was challenged as to where this runway is she simply said it’s on one of the continents abroad. Can’t see her being made Foreign Secretary any time soon but then again Boris was.

  14. McVey does seem to be pitching for a populist “hang the paedos and save our NHS” platform. It’s certainly an interesting development and I suspect might be popular in the country, but MPs won’t let her into the final two so it’s a moot point.

    (This was the sort of the direction the Brexit Party needed to go in if it wanted mainstream appeal; instead we have an unholy alliance of NHS-privatising disaster capitalists and Spiked cultists defending child porn as free speech, ie the total opposite.)

  15. ‘When Esther was challenged as to where this runway is she simply said it’s on one of the continents abroad’.

    Cackling. This just gets better and better. She’s referring to St Helena…ineligible for foreign aid as it’s a British Overseas Territory. Dimwit.

  16. GO and his wife are to divorce.

    His office refused to respond to a rumour that he is set to come out, although they did admit that he hasn’t been living with his wife since 2017, according to the Express.

  17. Feel genuinely sorry for him if that’s the case. I think he would have been accepted as chancellor had he been open from the start (if indeed the rumour is true).

    As I think I’ve said on here before, about a decade ago there was a young Bulgarian girl working at the same place as me who had worked for the Osbornes when she first moved to the UK….she said they were a highly dysfunctional family.

  18. If he does I wonder if it will be in the Standard (Which is how he manages to Endorse Boris without as far as I know ever saying I support Boris)

  19. While it’s easier to come out than it has ever been before, I feel there’s still stigma around coming out later in life, having been in a heterosexual marriage with kids.

    Best of luck to him.

  20. Hang on a minute, this isn’t confirmed news yet. I can’t see anything online about it (plenty of rumours about drugs and unspecified ‘unsavoury’ behaviour though, which is of course alleged and unproven).

    I must say if this particular man is gay then my gaydar is well and truly broken.

  21. While we’re on unconfirmed rumours, plenty circulating about Boris putting his Johnson in unwise places.

    I won’t name where exactly as it’s not really fair on the impressionable young woman to do so (though from what I have heard about her she sounds every bit as shallow and overpromoted as he is).

  22. Tristan – it depends what burden of proof you mean re ‘unproven.’ Unusually, when the Mirror ran the exposes re the black dominatrix, drugs and the photo with drugs on a table and GO’s hand on a male’s backside, unusually his lawyers didn’t sue or request any retractions – they merely said she lacked credibility.

    I realise Cabinet members may not want to give stories more ‘legs’ but even John Major as PM sued a magazine and other Cabinet ministers gained retractions.

    I have no personal knowledge whether this ex-MP is gay, but it did always seem as likely that his marriage was ‘arranged’ at the time that a piece referred to gay Cabinet ministers (and Guido reported on Fox & Hague’s male friends).

    But, of course, there’ve been so many eg Greg Barker was a millionaire Shadow Cabinet member married to a woman, then divorced after the Mirror exposed his wealthy male boyfriend. Whilst he did step down, it wasn’t due to that – I think it was expenses or something else 5 years later.

    I realise the press and particularly tabloids get accused of homophobia, but in most of the recent cases they were exposing hypocrisy and suspected criminality of another kind, usually either drugs, prostitutes, expenses or all three (Mark Oaten, Rev Flowers, Mark Menzies, Keith Vaz plus 20 others!)

    I think I’ve pointed this out before, but almost all of these cases tend to involve male politicians who became (usually Tory) PPCs in their 20s and in most cases, presumably before they had much if any of a sex life. So they just presented an image of themselves to the world, ie presumed straight. Alan Duncan didn’t lie at selection: he merely said you don’t have to worry about the sheep, when he was asked – as the last Q – are there any skeletons?

    Although even some young MPs who were out, such as Ben in Bath or the new Scottish Tory MP still end up getting drunk and harassing young males in bars. So it goes back to the adage that MPs just think they can get away with it, because of their positions.

  23. It’s true that many gay men tend to be sexually active at a later age (through lack of opportunities rather than choice, typically), so I can see how that conversation might go at selection meetings. I still think sections of the tabloid press can be homophobic too, although they can also be deeply misogynistic and xenophobic as well.so it’s hard to take it too personally.

  24. Osborne married in 1998 before he became an MP.. Were they Hague and Fox rumours in the late 90’s?

  25. BM11 – I think I’ve said this previously, but GO in fact married just before he went onto the Candidates List and applied for Tatton – so that’s identical to a few others and mirrors the identikit Tory PPC image of the time. Book and BBC Drama Line of Beauty showed the 1980s was full of gay Tory MPs married to women and Matthew Parris said it was fairly accurate. He also typifies those who became sexually active when an MP (cruising on Hampstead Heath), as does Michael Brown.

    Yes, there were certainly rumours when Hague became Leader.

    Apparently there had always been re Fox but I didn’t hear them until around 2008.

    Many other MPs were extremely camp and married to women and they weren’t all Tories – with Ronnie Fearn being the most well known in the North West.

  26. This is a very interesting topic – nice to talk about something other than Brexit or Bozo for once.

    Re Hague – during the 1997 election campaign, Hague’s Labour opponent in Richmond actually outed him though in a jokey kind of way. Blair was furious and came down like a tonne of bricks on his own candidate (in retrospect he clearly didn’t want anyone poking into Mandelson or Ron Davies’ private lives in revenge). The tabloids obediently didn’t report a word though I recall it scraping into the small print of the Telegraph and Times….sadly only in the print editions as it was slightly pre-online newspapers.

  27. Re Fox – it’s been the most open of open secrets since way before 2008. I encountered Fox and his handsome young researcher at the bar of the Tory party conference hotel late at night circa 2000 and the whole bar plainly knew the score. Note the handsome researcher was one Henry Hendron whose drugs killed his own boyfriend a few years back.

  28. HH – don’t suppose you have any actual evidence for this – aside from fabricated anecdotes. Else, it’s just another disgusting smear.

  29. Kezia Dugdale sexuality was well known before she came out (I was told by then Scottish Labour member).

    I am aware of a welsh Labour AM who is apparently in the closet – think he is married to a women.

    Of course the stories about Chuka are well known

  30. ‘Kezia Dugdale sexuality was well known before she came out (I was told by then Scottish Labour member).’
    It’s a slightly different scenario for women imho. 1) Lesbians are more accepted by society generally- particularly when they are ‘feminine’, like KD. 2) Lesbians tend to be far less scandal prone than gay men and are generally a lot quieter in their private lives.

  31. “HH – don’t suppose you have any actual evidence for this – aside from fabricated anecdotes. Else, it’s just another disgusting smear.”

    Perhaps I can explain in the simplest of terms so that your minute brain can understand me. Someone being gay is not disgusting nor is it a smear. You calling Kenneth Clarke a paedophile without a shred of evidence is a disgusting smear, not only that but posting it on here risks the site being sued.

    You are a sad homophobe, as suggested by your name and repeated pathetic “funny” stories about having sex with someone called Derek. It’s heartening to see everyone else here ignoring you, I shall be doing likewise from now on.

  32. “It’s a slightly different scenario for women imho. 1) Lesbians are more accepted by society generally- particularly when they are ‘feminine’, like KD. 2) Lesbians tend to be far less scandal prone than gay men and are generally a lot quieter in their private lives.”

    Look up Maureen Colquhoun, MP from 1974 to 1979, who I think was the first out British MP. She certainly didn’t get an easier ride than the male Chris Smith who came out a few years later. I think she’s still alive.

  33. She is still alive aged 90. Was still a parish councillor in Cumbria until 2015.

  34. Esther Mcvey back in the cabinet as Housing Minster (Under Robert Jenerick)

  35. HH – I hadn’t realised that about H Hendron (& Fox).

    He was the one always seen with Nigel Evans on holiday.

  36. Esther McVey sacked.

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