2015 Result:
Conservative: 12540 (25.1%)
Labour: 26474 (53%)
Lib Dem: 4491 (9%)
Green: 4421 (8.9%)
UKIP: 1602 (3.2%)
TUSC: 164 (0.3%)
Others: 241 (0.5%)
MAJORITY: 13934 (27.9%)

Category: Very safe Labour seat

Geography: Greater London. Part of the Lambeth council area.

Main population centres: Streatham, Brixton.

Profile: Covers Streatham itself and parts of Clapham and Brixton. Streatham itself used to be very middle class and suburban, but recent decades have seen houses split into flats and parts of the area become increasingly multi-ethnic and downtrodden. The north of the seat includes part of Brixton, which is also split between this seat and Vauxhall, an area associated with the Afro-Carribean community and a past history of troubles and rioting, but now beginning a rather bohemian gentrification..

Politics: Streatham`s political fortunes have followed the demographic changes in the area. When it used to be a solidly middle class suburb it was continously held by the Conservatives from its creation in 1918 until 1992 when it fell to Labour. As it has become increasingly inner-city in character and ethnic make-up it has moved further and further into Labour`s column, by 1997 and 2001 it was a safe Labour seat.

Current MP
CHUKA UMUNNA (Labour) Born 1978, London. Educated at Manchester University. Former Employment lawyer and journalist. First elected as MP for Streatham in 2010. Originally announced he would run for the Labour leadership in 2015 and was seen as a potential frontrunner, but withdrew shortly afterwards saying he wasn't ready for the media attention.
Past Results
Con: 8578 (18%)
Lab: 20037 (43%)
LDem: 16778 (36%)
GRN: 861 (2%)
Oth: 583 (1%)
MAJ: 3259 (7%)
Con: 7238 (18%)
Lab: 18950 (47%)
LDem: 11484 (28%)
GRN: 2245 (6%)
Oth: 698 (2%)
MAJ: 7466 (18%)
Con: 6639 (18%)
Lab: 21041 (57%)
LDem: 6771 (18%)
GRN: 1641 (4%)
Oth: 906 (2%)
MAJ: 14270 (39%)
Con: 9758 (22%)
Lab: 28181 (63%)
LDem: 6082 (14%)
MAJ: 18423 (41%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
KIM CADDY (Conservative)
CHUKA UMUNNA (Labour) See above.
AMNA AHMED (Liberal Democrat) Born Pakistan. Educated at James Allens Girls School and Oxford University.
DEON GAYLE (Workers Revolutionary)
Comments - 328 Responses on “Streatham”
  1. Yes I know. But the past few days it’s been pretty obvious something’s up.

  2. I did expect it to be postponed due to the death of Paul

  3. I did expect it to be postponed due to the death of Paul Flynn when rumored last night. And i was expecting it more if Copper/Boles failed again.

  4. Chuka Ummuna is calling for national service

  5. Very much a copy of Macron’s idea. While it might be a good thing under what he is arguing it being adopted by some would not introduce the class breaking down aspect he has emphasized.

  6. Not sure how popular the idea will be amongst liberals

  7. Certainly not popular with me! IMO this is TIG’s first misstep (aside from that storm-in-a-teacup “funny tinge” comment).

    I can certainly see the value in a modified job-guarantee-type scheme, though – “if you want a decent job for a year to get your foot on the ladder, you can have it”. The problem with making it universal is that, for young people with promising careers, you are forcibly taking a year away from them to make them do something else, to which they are probably less well-suited.

  8. That said, this is a timely reminder that centrism in Westminster is very far from the actual centre of public opinion. Lots of people out there think bringing back national service is very much a good idea. The whole policy seems to be a sop to the 52%; but I’m not sure how much TIG’s MPs really believe in it, and they are not going to win the votes of Tim Montgomerie/Giles Fraser types anyway.

  9. TIGs second or third mistep today? Looks like they’ve overplayed their hand moving an amendment on a 2nd referendum too early. Both Peoples Vote and Best for Britain have said it’s not the right time. Alaister Campbell says they’ve gone too early. Phil Wilson whose own 2nd vote amendment has yet to be put to be put to the vote isn’t supporting it. Neither is Allin-Khan whose taking direction from Peoples Vote. Siobhan McDonagh is the only Labour MP to support it at the moment. Could go down with only 60 votes. I wonder if they’ll pull it?

  10. The half dozen tories supporting a peoples vote aren’t going to dupport this motion

  11. I don’t understand this decision at all. People’s Vote have previous little time to wait for a better opportunity.

    Rather than being too early, they should be worrying whether this is too late.

  12. I think this is why the split from Labour and the Tory remain flank came about. The Ummunas and Soubrys of the world want a vote on the second ref now but others want to eait for Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle’s amendment to maximise support and fear if they get a bad result then they’ve lost their chance. There are people who think it is already over and people who think there never was an ideal moment as they never really had a chance

  13. On reflection, I guess PV’s thinking is that they could only ever win a parliamentary vote if they keep the Labour Party united. They wanted the amendment to be pulled tonight, to avoid such a heavy defeat that the vote looked like becoming a pointless cause. Problem for them is that TIG had a party political interest in pressing on with the vote, so they could hold it up as evidence of Labour failing to oppose the government on Brexit. So PV just ended up with a heavier defeat than the one they were trying to avoid.

  14. Two polls out inc. TIG

    Lab 35 +1
    Con 34 -2
    TIG 7 -1

    Lab 35 +3
    Con 35 -5
    TIG 4 -2

  15. Disappointed but not surprised. After the blizzard of coverage they got around a month ago, it’s all gone a bit quiet. Even in the e-mails they send me, you can tell that the initial burst of excitement has fizzled out, and they’re beginning to realise just how much of a mountain they have to climb.

    For the political historians out there – what did the SDP’s polling look like in the months following their foundation? Did it follow a similar pattern or did it just keep growing and growing?

  16. UK Polling Report has a 1979-83 poll of polls. First NOP poll after Limehouse Declaration has Alliance in mid 20s

  17. Surprisingly strong performance for Lab in those two polls. Unlike many, I’m not surprised by the continued strong performance of the Cons, 1) Lab leader is an extreme,polarising figure and 2) for good or for bad, the Tories are seen as the Brexit party.

  18. ‘Unlike many, I’m not surprised by the continued strong performance of the Con’

    I am, because they are the government of the day, and they are the ones making a complete mess of the whole Brexit process – and that should be as clear to die-hard Remainers as No Deal Brexiteers

    Even worst Theresa May has all the worst aspects of Margaret Thatcher – being a divider rather than a unifier and in not listening to anybody apart from the ERG – with none her strengths – ability to lead and inspire those around her

    I’m more surprised at Labour vote’s holding up relatively well and do wonder what’s happened to the 48% of voters that opposed Brexit. Supporting either of the major parties seems illogical

  19. The Labour Left is supporting Bell Ribeiro Addy in the upcoming Labour selection. She is the chief of staff of Diane Abbott.

    The CLP executive have recently been taken over by Momentum.

    Last week there was the trigger ballot to re-select the London Assembly Member (Florence Eshalomi, who is touted as a potential candidate for the parliamentary selection for the “right”) and Streatham CLP marginally voted for an open selection (88 to 81 votes). She can still get reselected if she wins Vauxhall (already won last week), Dulwich, Peckham and Bermondsey CLPs as she needs two thirds of branches to get through.

  20. Dulwich is Momentum controlled I think – No idea about Peckham or Bermondsey.

  21. Chuka Umunna has joined the Lib Dems.

  22. “Dulwich is Momentum controlled I think – No idea about Peckham or Bermondsey.!”

    She won Dulwich but lost Camberwell & Peckham

  23. Change UK are also changing their name again, as were due to sue their MPs next week.

  24. I have to say I don’t rate Chuka’s chance of holding this as a Lib Dem. It is I think the blackest of the three Lambeth seats now, and Momentum will stop at nothing to beat him.

  25. One of the few Owen Jones articles I’ve ever enthusiastically agreed with

    Note also Jones reaffirms how Umunna conned his CLP into believing he was on the left of the party – I have posted that on here numerous times and most posters have refused to believe it.

  26. yes, Umunna run as the Leftish candidate at the time of the selection (he was in Compass. Remember them?). Steve Reed, then council leader, was the “Blairite” choice. Umunna won on transfers. First round was Reed 143 Umunna 125. Final was Umunna 175 Reed 162

  27. Umunna even worked for Compass and appeared on Question time in that regard.

  28. Umunna even worked for Compass and appeared on Question time in that regard.

    I remember that appearance

    He was sparring with the unremittingly evil Kelvin McKenzie who called him a ‘Communist’

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