Stoke-on-Trent North

2015 Result:
Conservative: 10593 (27.8%)
Labour: 15429 (40.4%)
Lib Dem: 1137 (3%)
Green: 1091 (2.9%)
UKIP: 9542 (25%)
Independent: 354 (0.9%)
MAJORITY: 4836 (12.7%)

Category: Safe Labour seat

Geography: West Midlands, Staffordshire. Part of the Stoke-on-Trent council area.

Main population centres: Burslem, Tunstall, Kidsgrove.

Profile: Stoke-on-Trent is actually an amalgamation of six towns, heavily associated with the industrial pottery industry. The most famous British pottery brands such as Wedgwood and Spode are all based in or around Stoke. This is also a former coal mining area, with the last coal mine in Stoke closing in the 1990s. Stoke-on-Trent North covers the northernmost two of the six towns, Burslem and Tunstall, as well as the town of Kidsgrove.

Politics: Stoke is a city that is solidly Labour and Stoke-on-Trent North has been held by Labour since its creation in 1950.

Current MP
RUTH SMEETH (Labour) Educated at Birmingham University. Former Deputy Director of Hope not Hate and trade union officer. Contested Burton 2010. First elected as MP for Stoke-on-Trent North in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 9580 (24%)
Lab: 17815 (44%)
LDem: 7120 (18%)
BNP: 3196 (8%)
Oth: 2485 (6%)
MAJ: 8235 (20%)
Con: 6155 (20%)
Lab: 16191 (53%)
LDem: 4561 (15%)
BNP: 2132 (7%)
Oth: 1721 (6%)
MAJ: 10036 (33%)
Con: 5676 (19%)
Lab: 17460 (58%)
LDem: 3580 (12%)
Oth: 3399 (11%)
MAJ: 11784 (39%)
Con: 7798 (20%)
Lab: 25190 (65%)
LDem: 4141 (11%)
MAJ: 17392 (45%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
BEN ADAMS (Conservative)
RUTH SMEETH (Labour) Educated at Birmingham University. Deputy Director of Hope not Hate and former trade union officer. Contested Burton 2010.
PAUL ROBERTS (Liberal Democrat)
GEOFF LOCKE (UKIP) Contested Stoke on Trent North 2010.
JOHN MILLWARD (Independent)
CRAIG POND (Independent)
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  1. MPR – Thanks!

  2. This whole argument that MPs shouldn’t agitate against a ‘democratically elected leader’ and that it makes them traitors, etc… In 1988 there was a leader who had been democratically elected by all 3 sections of the electorate (PLP, unions/affiliates and members). Tony Bennett stood against him because he didn’t like his policies, and helping to orchestrate the challenge was… Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. No problem with challenges, it is the scale of this and its wanton disregard for the members, the dishonesty of it (that it is a reaction to Corbyn’s performance) plus the obvious dirty and inflammatory tactics. As I say, a small number of Labour MPs certainly deserve deselection.

  4. EcoW – re inflammatory, Jezza’s managed it again.

    The Chief Rabbi and former Chief Rabbi are outraged that he equated Israel with Islamic State!

    Oh and a Corbynista at the launch of an Anti-Semitism report, blamed a Jewish Labour MP for being behind the row with her friends in the media – so she walked out and JC said nothing.

    He really has surpassed himself for PR disasters this week.

  5. Ecowirral: what is the point in threatening deselections? It certainly won’t work as a deterrent – these MPs, who are loyal to the party rather than its leader, won’t recoil from standing up for their beliefs, just as Jeremy is refusing to back down from his.

  6. LANCS OBSERVER- He didn’t “equate israel and ISIS”. He equated british jews to british muslims-read the quote. Had David Cameron or Tony Blair said exactly the same thing, no-one would have made a peep!

    POLLTROLL -I don’t think they should threaten deselections. I think local parties should deselect MPs whose behaviour is dishonest and against their party. It isn’t because they disagree-it is because their behaviour in the 3 cases I mention was beyond the pale.

  7. UKIP would need a 5.71% swing to win the new Stoke North constituency.

  8. I personally favour reselection. I agree you shouldn’t reselect on the basis of disagreement. However, I’ve been speaking to a branch chair who plans on challenging his local councillor because this councillor is a bully. They can do that because councillors aren’t automatically reselected. I don’t think he’s being cowardly, anyonev who stands up to a bully is brave imo.

  9. “New Times: John Harris on why Labour is losing its heartland

    Conventional class-consciousness has been overtaken by collective resentment. We must face the fact Labour as we know it may very well soon not exist.”

  10. By putting an X next to their candidate of choice 😉

  11. I would be pretty surprised if Labour survived with all of its Potteries seats in tact.

  12. From the Staffordshire County Council elections, Stoke-on-Trent North divisions for the parliamentary seat:

    Conservative: 1 – 2,099
    Labour: 1 – 2,760

    It’s worth noting, though the Conservatives won an impressive victory in the Kidsgrove division, the independent candidate (elected as a Labour cllr in 2013) split the Labour vote, allowing the Conservatives in.

    Stoke-on-Trent North is on a knife edge.

  13. Hmm, surely Labour are stronger in the bits of Stoke North actually within the city itself?

    So that result doesn’t make it look like the Tories are heading for victory here.

  14. I don’t think the locals are a very good guide to how people will vote in June- especially in the Midlands and North.
    I know this is anecdotal, but I know a lot of people in the Manchester region who were happy to vote for Andy Burnham but will be voting Conservative in June. My mother has voted Labour her whole life but will be voting Tory to keep Jeremy Corbyn out. I hope this doesn’t sound too impartial as I’m just trying to get across how despised he really is. It won’t just be UKIP supporters voting for May but life long Labour supporters. Seats such as this with a large UKIP vote and less than 5k majority should be easy pickings.

  15. ‘Hard to fathom that we’re talking about safe Labour seats like Mansfield and Stoke North as being on a “knife edge”…’

    Not really, when you consider who the leader of the Labour Party is…

    Plus, in the case of Mansfield and perhaps this too I doubt they can truly even be said to be on a knife-edge – the Cons should win them fairly comfortably.

  16. The current national Lab>Con swing is around 4-5% compared to 2015. Account for very Leave constituencies with high UKIP votes from 2015 likely having much larger swings and the Tories should, if polls are correct, be ahead fairly comfortably in Mansfield and Stoke North.

    And my ultimate prediction at the moment is that polls are still over-stating Labour and the eventual Con majority could therefore be as much as 200.

  17. Smeeth has resigned from the Labour front bench to vote against a Second Referendum.

    She tweeted:

    “We need to leave…” etc and leave with a deal for the Potteries.

  18. Snap.

  19. What sort of deal would she actually be happy with, though? Isn’t this just more unicorn-wishing?

  20. A more Labour freindly one. She will probably vote for MV3 now unless it is going to be another massive defeat.

  21. Ruth Smeeth has been appointed CEO of Index on Censorship, a charity which fights for freedom of speech. I guess with her background in Hope Not Hate, another political advocacy charity, this isn’t a surprising move.

    Anyone know what any other MPs defeated at the last election are up to?

  22. Umunna has joined the Board at Advanced. It’s a high tech firm that bids, inter alia, for IT contracts in health and education sectors

  23. That’s kind of on-brand for him.

  24. Makes me feel old that quite a few of the “Yesterday’s Men” like Umunna, whose political careers are almost certainly over, are younger than me. Umunna only by 2-3 years but Swinson more significantly so. Sunak might also find himself on the political scrapheap before he’s 40.

  25. “Umunna has joined the Board at Advanced.”

    The phrase “joining the board” can mean several things. Perhaps a cushy number paying six figures, or it might also be as some kind of independent advisor attending the occasional meeting for comparatively little remuneration.

    “Joining the board” tends not to mean plunging 100% back into a full time career, suggesting someone who hasn’t given up their political ambition. Though in Umunna’s case I’m pretty sure this is wishful thinking, I doubt even a de-Corbynised Labour party would welcome him back, at least at grassroots level.

  26. Chuka’s not coming back to the Labour Party so his future career, if it exists, is going to have to come through the Lib Dems. He’d have to (a) fight hard to win selection in one of a dozen or so winnable seats and then (b) actually win that seat. It would be a long, hard slog, with no guarantee of a pay-off for the effort – whether Chuka would be up for that is down to him.

  27. “Anyone know what any other MPs defeated at the last election are up to?”

    Jenny Chapman (Darlington) is director of politics in Starmer’s office.

    Melanie Onn (Great Grimsby) is Deputy Chief Exec RenewableUK

    Laura Smith (Crewe and Nantwich) has been elected to Cheshire East councillor (basic annual allowance 12,351) and work part-time for Angela Rayner (“support officer in the constituency office of Ashton under Lyne in administration, reports and communication)

    Ruth George (High Peak) has been elected to Derbyshire County Council (basic annual allowance 10,896). She works as part-time project and policy manager at Child Poverty Action Group.

    Mary Creagh has been hired by Lexington Communications to chair their Responsible Business practice.

    Leslie Laird (Kirkaldy) is Director at Equate Scotland

    Faisal Rashid (Warrington South) is Managing Director at Westminster Finance Limited

    Emma Reynolds (Wolverhampton NE) is Managing Director at TheCityUK

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